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    posted a message on DH with high DPS post your equipment and builds
    Quote from keranov

    don't show us your super duper high damage with sharpshooter build, cause we can't do anything but laugh at you.

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    posted a message on Playing from 00:01 or... just taking it easy?
    Servers go live at 1:01 AM in my country.
    after installing, downloading the patch, and playing
    all the way to the SK king it'll be around 3:00 AM.

    That's wayyy to late to "start" plaing Diablo 3.
    I've waited years for this, I can wait another few hours.

    My plan?
    Go to sleep VERY early the night before (might have to
    pull an all nighter the night before so I'll be tired enough)
    5:00AM - wake up, install game & download patch
    5:15AM - take care of my dogs
    5:45AM - make a nice breakfast
    6:00AM - PLAY
    11:00AM - take care of my dogs
    11:30AM - go to work
    16:00PM - come back home, make some food and take care of dogs
    17:00PM - PLAY

    good times.
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    posted a message on New Battle.net Mockup
    This looks awesome.
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    posted a message on beta keys for fan sites
    i'm sick and tired of trying to win these things.
    i entered every competition & sweepstake there was, i liked,
    followed on tweeter, made avatars and poured my heart on why
    i believe i deserve a beta key more than everyone else (i don't)
    and still didn't win.

    been opt-in since day one, but i think they don't send keys to
    people here in israel. none of my friends got selected, our
    community forum has 1000+ users and none of them has been
    selected either.

    tough luck.
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    posted a message on Just letting blizzard know that...
    Just letting blizzard know that when D3 is finally released...
    ...I will buy it sooner than later.

    But seriously now (no, not really, this is off topic) how funny
    would it be if we all wait just one day before we purchase
    the game and send emails to blizzard saying that we will
    let them know soon when we will buy it.

    *taking another sip of whiskey, continuing watching force's channel*
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    posted a message on Diablofans, what is your profession?!
    Title is obviously influenced by the movie "300" playing in the other room.
    But I thought this might be a nice off topic thread while we wait for D3.

    I'll go first;
    I'm a dog trainer and specalize in personal protection dogs, police dogs,
    VST, (a complicated form of K9 tracking) and also on the "on call" K9
    unit of the prison authorities here in Israel. (in case there's a riot or if
    someone brakes out)

    who's next?
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