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    If you're playing D3 for nothing other than the leaderboards, you are missing the whole point of the game. It's supposed to be a fun hobby, not something to cry about once you realize your empty life isn't filled by accomplishments in a computer game. I ended up in a game with a bot last night and I wasn't complaining at all. It helped me get a ton of gear for my season wiz. I've been playing since D1 and all games are great. Perhaps if I was one of the best players then I too may be bored, but I play for fun and as of the last couple seasons am working to get all stash tabs. I got close last season and have beat GR 55 with 5 of the 6 required sets as of the time I post this. This will be my 2nd season to try for a stash tab and it should be my first time to get it. Pretty excited, not going to lie.

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