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    Just to clarify your situation: you have 2 PS4's, and both have the same account? So if you have the same account, and your save is being uploaded to the cloud, technically it should work fine. (I have 2 PS4's too, so I understand your question)

    The automatic save doesn't always save the last state, so you need to upload it manually when exiting the game, go to Settings and upload it to your cloud.

    When you log in to your other PS4, it should work.

    Best regards

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    posted a message on CM Nevalistis enjoyed it
    Quote from Rayden_Weiss»

    Quote from TheFuuZ»

    Quote from Rayden_Weiss»

    Quote from Abob»

    (...) immaturity, and toxic part-time keyboard warriors that likes to think of itself as part of the wider more level-headed community are all too happy to disregard the fact that this is indeed just one of a number of projects, would you still be so keen to jump ship if you also had full knowledge and experience of the other games that were in development?

    Because yes i agree Immortal alone might, MIGHT (if i was holding the CM position) have me looking for a different position, but it isnt alone, and at this point, work on new games is confirmed, and in those circumstances im not so sure this is something worth resigning over. For me its more a chance for someone much higher and more representative of Blizzard as a whole to step forward. make the necessary apology and follow it up with some genuine, tangible restraint and reigning in of the companys ego, which at this moment in time is talking a much better game than it is actually creating, since reskin remaster and rebrand is all thats on offer.

    Please show me any Blizzard statement saying other Diablo games, besides that mobile aberration, are being developed.

    Allan Adham and Wyatt Cheng have stated that they work for other PC related Diablo Stuff in an Interview.

    On the interview they said the company is currently working on multiple unannounced Diablo projects for die-hard PC fans.
    Those projects are not necessarily new games. They could be anything.

    Nevalistis said the exact same thing a while back on that video about new projects being on the works, and here we are with nothing but disappointment.
    I think people should remove the rose-tinted glasses and stop building expectations on everything blizzard says.

    Of course it does not say that, but also neither the other. Everything Blizz is saying after the Immortal fiasco is to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

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    posted a message on Future diablo 4 Ideas. what do you think

    Well yeah, you're right. There IS no D4, there WILL be D4 would be the exact phrasing.

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    Gamescom 2018, Blizzard will be there with 3 big halls. The CEO of Gamescom did mention that there will be alot of world premieres on the Opening Ceremony of the convention. Maybe, just maybe, we will see something. So there is 2 weeks left of waiting for Gamescom, hope to see something there.

    Have a nice day

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    Wait and see what gamescom or blizzcon has to offer, then we might be able to speculate on whether or not its D4 or D3X2

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    posted a message on Next Diablo - What do you believe in?
    Quote from Anexio»

    I'm not sure what I want actually.

    Initially Diablo 3 was made to be an MMO, but that was scrapped for reasons I can't remember anymore, and the development was taken over by Blizzard self, instead of Blizzard North (D1, D2 & D2 LoD creator). So World of Diablo WOULD have been nice, but with my personal experiences in MMO's, then the MMO genre can get both of my middle fingers. I love MMO's, I just hate and love that you have to work together to achieve end game content, and people SAY they wanna be serious about it, but puts zero effort or work into it.

    I don't think it's gonna be a D3 expansion or character DLC or anything like this, since PoE is so huge at this point in the ARPG genre, that it would make sense for Blizzard to keep going on that.

    I don't think it's gonna be a Dark Souls type of game either, based on the games Blizzard has right now, they haven't made that type of game, or at least not what I know of.

    So I'm gonna say D4, whatever type of game that might be, and it's gonna continue the story, so I don't think it's gonna be a prequel, but a sequel. Since the books kinda makes up for the holes in the story between the games :)

    This my friend, my words. Amen

    Good post.

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    Hey guys, just throwing in my 2 cents.

    Reading the comments I think its time to clearify some things here. I've been following Diablo news (especially D3) since...forever? There are some details you might have missed the last few weeks and days.

    Diablo 3 has been moved to classic games on the Bnet site, and all the previous job postings for the new unannounced Diablo project have been removed from the site. Just one job posting popping up, for the Diablo franchise in general, with C++ knowledge, and at this point speculations have gone wild as D3 may very well be in maintenance mode for good. So a new class or even an new Expansion for D3 is very unlikely at this point. It could be, but I am not betting on it anymore, since the game got moved to classics on the site. This means, in my personal opinion, that the game is done, seasons will go with the newly announced themed seasons for as long as it takes and new content will probably be just some bugfixes and patches throughout D3's lifespan that is.

    What is coming next then?

    Well D4 is innevitable. A Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Port for the Nintendo Switch may be a realtity too. A mobile game in the Diabloverse is likely too.

    If you look all the job postings and all the news that have been online since there was the first job posting in 2015 for an unannounced Diablo Project, you may be understanding my suggestions.

    If D4 will come in the next 1-2 years, it will unite MMO elements such as Lost Ark or similar games, with Microtransactions for cosmetics, stash, pets and so on, the playstyle I believe would be very similar as that what we know today, but there will be improvs to this. (See Wolcen)

    They will probably going the Road that PoE has it going maybe...

    Thanks, and have a nice day.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon gives Diablo no love or no news...

    Yes its true, they had this transparency going on with the said post. But honestly, why teasing us at BlizzCon Opening Ceremony with phrases such as " news for all the franchises" "we listen to the community" "all our games get the same love" etc...

    I know this sounds incredibly whiney from my part, but when they do transparency, they should be honest and talk about it what happens with the franchise, and not this around the warm soup talk.

    They clearly said they would let us see work in progress stuff, even if it is not yet ready for public, to show of their amazing work on all their games.

    Well that escalated quickly...

    Just my opinion

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    posted a message on We need reroll primal recipe for kanai cube
    Quote from The_Mootrix»

    It *would* be nice to be able to "reset" a legendary to the original (unaltered) stats. Primal or no.
    I saw a screenshot of a primal Yangs the other day and that was my impression- why would a perfect Yangs roll without discipline?

    Even so, the Marauder MS build (using Yangs) might be fun for you (I've had fun messing around with it this season) so maybe not a total loss.

    Right! The Marauder MS is pretty fun and plays very well, like the UE pretty much so.
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    Quote from Fearlack»

    Does anyone know when they will be adding the update from PTR to Xbox One?

    Sure is, that all patches going live, will be available on both consoles as for th PC at the same time. The current season will most likely go for 2 months, making it possible to launch season 10 for april, and the new patch 2.5.0 that is currently playable on the PTR.
    With that in mind, don't forget that season 10 will be available on consoles too!
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