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    posted a message on Approaching 1000 hours played, my thoughts...
    the game fails on the basics.. itemisation the most important aspect of these games what drives D2 for manny years.
    but i dont think they can fix a core abillity.
    but appart from that:

    No PVP
    AH wat ruines the game
    No funn endgame
    No gold sink mechanics
    low content
    bad battlenet communication and multiplayer
    craftings and gems sucks

    the game just misses dept en synergy between builds and items.

    I was a hardcore D1 and D2 player played D2 for years. Seeing that D3 is not even a scim from what D2 was is just verry verry dissapointed.
    And if you see after 8 months what they have done to make the game better... its just a big fail.
    But blizzard doensn't communicate with the community or listen.
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    posted a message on Rate your satisfaction level with the current Diablo 3.
    This game may not be called diablo 3.
    You espect a better game then diablo 2 but its far worse.
    And you cant fix core problems like itemisation because items make the game.
    And still if you change the itemisation in the direction of diablo 2, the players who are still playing will be dissappointed because all there work what they have done to get a epic item wil be lost.
    The most important part diablo 3 misses the funn factor the game is just boring, look now after 6 months the game isn't getting any better.

    And about the poll the poll is not representive enough most people who are not playing the game will not look on this forum.
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    posted a message on EU SC - Midnight release - Looking for 2 very dedicated players
    Hi i am Neskred and i am verry interested to join you guys.
    My age is 23 years old and come from holland.
    I am a deticated player if it come to diablo. I have played diablo 1, 2 and the beta from diablo 3.
    Since my real life friends are not gonna play diablo 3 hardcore, i am looking for some similair players to make some fun with.
    Your approche to the game has taken my interested because i dont like to rush through the content.
    Also i will be playing from midnight release every day 10 hours +.
    My first charater will be the wizard.
    Also i have a microphone and familiar with teamspeak but i have no problems to learn new chat programs.

    hope to hear from you soon!
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    posted a message on Enduring bul kathos build
    My fury spenders are call of the acients and earthquake and they can be used every 90 seconds but if that not frequent enough and you want to add a fury spender. I would recomment rend (ravage) for threating shout because you won't have to use it all the time and you will have enough fury for earthquake and call of the acients.

    The combo nerves of steel, inspiring presence, reveage (provocation), war cry (imputity) with allot of vitality wil give you such a strong survival boost.. its what this build is all about. And if you dont choose boon of bul kathos your combo earthquake and call of the acients would be crap. Choosing berserker rage is not an option for damage increase, you can compensate that with strengt and increased % damage on your gear.

    Why i made this build? Because you dont have to have increased attack speed and critical strike rate on your gear.
    After your comment i will change threating shout for rend (ravage) because its just a beter combo and it will boost my damage allot.

    If you want to make this build without a shield for higher damage? you must have allot of faster run and walk speed on your gear but i dont think it would be viable in inferno what do you guys think?

    So the new build wil be: http://us.battle.net...TckV!bXS!Zaaacc
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    posted a message on Enduring bul kathos build
    I am not talking about tanking. This is an endurence/tank build.
    And if you see my build you know i am not trying to nerf al my dps.
    My weapon would be a slow attack speed weapon with high damage.
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    posted a message on Enduring bul kathos build
    Hello i wanna open up your eyes to this fun tank build for playing in a group.


    after revisiting my build this wil be the new version:


    This build is based on a one hand low attack speed weapon with a shield.
    Your main attacking skil is furious charge.
    The key is to gatter up mobs and then charge right in to them so you got no cooldown.

    Key stats for this build:

    a lot of Vitality gear
    strengt gear
    max resistance
    block rate


    No single target damage skill agianst bosses.
    you can change the call of the aciants skill for bash (Clobber) if you want.

    Comments are welkom.
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    posted a message on the best melee wizard build ?
    I think both of your builds can work but you must know your goal of your build.
    Mine build is not made for solo playing but i think it wil survive i a good party in inferno.
    In diablo 2 hell you never kill everything solo with a melee character.. except mine bear sorceres.
    the best build i don't know yet i must play the game first but i think both builds mis killing speed but they wil work en could be allot of fun.
    also the mirror images i didn't saw that skill in a melee character.
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    posted a message on the best melee wizard build ?
    Quote from WishedHeHadBeta

    if you wanted to stay with your build idea you need more survivability, and if your going to melee mobs with your wpn you DEF need to get the virtuoso passive for 100% dmg and 1% life per hit. so like this:

    better survivability and double melee attack dmg :)

    Yes if you play allot allone you wil need more survivability. But i play always in a party the extra attack speed with slow time is essential for this build. Maybe i wil change magic weapon for spectral blades dunno yet.
    Also the virtuso passive wil only benefit if i use a wand is that correct ? (otherwise i might change my build agian).
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    posted a message on Melee explosion build
    If you love corps explosion of the necromacer and you are a close combat type of player please look at this build.


    For this build you need allot of nerve and you should choose the male witch dokter because he has the bals.

    The focus for this build is:
    A huge damage dealing weapon (attack speed is not so important).
    Allot of faster run and walk speed.
    Be in range of a monster if he gets killed to get the bonus from blood spatter and circel of life.
    Melee gear

    This is how this build works:
    This build is all about speed. First you spam out your zombie dogs, look at the in countering enemies and deploy mass confusion and soul harvest. The next thing you must do is turn in to a angry chicken. run in to the monsters and explode. trigger also your zombie dogs to explode, and clear up the remaining monsters with spirit walk.The reducing of the cooldowns wil give you almost no cooldowns so you can go on and on explode your zombie dogs.

    I think this build wil do insane amount of damage and is allot of fun. And also needs allot of game control. The main goal of this build is clearing dunguns/area's with insane speed in inferno.

    A party with friends otherwise inferno is not done.

    This build is not for killing bosses.
    And you should skip difficult area's for melee players in inferno.

    Do you think this build wil clear duguns with a insane speed in inferno?
    Please share your variations of this kind of build.

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    posted a message on Feeling of missing some skills/passives
    Hello everyone.

    I have a feeling that we miss some kind of skills/passives within some classes in diablo 3.
    Wenn i make some builds i see allot of varity in choosing skils and rune effects but in the end i miss the balance between some varity in classes.
    Maybe its too early to discusing this because i haven't played the game yet.

    But i like to see some crazy kind of builds.

    Like a witch dokter who can choose between melee type of gameplay with javalins/daggers like fetisch sycophants with allot of possion/fire damage?

    Or a monk with fist of heavens, holy bolt skil so u can make a build mainly foccused on holy damage casting?

    Wenn i want to make a melee demon hunter build i feel i mis some melee benifit passives
    and some evil kind of pets so i could go for a summon build?

    A skill for the wizard would be vengeance skill so you can deal melee elemental damage?

    Some kind of rock trowing skill for the barbarian or a skil that you can trow stuff laying in the environment ?

    Now my question do you feel that someting is missing in the game if you look at the skills?
    Feel free to discuss my idea's and share your thoughts.

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    posted a message on the best melee wizard build ?
    Quote from miracle_

    Hi this is my "best melee wizard' but spectral blade is my bread/butter instead of normal attack


    only change I might make is frost nova --> slow time if dealing with bosses, but nova i think is better vs groups etc. I like your build except for magic weapon / storm armor as I do not feel those skills bring in enough damage/utility for a skill slot there are other great alternatives to help you survive inferno mode, do mroe damage etc.

    Spectral blade is a caster spel.
    Dunno if casting speed wil be the same as the attack speed of a weapon?
    Thats why is choose magic weapon above a spel such as spectral blade.
    But if casting speed wil be the same as the attack speed of a weapon i will definely choose spectral blade.

    The main goal of my build is to get as manny critical attacks in so less time, so my attack speed is verry important.
    if i do critical attack i will do damage with storm armor to all enemies arround me. thats why storm armor is so important for this build.
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    posted a message on the best melee wizard build ?
    Hello i want to know what the best melee wizard build is.
    I made one my self.


    this build is based on:
    verry fast attack speed melee weapon.
    high % critical hits for dealing damage with strom armor
    reducing cooldowns with critical mass and evocation for: Diamond skin, frost nova, slow time, and wave of force.

    1. storm armor (alabaster rune). your main goal of this build is to get as manny critical hits as possible to unlease the damage of storm armor.

    2. Diamond skin (alabaster rune). this skill is your huge damage dealer and will give you survivability. if you got manny critical hits your cooldown of daimond skin wil reduce to almost none.

    3. Magic weapon (indigo rune). More damage to multipe targets in front of you.

    4. Frost nova (alabaster rune). Wil give you crowd control and more change for critical hits.

    5. Wave of force (indigo rune). this is also a crowd control spel. I focuss on fast attack speed and allot of attack rating so that wave of force wil be triggerd. the knockback wil be handy for escaping if it gets too hot under your feet.

    6. Slow time (alabaster rune). this is for controling / slowing incomming attacks. and in the bubble you wil hit crazy fast.

    My question is do you got a better melee wizard build?
    And what would you change on my build and why ?
    don't be shy to share your build.

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    posted a message on A fun wizard build ''PVE''
    Hello all i want to share my wizard build with you guys. Its gonna be my first charachter in diablo 3.
    Here it is:


    Back in time wenn i played diablo 2 on softcore i loved to play a different kind of sorcerces as everyone else. Most of the time everyone had 1 huge damage dealing skill like frozen orb or meteor.
    My kind of game play reliease on fast killing large groups of monsters in a few seconds with lots of combo skils.

    the skills:
    1 Hydra (Golden) the large hydra will deal not the highest amount of damage but wil be a great help in dealing damage to small monsters over a period of time.
    2 Slow time (Crimson) this is for crowd control and more damage in the buble
    3 Arcane Torrent (Crimson) Also crowd control and more damage while you spam Energy Twister.
    4 Magic Weapon (Obsidian) this is for knocking back enemies who come too close.
    5 Shock Pulse (Alabaster) while enemies come in range build up arcane dynamo
    6 Energy Twister (Obsidian) release arcane dynamo with this skill and demolish everything in your path with more damage from pasives and others skills

    the pasives:
    1 Glass canon more damage
    2 Conflagration more damage
    3 Arcane dynamo build up flash of insight for more damage with energy twister

    Downside of this build
    Arcane regenera needs to be compesated with gear.
    the best damage output wil be in a party with melee char or summening witch dokter

    What do you think of this build? and would inferno be doable?
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