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    I'm pretty sure I just read a topic covering this exact thing. Please look for topics already being discussed before you open a new thread.

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    Quote from Shapookya»

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    I have been playing diablo 3 from past two years now, was very tentative about a console version of game still knew diablo is a great series so went ahead and bought reper of souls ultimate evil edition for 39 $ , which luckly for me turned out to be a excellent game same as the previous game. But as time passed by my disappointment in the game has grown very much mainly because the huge difference that blizzard offers to the pc fan base compared to consol gamers. We just don't get the same benifits as the pc gamers do it really sad to see that huge gap which is between pc and next gen console. And no explanation is given anywhere for this difference. only thing I got is it will soon come.but I when that the question. We don't get the portrait option,no seasons on consoles, the cosmetic sucks and I strongly belive now that most of the wings we see on pc version is not available on console, the latest patch which they released for console was a joke if YouTube it, it is clear what the new patch has offered pc gamers while for console gamers it stops the crashing problem, I was like seriously that's all no new updates no new buffs on items forget about the primal ancient items we didn't even get the new inventory system they implemented. So after all this I just like to ask blizzard did you guys gave me the game copy for free cause I don't think so. Then why are the console version so behind.

    PC and console patches give the exact same content. PC is not the glorious mode where we get lots of content while consoles get nothing. Lately, we all get little to no content. 2.5 will again give the same to PC and consoles.

    The only thing PC has, that consoles don't, is seasons, but those are coming soon to consoles as well. Although I'm not sure how exactly they are going to do this. With all the cheating there, I mean...
    They need to make it so its not client side with saves and you have to actually be online and login to a server. On the PS4 you can be offline and not playing with others and there are some other few tweaks to the game so its a haven for duping and exploits. I'm not sure how they will stop that but i'm thinking a massive wipe of characters who are using the actual cheating items that are established and well known and prevent any further duping. If they have no way to dupe in the future they will stop playing all together in my opinion.
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    You can play with me when i'm online. PSN name Skilledzero. I am a legit player with non-modded gear, I just have a paragon level over 1000 with all ancient legendaries though, so my character is decently capable.

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