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    Quote from Shadroz

    To the OP:

    I have never read such drivel in my life. Take your conspiracy theories elsewhere. WoW subscriptions have ALWAYS fluctuated during periods of lack of content. ie. at the end of an expansion. Diablo 3 is a great starting point for a game. Is it the best it could be? Not even close. Is it still one of the best made games in terms of gameplay (not including loot drops, because we all know how crap they are 99.99% of the time)? Probably. It can only get better. The annual pass was merely a way to get players to get Diablo 3 for free if they knew they were still going to be playing WoW for a year. It wasn't forced on you. You had a choice.

    Mists of Pandaria will more than likely increase WoW subscriptions by a huge amount, if not bypassing the highest amount of subscriptions WoW has ever had. Blizzard is a great gaming company and they know what they are doing. Did they milk the cash cow with Diablo 3? Yes. Is it biting them in the ass? Yes. Are they going to fix it and make it what it was supposed to be? More than likely.

    Troll #1: Bypassing the most they've ever had? LOL nice. WoW subscriptions flucuating? Flucuation is up and down, WoW subscriptions just go downward.


    This is Yahoo! News we're talking about.

    Quote from Kisho

    Thank you, OP, for one of the most baseless and frankly hilarious conspiracy theories I've ever seen. Good laugh.

    1. D3 (and SC2) were not in development for the entire time between their release and their prequel's release. It was actually more like 3-4 years each or so.

    2. a game that lasts a month is a really good game. How many other games actually last that long? The people that managed to play D2 for years are the minority, and even they didn't play every day: they will have taken breaks. Also, you can't say a non-sub game is 'dead': it's something that can just be picked up again at a later date.

    3. SC2 poorly accepted? So all those esports and competitions mean nothing, do they?

    4. most of those subscribers that WoW lost were from 1 of 2 places: either they went to D3, or they were in the east which uses an entirely different subscription model. Western subs, for the most part, didn't change.

    Honestly it's just funny. So many assumptions, no evidence, no logic. Just emotional garbage because you can't handle the fact that your tastes in gaming have changed. You can't take responsibility for yourself: it's always someone else's fault, never yours. Grow up.

    Troll #2:

    1) The reason they weren't in development for the whole area of time since LoD's release is that, like the OP said, Blizzard used to move from game to game in their development. And it's obvious that from the time WoW was conceived, it was going to be Blizzard's focus. Honestly I still think Blizzard functions like this in a sense. You get the feeling that the people developing SC2, MoP and D3 are second class to whatever they're doing with TITAN.

    2) A game that lasts for a month is NOT a really good game lol... You've been conditioned to think that games are meant to be disposable. In terms of $$$ per hour of entertainment it's great, but in terms of quality, 1 month is terrible.

    A non-sub game can't be dead? Dead just means that people aren't playing it... pretty simple. I guarantee there are far less people playing D3 today than a month ago. Funny how you say non-sub too, since in a few years subscriptions won't even exist in video games. So I guess no game will ever be considered dead... especially FTP ones.

    3) SC2 is a far better game than D3. But it's barely played in South Korea for example. "All those esports and competitions" The same ones that Blizzard explicitly doesn't support lol? Esports = Other people making money off of Blizzard's game, that's the truth. It's difficult for Blizzard to actually make money from supporting esports apparently.

    4) Yeah, this is just wrong. WoW has been losing subscribers for a long time, D3 was released 3 months ago. Ask anyone at Blizzard and they'll tell you that FTP games are the biggest problem in losing subscribers (while others outside Blizzard would also point to the reduced quality of WoW).

    Blizzard was undeniably the best game developer at the time when Vanilla WoW were at it's highest.

    I really thought WoW was a great game up until WotLK. Particularly Vanilla was really enjoyable. It's gotten progressively worse though as they've put in more and more of the elements that cater too much to a casual audience. Everything has just been made way too linear. It's all about doing what Blizzard lays out for you in order to get a reward, without any uniqueness to it.

    But then, for every 1 person who feels the game is too casual, there are apparently 900 who would prefer the game hand everything to them. Which is why video game audiences are getting more and more splintered today. Back in the day there were a lot fewer titles that a person would likely be playing, but today it's more about games that fill a particular niche.

    So you end up with modern day Blizzard, creating games that appeal as best they can to the largest possible audience, but critically are a disaster. Unfortunately, this is why a lot of people don't think TITAN will be as great as it could be. It seems unlikely they would deviate from the current WoW model... but I really hope they do.
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    1 purchase of Diablo 3 = $60.

    4 months of WoW = $60.

    Diablo 3 released May 15, 2012.

    Mists of Pandaria released September 25, 2012.

    It was originally said that WoW would have 5 expansions. MoP is the 4th WoW expansion.

    Blizzard sees itself as an MMO company at this point. With TITAN being their major plan for the future. Diablo, Starcraft and WoW will likely end around the time TITAN is released.

    Keep in mind though, this isn't completely Blizzard's fault (though they did make a lot of bad decisions). The expansion of the console market, and the rise of micro-transaction (FTP) games has really diminshed Blizzard's ability to sell $60 games.

    Their best hope for the future is to focus 100% on the MMO market and create one of, if not the only, MMO left that can convince users to pay a monthly subscription. That game would be TITAN of course.

    The reason that WoW's subscription has dropped so drastically isn't just because the game has gone steadily downhill since WotLK... the FTP market has had something to do with it. But you can only keep a game going for so long. 15 million people for 6 years would be ridiculous. So many people quit even before BC came out.

    It shouldn't really be a shock. Of course Blizzard is going to focus on the game that's the most popular and brings in the most money. It's pretty obvious they used D3 as a way to get people to prolong their WoW subscriptions.

    Anyone who has played WoW can attest to the fact that the game gets EXTREMELY dead before an expansion comes out. Blizzard likely had to do something to stop the bleeding.

    Like I've said before though, Blizzard is in for a rough few years until TITAN comes out. All their titles are extremely stale and there are A LOT of people who bought Cata / SC2 / D3, who will not be buying anymore Blizzard titles until TITAN comes out... myself included.
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    Never said D2 was hard. I said D1 was. Yeah, there are exploits, but you still have to plan out what you want to do and use stat points correctly. And it can definitely be difficult if you play it straight up.

    You missed the point though, the fact is that you can't beat D3 if you're undergeared. That's why it's a raw gear check. The mechanics of the game don't allow you to kill enemies without having the necessary gear to do so. You can't beat Ghom in A3 undergeared for example, it's not possible. That's why it's a false difficulty, it's 100% based on gear. Not saying D1 was great, but it was closer to a true difficulty than D3 is.

    D3's skill system is awful. It's not that there aren't enough viable builds, even if there were, there aren't even enough skills to choose from and they aren't interesting for the most part. Part of it is that you use 6 skills at a time but it's also the rune system which severely limits the amount of unique skills. Also, the inifinite respec destroys any feeling of investment the player has in their character. The affixes in this game are so homogenous as well, none of the items are interesting or exciting.

    The grind to level 99 was important because it gave the player something to do in the game. You can say it was pointless or whatever, but having a level 99 meant that you invested a lot of time into the character. And if you didn't care about ladders you probably didn't play the game very much, the competitve aspect of ladders keeps the game interesting.

    I dunno what planet you're on but grinding items is 100% of the gameplay in every Diablo game. Where else did you get your gear? From raids? Heroic dungeons? Conquest Point vendor?

    Apparently you consider grinding from 80ish to 99 through constant Baal runs super interesting gameplay though so maybe that's what you're thinking of. Dunno what to say about that.

    Yeah, I'm putting all this down to wildly inaccurate nostalgia.

    You seem too focused on the bells and whistles honestly... like a lot of players these days. Interesting gameplay and ARPGs don't exactly go together. Every ARPG is extremely repetitive, MMOs and MOBAs have much better gameplay. D3 tried to improve on this and they did, but destroyed everything else in the process. As I've said, the combat in D3 is honestly the only solid thing about the game, and it's not even that amazing.

    There's a certain audience that has always enjoyed ARPGs because they involve planning / thinking about your stat choices and build. ARPGs should NEVER be a 100% item farm like D3 is. This game has been simplified to extremes, and has no ties to games where you had to plan out your build / stat choices and find out what works best.

    A large portion of D2 was your character's build and how you maximized the skills you had. Obviously the goal is to get the best items, but the point is that you're getting specific items to augment your skills. That doesn't exist in D3 at all. The closest thing is like getting %CC gear to make Big Stinker / Burning Dogs CC constantly.

    Everything has been homogenized and tied to weapon damage, the same 1H that's great for a Barbarian is great for a Wizard... the only difference is the primary stat. It shouldn't be difficult to see that they made this game as simple as they possibly could.
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    Quote from Mormolyce

    Quote from Visioned
    Maybe its because I'm older. I played the crap out of Diablo 1, Diablo 2 but looking back I just don't know how I did it.

    I often wonder about this. A lot of players complaining about D3 don't like the fact that once they kill Inferno Diablo all there is to do is indefinitely grind more items they don't need or roll an alt and grind through to Inferno again. But that's all there ever was to do in any Diablo game. In D2 it was the same only there was no Inferno and Hell was a pushover... man imagine the QQ if D3 had been as easy as D2... no farming required ever...

    D3 is exactly how I remember D2, I suspect that if those people who find they can't play D3 but played heaps of D2 actually went back and tried to play D2 again they'd find it's them that's changed.

    P.S. Don't create polls with BS options just to be a jackass. Also, you don't deserve a refund for not liking something.

    I'll try to answer this question for you...

    People played D1 because 1) The environment was really well done, much better than D2 and especially D3. 2) It was truly challenging unlike D3 which is just a gear check.

    People played D2 because 1) The items and skills were interesting. You could make all different kinds of unique builds with your character. 2) There was a level cap that wasn't easy to reach, so people had a desire to hit 99. 3) D2 had ladders that created some level of consistent competition.

    D3 is nothing more than an item farm. All the other things that made D1 and D2 fun are gone. The items and skills are incredibly monotonous, there's no endgame progression and the environment / story is way too cartoonish and bland. Believe it or not, the other parts of the franchise are what made finding items so much fun. But with D3 all you're left with is killing monsters and either getting good loot or bad loot.

    That being said... it's not like D1 and D2 would be wildly successful if released today. The style that was unique back then, is more common today. But still, those 2 games are better than D3, without a doubt.

    Diablo was never just about grinding items, that's where the developers failed with this game.
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    Yeah, it's all designed to keep the number of items listed pretty low. Both the auction limit and the super long time stuff is up there. So you have to think twice as to whether you actually want to put an item on it.

    That being said, there are tons of other flaws with the AH. Particularly the 3 stat limit when searching that I can't understand.
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    posted a message on Getting around in dungeons - an idea
    I feel the same way... but the dungeons aren't really the problem you're talking about.

    It's the fact that the whole game is based on 1) Locating Champs. 2) Killing Champs.

    So you often end up in a situation where there's a fork in the road, you go one way, no champs... then you backtrack which is annoying.

    The opposite is when you find 2 champs in very close proximity.
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    posted a message on Profiles reveals obvious botting.
    Quote from lorien1973

    Dude, some WD has a DPS of 688,000. Holy crap. Mine is 41k. LOL

    A lot of the DPS is bugged out. He can have like 6 different Buffs that make his DPS huge.
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    Quote from godver

    could not resist

    See, this is why the item system (in terms of weapons) is terrible in D3. There's nothing wrong with that Axe. The damage rolls will always be about that much before affixes. Some people might think that for some reason that's super low for a 63 axe, but it's actually on the higher end of base damage.

    Which is why it's mandatory that a good 63 Axe has Min/Max or Elemental Damage and +%Damage. And between those two, the Min/Max and Elemental Damage is more important. But if your weapon doesn't have 1 of those 2 stats, it's guaranteed garbage pretty much. And truthfully, if it doesn't have both, most people don't want it. Furthermore, it needs to have high rolls on those 2 stats, there's a few items in this thread that have low rolls, which makes for a really dumb looking weapon.

    Basically all the items in this thread are either missing min/max/elemental/%damage or have insanely low rolls on those affixes.

    And for some reason (which makes no sense) there are 2 min/max affixes. There's the main one that's just min/max. And then there's the one that only adds like 20 which I think can be either min or max. My weapon actually has it. Ceremonial Knife with +20 max damage in addition to elemental damage (the main min/max can't occur alongside elemental damage). There are a bunch of items in this thread with +20 min or max. It seriously makes no sense at all.

    It just seems really dumb overall that ilvl 63s can get those super low min/max values and elemental values. And then on top of that you have the singular +20 max or min affix which makes no sense. It leads to some incredibly dumb looking weapons that only frustrate the people who get them.
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    Quote from Xheyia

    During the devloppement of my calculator I did some pretty extensive research about the theoritical maximal characteristics for 1-handed weapon, As far I'm know the best eapon type is the mace and the following are the perfect stats (think: they are the maximum I see browsing the ah accross all the weapon I could find):
    base damage : 191–354
    speed : 1.443 attack per second
    + 285 min dmg
    + 670 max dmg
    + 50% dmg
    + 11% attack speed

    I don't know exactly if the +damage % is applied on the min/max damage or not but if that's the case one can loot a 1600+dps mace...

    Yeah, I think the +%Damage is rolled into the min/max. That's why he got 276 on the Min. The maximum min damage is supposed to be 250.

    Actually, after looking at it again, this weapon isn't as close to being perfect as I originally thought.

    316 is a really low max damage amount. The min damage roll is decently high, but the max roll is bad. Everything else is obviously extremely good.

    But like you said, it would seem that the highest max you could get is actually around 870 if I'm not mistaken.

    So technically, the highest top end you can get is about 1400. You add a 1.443 attack speed, that's a 2000 DPS 1H. And if for some reason you added a Ruby instead of Emerald... it'd be even higher.

    I could be wrong though... kind of just rough calculation.
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    Quote from Gradywhite

    Perfect Dexterity roll and high vitality roll?

    Perfect Dexterity is 350.

    And truthfully, because of how broken items are in this game, you never want more than 200. That's a 4 stat item with split Dex / Vit.

    You'd much rather have just 200 Dex (if that) with Min / Max (or elemental) + Crit + Socket + Damage % + LoH. The alternative would be attack speed and dex without the LoH I guess.

    I could be wrong though, I don't know what DHs look for in OHs, I know melee look for increased stats, so maybe you would want 350 Dex / Vit.
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    posted a message on Profiles reveals obvious botting.
    I kind of don't understand...

    Did people not realize the extent of botting in this game? It's been like this for a while. If you want to bot in this game you can do it. It's just that there's a chance your character will eventually get banned but it's really inconsistent.

    The question I have is whether the "input limit reached" happens in Nightmare / Hell. Because I noticed it doesn't occur in Normal. I can't test it right now...
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    Quote from thomasmgp30

    I am switching to Act 3 now. Dropped my source for a shield and it got a lot easier. WW/CM wiz build with 900-1000 resists. Im dropping down to 0 MF because after 2 months of running with 325-345 MF depending on how lazy I was to swap in a shield I never got a damn thing while farming Act 1 and tried Act 2 for a week with 250 MF with same results...pure shit. Plan on dropping all of my MF gear for more resists,int, and crit so I get more DPS and survivability and lose a worthless crap stat. At first I was all aboard the MF train saying anyone who doesnt farm in MF is just fail. Now when I look back I was the one who was fail. I could have been farming Act 3 with 0 MF at least a month ago maybe more but I wasted it farming Act 1 with 325. Who knows how much better loot I passed up for all the shitty sub 60 rares I always got in Act 1.

    I'm interested to see if you find better drops in A3 with only 5x NV. I really think you'll find more ilvl 63 rares than you do in A1 with 325% MF.
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    posted a message on If you never used any MF would your loot always suck?
    Last post lol...

    This game isn't that complicated man. You get 5 stacks, kill champs, get loot. The farm route in A1 isn't a huge deal. I do 30 min runs, get 1-2 63s. Maybe it's 2-4 on average and I was unlucky the last time I did a bunch of runs, but it's still not good. Doing something horribly wrong? The difference between farming a larger portion of the act is pretty minor, and whether it's better depends on if the end of the act has higher drop rates or not, which I'm not sure anyone knows for sure.

    I mean everyone does the same thing for the most part. Something along the lines of Crypts > Woods > Highlands > Mansion > Halls.

    I've made millions on A1 too. Most of it from selling ilvl 61 and 62 cheaply. My point is that you make exponentially more selling ilvl 63. And if you've noticed, 61 and 62 gear is becoming devalued by the week. Also, ilvl 61 and 62 weapons are almost always vendor trash.

    Every single drop has a chance to be 63? Yeah, but that chance is higher in A3 lol...

    100 million gold in 2 months? That's not good at all.

    You absolutely don't get rares with 265% MF on certain packs. Usually it's before the first NV stack. You say you get 8 ilvl 63s in 30 minutes with 40% less MF than me in A1? It's extremely rare for that to happen.

    If you want to farm A3, go ahead, I will gladly be farming away in A1 making millions of gold. But don't state A3 farming is better as if it is a complete fact that is etched in stone.

    A3 farming is better, by definition. Initially when you don't have the right gear you have to farm A1 of course. But the most effective way to play the game is to 1) Get gear capable of farming A3 with no or very little MF. 2) Add MF while maintaining the same stats that allow you to farm A3 efficiently.

    Of course gear swapping is better, but that's how you would do it assuming you use 1 set of gear. Honestly WS can be better depending on gear, but that tends to get ignored for some reason.

    And if you've farmed 100 million gold... what did you do with all of it? Because I managed to get 265% MF for like 10-15 million gold buying things sloppily on the AH. Enjoy trying to sell ilvl 61 gear in a month or two, because it'll only become less valuable.

    I mean this isn't actually that complicated, just watch someone's stream who farms A3 the same speed you farm A1 (but with less MF). They get better loot. Less legendaries and maybe less affixes I guess, but they do get better loot.

    Like I said, you can make millions selling ilvl 61 and 62 but everyday fewer and fewer people consider that gear good. While ilvl 63 is what really matters because it's the only gear that has the chance to be the best in the game.
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    posted a message on If you never used any MF would your loot always suck?
    Quote from phoulmouth

    And what people like you do not understand is that with more MF you have a greatly increased chance of getting those godly items than without. If you are dropping 50 rares per run with MF compared to 10 rares a run without you have a 5 times greater chance of getting that godly drop. Not quite sure whats so hard to understand about that but unfortunately you don't seem to grasp it.

    And at 300 MF I get an average of about 60 rares per act 1 run.

    lol... really?

    Obviously I know that it increases the chance for white items to turn into rares. But the point is that you never increase the amount of ilvl 63s that drop in the first place.

    You get 60 rares per A1 run? Wow Great. Guess what? Like 1-2 of them are going to be ilvl 63. So you just found 58 items that are considerably worse than ilvl 63. Most of those items are probably sub 61 too. So congrats, you found a cool ilvl 58 mace that's worth 2000 gold to an NPC vendor.

    I run A1 with 340% MF and average 1-2 ilvl 63s per run.

    Act 1 is pretty terrible for MF. Not quite sure whats so hard to understand about that but unfortunately you don't seem to grasp it.

    All that matters is ilvl 63 really. And if I'm only getting 1-2 per run at 340% MF it's clear that they aren't dropping frequently enough. You really need to farm A3 to have the best chance of getting good items.

    You also don't seem to understand how NV works. With a 5 stack in A3 you're guaranteed a rare drop. Making 5x NV sooooo much better than 75% MF. I often don't get any rares when killing champs in A1 with 265% MF up to like 3 NV stacks.

    It's already been said in this thread that A3 is noticeably better than A1 with much less MF. That's the only point I'm trying to make here really.
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    posted a message on The best weapon in the WORLD?
    IAS wouldn't make it better I don't think. But it might be nice to have IAS instead so you can sell it to more than just barbs.

    This item is insane. It's so good that it's hard to know what to do with it. If the guy who found it isn't a barb, he's probably going to spend a lot of time trying to figure that out. It's definitely worth a lot more than $250.
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