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    Hi. I'm new to Diablo. I played Diablo 1 a month ago and it has become my favorite game. I've already finished two different characters at Singleplayer so I killed Diablo twice. They're at level 25 now...

    So then I wanted to play Multiplayer Solo to see how it works.

    How do you even play it as a single person? I came to the butcher as a sorcerer and he killed me over and over again until I had no items.

    How does one even play mp without constant fear of losing his items by death. Sure you can save the games on your pc...

    But then how do I kill the butcher on multiplayer? Am I supposed to play with atleast one more person or 4 people altogether?

    Atleast as a Sorcerer it seems impossible to kill him by playing alone.

    And how do you cope with losing your items by death? If there's a boss that you can't beat you pretty much lost all your items or you have to start a new game. In my case the butcher owned me and I had no items so the character is failed.

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