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    Quote from SpellDoX»

    why would u run max vit instead of int? since ur spells cost % life u also lose more

    That's all about getting more thorns damage with the Heart of Iron in the cube ('Gain Thorns equal to 300% of your Vitality').
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    What I want is for that primal ancient (no matter how long it took to farm or what percentage the drop rate) to be useful to my build or at least an obvious build in that character's class (e.g. Lets say someone is playing UE grenades and they get a PA Manticore- not useful for UE but it creates excitement for a Marauders build). So maybe 5% drop rate on items that have no magical effect and 1% on others. Really the only thing PAs do is make sure there are perfect ancients out there. If I look at my nonseasonal gear I can't imagine much difference between current gear and PA gear.
    I will also say that the lower the drop rate the more important it is to me personally that Blizz conducts regular bans. I hate to think that some botter is getting fully geared with PAs and I'm barely getting any. Whether it has any real impact is another question, but it will make me feel better about playing.

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    Here is a list of wings n things from MissCheetah on the official forums:

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