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    Your dmg and toughness is way too low. And it’s mostly due to the fact that you lack CHC and CHD. You have no emerald in your weapon so there goes 5 tiers. Missing 20% CHC, there goes another 5 tiers. I have a hunch you are missing a bunch of CHD and Area Dmg (AD) on gear.

    if you are squishy you should be using Final Service passive. Also another reason why you would be squishy is because you do not have all 13 ancient pieces. It’s 4% per ancient = 52% dmg reduction. Your sheet should be reading 40 million toughness. And 750% dmg per ancient. Also this is under the assumption you have a level 99 LoD gem.

    I’m also viewing this on a phone, so I can’t dissect your gear any further. Till I get home.

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    Based on the recent post bro.

    that demo was literally D3.5

    they even said the game isn’t even in Alpha Stage. This game will come out 2022 earliest. 2023 is way more likely.

    D3 took 10 years to make. And when they had the beta, it was nothing like live server.

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    Basically you want to go in a party of at least 2 to make this effective. Go on your speed GR class. Which ever can do a GR in 2-3 mins. When you hit you max shards

    say on discord or type in chat “shards.”
    switch to another class, burn through you shards till you get the set item. If you don’t get the items. I recommend keeping at least 10 of each armor and use the “hope of Cain” to upgrade rates.

    Necro really only has 3 builds: most revolve around land of the dead. Corpse lance, mages, or thorns.

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    Every variant of WW Can clear a GR110+, this is WITHOUT the season buff.

    WW Istvan's

    - Use Istvans for the IAS and armor

    - Use Wind shear for main fury generator

    - for GR push: make a build that has BK weapons. once full quick swap to Istvan's. This way you will have all you buffs from the start

    - most people use ground stomp (good for pixel stacking). I prefer Furious Charge (more fun).

    WW BK

    - BK weapons for movement speed and fury generation

    - Use Blood funnel for healing and mainly because its a physical rune

    - Most people use this with RoRG and Crimson Set. For crimson I recommend making only the belt and boots. reason being is Sage's set doesn't have pants, so when you farm for DB's you have to have a good pair of boots in your inventory.

    - Lamentation in your cube

    WW Amibo Pride and Echoing Fury

    - EF for IAS and movement speed

    - Use Wind shear

    - Used for speed GRs

    WW Messer

    - You hit harder but move slower. you gain movement speed buffs from support barb

    - Use Wind shear

    - Used for speed GRs

    Must haves skills: WW, WOTB, Rend (for the rune), Band of might proc (furious charge, leap, or ground stomp), Battle rage

    The builds I list above can clear a GR110 solo easily with relatively low paragon IE 1000-1300.

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    hover over the crafting mat, it will tell you which bounty act you need.

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    unfortunately the console community is low. and riddled with hackers, unless you play seasons.

    If you have a PC, even a bad one you can play D3. Yes, I am pushing the crap out my integrated card, But even on Low settings you don't notice much of a difference. Even with high density. I much like you built up a tower to play this and many other games on ultra. And I down sized to a Surface Pro :lol: I put all my settings to low. Ive played every build in the game with my Surface Pro and even at 30 fps it's still very playable compared to when i was clocking out 150 fps.

    Yes, you can play D3 on a potato.

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    Depends on what your current chc and Chd ratio is. Ideally you want the 1:10 ratio. So if you had 50% chc, you want 500% Chd. Or 40:400. So on so forth. Some build make the exception like corpse lancer with brittle touch.

    effective flavor of time is way better. 1 full minute of speed, power, cooldown/resource, and conduit is way better.

    but I would keep the HF Amy for rifts to farm faster and FoT for GR

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    He doesn’t really gain anything from youtube you know. Most of his revenue comes from twitch and patreon.

    I personally don’t care, as he has been doing this for at least 4 years. And you people are now catching on and complaining....whoosh/

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    Quote from Isaacway2hood»

    I got an ancient etched sigil today that i cant tell if it does more damage than my current non ancient. my current one has +15% meteor damage, and the new one dosent, when i equip the new one my damage says it goes up but not signigicantly and idk if it takes into effect the meteor damage bonus.

    skill and element% damage is factored into the same pool. It may not say on the sheet, but it is. 15% meteor + 15% arcane = 30% bonus. These are additive multipliers. They add up into the same pool and then get multiplied. In game sheet is quite insignificant. It doesn't tell you the effective damage or toughness.

    Area Damage is also NOT factored in. because that damage is relative to real time mob density. The only info that is given to you is 20% proc coefficient, 20 yard radius, and your splash damage pool. You can have 20% AD or 150% AD, you will always have a 20% proc rate.

    ultimately, you pretty much need excel, a calculator, or D3 planner up all the time or with you if you want to know how much dmg you do or will do.

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    I was like this, but it got to a point where my non seasonal softcore classes were too geared. “Oh new build came out, sweet I have quadfecta gear.”

    so I switched to HC almost full time. Let’s just say I died 3 times with my DH with top end gear due to server issues. Yea I am jaded, but decided to switch to the monk and made a necro and WD along the way. I just see more value in HC. Like the pools of reflection. And empowering GRs. HC is all or nothing. Which is awesome punishment.

    but the community is there. Clan wise, most are dead except the leaderboard clans.

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    If you play HC can help you. Clan are kinda dead after the first two weeks. That is in both HC and SC servers. SC is definitely more popular. HC seasonal for me. SC non seasonal. Also which region. EU, NA, or Asia?

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    Quote from huertgenwald»

    Necro are probably still the top RG Killers. Else nobody really knows the new meta, until S16 is well under way.

    Except instead of Inarius thorn Necro it will be LoN thorn necro. 9750%. However, mind you all the testing was only done in a week under a bad server. With the post PTR buff the LoN we could see SB doc as the trash killer.

    But you know, if you hit shift + L during the season. You’ll get the answer the OP was looking for.

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    They aren’t really changing the META. In fact the META has been the same since season 6. The only time it was different was season 4 with the static monk and season 5 with the twister wiz

    How has it been the same. 1 zmonk and 1 zbarb. Until the necessity is changed for those roles, we will always have 1 RGK and 1 RC as dps options. It doesn’t matter what class. You have 1 guy who has amazing single target damage and 1 that has amazing AoE.

    The multiplier scaling is basically saying, “ GR cap is 150, were going to try and see if everyone can get there without a bot in seasons.”

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    You guys do realize they told us twice, not once but twice that there would not be anything big for diablo this year at blizzcon. Go ahead and siv through the diablofans post. One heads up was January /February of this year. The next was 6 months later.

    Sorry but its you guys pulling hype out of your butts out of no where. As well as a youtuber that pulls hype from job postings every year.

    So quit your bitching and wait for Wolcen to come out.

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    You need to use a third party site for images. Most people use imgur

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