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    posted a message on The endgame in Diablo 3 is pathetic, and disapointing
    Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who's really, and I mean REALLY, enjoying the game. It is just about exactly what I anticipated it to be. I really liked the story, I loved the characters, and I am having so much fun running around slaying monsters. Just like I did in Diablo 2.

    Sure, the mobs could get smarter instead of one-shotting you. But I'm still having fun (Lots of it) running around like a headless chicken with 3 of my friends trying to overcome Vortex Arcane Jailer + rares.

    I think I might be having so much fun because I didn't read so much into the game and lore before I started, and I never expected an MMO endgame. I anticipated Diablo3 being a game with a start and finish, with an option to get geared up with some arbitrary reason (Aside from it being fun that is).

    I don't really know where I am going with this, but for every forum post where people vent their anger with things they don't like about the game, there's a guy like me, sitting back and enjoying a game which I have waited for since forever, and most importantly not being disappointed by it. It feels great.
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    Quote from Kalles

    What is the difference between Player versus Environment and Player versus Monsters? Isn't monsters a part of environment?

    Hush now, this isn't a place for logic, just sit back and enjoy the show, like any reasonable person would.
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    All subjective. Tbh you can get mad whenever you want. Just realize that you come over as an immature kid and/or retarded when you whinge and whine on forums, crying for "justice". Something to think about.

    Then again, generalizing is never good, I'm sure there are some of those who vent in forums are just having a bad day or something. To often things get broken down into black and white, in this example, kids and fanboys :P
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    Obvious troll is obvious... :P
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