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    posted a message on Wreath of Lightning does 4.7x Less damage than it should

    I made a post on reddit as well you can check it here: https://redd.it/6muw9y

    Tested this myself with forensic video analysis. Basically put together a standardised set of gear to compare damage numbers.

    After the massive nerf to the way Inarious procs Miranae and all
    other on hit procs, I was looking for alternatives just for normal T13
    and low rifts.

    Basically in my tests I averaged 30.4 bn hits with miranae and 2.6 bn
    hits with wreath of lightning (My Miranae is lvl 92 with 8520% damage
    and my Wreath is 89 with 3475% damage)

    Between my two gems the on sheet % damage difference is 2.451x so if i
    hit about 30.4 bn with Miranae I should hit 12.41 bn with Wreath of
    lightning with the exact same gear. Instead as listed above it was
    around 2.6bn which is 4.773 times less than it should be.

    Edit: For anyone interested in the numbers its aprox 728% damage per hit rather than 3475 at level 89

    I know Wreath has been in this state for a while, however most people
    trust the tooltip and don't realise its actually a Wreath of LIE -tning
    (yes that was terrible lets move forward)

    Just something I wanted to share. I think necros skill damage needs
    to be rechecked, Inarious is meant to be the nova set as well as work
    with the iron rose offhand but wow 450% damage for a skill is insanely
    low. 18.9x less damage than one miranae smite

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