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    i acutally hate seeing this time spent argument... games running most of the time, yeah. while i afk, while i do my emails, while i watch stuff on the internet, while i make music, while i do whatever. doesnt mean i spend that time grinding paragons and botting. im a huge nerd with lots of time on his hand, im visible on the upper leaderboard, and id hate to see myself get banned cause some plebs make a fuss about how high my playtime is. been called a botter now a few times already and probably some of these dimwits reported me and im fxxxing sick of it. there is ways to detect bots by analyzing the input log the server saves. blizzard can do that. YOU CANT. checking time played and going - oooh that must be a bot is just such a stupid thing to do. ive seen angryroleplayer (...somehow a leading figure of this community...dont get me started...) do that in one of his vids and since then every kid thinks they can point out botters. i know people that take stimulants to stay awake for days and play their favorite mmo or whatnot.... i dont, and its a huge health risk, but ever thought about that?? or just being a nerd and knowing how to make the client not kick you when you afk for long?? jesus christ. einstein used to take 1-2hr naps in between his work and it worked for him, would you ban him from history for doing too many physics?? dont underestimate what a dedicated player can achieve.

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