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    Quote from Glowpipe»

    They can't make an expansion where you lose access to things in the earlier game. So its gonna add on the game. Change minor things, but not change the base game.

    A new game can change a lot of stuff, make the base game better. Make it great from the start. Which d3 was far from. vanilla d3 was utter garbage.


    Hear that guys RMAH and unlimited trading still exist in RoS....
    D3 vanilla was Patch 1.0.0 - 1.0.8 (pour server connections, getting 1 shot by wasps in Inferno, HF ring, craftable lvl63 rares)
    Patch 2.0 was a prep for RoS with RoS launching in that patch. Tell us, where is this feature to break the 2 hour limit and exclusive party trade. and the Feature to get duplicated 2x socket manticores.
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    Quote from Zooheaded»

    Where is the evidence that Diablo 2 HD is even going to be a thing? Are there hints I've missed or is it just fan speculation?

    It's basically, Rykker preaching info. And sheep take it as fact.
    Remember last year when people preached they'll announce D2 HD or D4. Look what we got a $15 DLC For wings and 2 stash tabs.
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    Quote from Eddache»

    I'm going back quite a way through the ol' memory banks, but I recall the issue is the duration of the Toxin effect. Hitting the enemy only poisons them for 10 seconds, so while a Jade empowered Soul Harvest could well consume the toxin effect too, it's only doing 10 seconds worth, not 300. The passive (Creeping Death) only extends the duration of Locust Swarm, Haunt and the damage buff from Piranhas. I think the same applied to Pain Enchancer, otherwise they could vastly outdamage the DoTs from Locust and Haunt.

    It has nothing to do with time. It does not and will not. You can't proc procs, that was blizzards early philosophy. This was already acknowledged back in 2015 when legendary gems of launched.
    Though this has changed with LoN SB, Leap quake, and Inarius. But as far as you are concerned ET will not multiply into JH set.
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    These questions are retarded as hell. It's been only 4 weeks into the season. Do the math. Add 8 weeks.

    Each season is roughly 10 weeks. Then there is always 1 - 4 weeks of down time.

    The PTR IS FAR FROM BALANCE. All these buffs were needed when firebird archon reign supreme from season 5 - 8. Season 9 - 10 was MH ARCHON. For 6 seasons the barb was underwhelming. They need to buff all the classes but the necromancer now because of the major power creep. Based on all these set buffs LoN is becoming useless now.

    They might as well give all mobs the juggernaut affix just to balance this power creep you keep begging for.

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    Barbs just need morticks bracers. it's not even OP anymore compared to the shit they have for the wiz and necro. Heck the WD has a build that makes zero logical sense in terms of mechanics.

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    Each run will take anywhere from 2-5 mins if you know what you are doing.

    The best way is to have at least 1 healer and 4 dps classes. Now just zerg rush the mid lane. If an event pops up, have 1 dps complete the task for that OBJ while the remaining 4 continue on mid.

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    Quote from Netlash18»

    If you want to play solo, please play solo. (EOM)

    the reason why the META build players go into a pub lobby is for that increased drop rate. That is all. We need people like to because you serve to us as drop rate sticks.

    Now if you speed clear GR60-70 for T1-10 for you that because we are a) low leveling gems, and its boring to do it solo B) straight up bored c) remember us over geared players help you out more than you think. Say you've been playing the for only 20 hours (thats 10 days, 2 hrs per day) and a rama gift never dropped for you. Guess what? us paragon 1000+ have 20+ in our inventory and it just dropped for us.

    Long story short, beggers can't be choosers. You seem like the type of person that would complain about a player carrying the whole team on GR45 and then expect the next GR to be a GR70. can we carry you in a GR70, yes. Will we, no.

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    Quote from VassRulz»

    Solo play is already very viable... Let me tell you there's a reason there are there are paragon 2100 people in season already :)

    unless you can prove to us they got to paragon 2100 this season without a Bot playing solo, then I highly doubt its viable. Cuz i just looked and 50% of the current leaderboard are known botters and have gotten caught last season. Just look at their profile, Brand New account .

    Playing in group still nets way more experience and is more efficient. And then you stack the Pools of reflection buff on top of that.
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    I personally haven't had this problem because i created a "Default" build for all my character slots.

    Default build has all gems unsocketed. There for, I I would switch to the "Default" every time I leave the game. This mainly allows me to share my gems with other characters. Say your highest Gogok is a 90, next highest is a 60, you can switch to default and then use that 90 on another character slot.

    In retrospect, this actually gave me 0.5 stash tab MORE space. Because I wont have 4 of each gem floating in my inventory. I would only have 1-2 of each gem.

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    Quote from The_Mootrix»

    Quote from Kamui1770»

    Quote from The_Mootrix»

    Quote from SpellDoX»

    why would u run max vit instead of int? since ur spells cost % life u also lose more

    That's all about getting more thorns damage with the Heart of Iron in the cube ('Gain Thorns equal to 300% of your Vitality').

    This was debunked in season 5 bro. You only gain 10% total increased dmg. Thorns scales off main stat first and foremost. The means the 300% is a mere fraction of the main stat multiplier. Why do you think for LoN bomb or Invokers people either go Rubies or diamonds. Its either raw DPS or damage mitigation.

    Just answering the question... not stating my life's philosophy or anything. Haha. That's why the original poster is (most likely) maxing his vit.

    I'm just clearing up a sadly common noob mistake.

    Another way of saying it is:

    300% of vit + thorns = new thorns


    Constants: 300k thorns, 8600 mainstat, 3000 vit,
    bunch of other mulipliers = Z
    Increase Vit. Say you have 3000 vit + 5 Amethyst = 4400. HoI in cube = 13200 bonus.
    (8600%+1) * 313200 * Z = effective dmg

    Increase main stat = flat multiplier increase. If you have 8600 int and you socket 5 topaz in gear you get 10k int. this translates to 10k% multiplier.
    (10k%+1) * 309000 thorns * Z = effective dmg.


    (3.12-2.72)/3.12 = 12.8% difference in power.
    this means having main stat gems socket in gear gives you approximately 13% more power than amethyst.
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