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    1.) ROS is really overpriced to me with less contents, I bought it because they said there will be Patches in the future. And one Rip-Off Paladin doesn't really cut it for 40. But as a fan I bought it. Now they require us to "buy" a character pack Necromancer, which should have been included in the expansion in the first place. I feel that they ask as to buy a band aid for a diablo game which did not follow the aesthetics of a dark fantasy Diablo.

    2.) 2 new maps? so? Last time I heard Ruins of Sescheron and GreyHollow Island is boring as hell. Just another area with nothing in it but boring bounties and pathetic reskin and recycle 3D models. Sure GHI area has the aesthetic feel and the blue eyed zombies that looks like white walkers from Game of Thrones that's a thumbs up. BUT for what sense are those extra areas just...Kanai Cube? then what. And the pets doesn't really do anything besides picking up gold...they didn't even help you attack mobs...no abilities. Feels like those cosmetic pets are the same with the devs...they are only best in picking up gold nothing more NO TALENT for the Diablo Genre. What will I do for those banners? wipe their a**es?

    3.) bet those skeletal summons are limited to 5 and is doubled with a special item. When you use them you're Necromancer doesn't do anything. So lame. The only thing decent on the preview was the Corpse Explosion and Bone Spear... No Spirit Bomb and the Curse doesn't use tongues of fire when cast instead they use a magic circle ... I'm a bit skeptical on how they create the curse ability. Furthermore, Necromancers must look really old and pale as told in Diablo 2 ad in a magazine. And Bone Armor isn't there YET (i hope). For now I pass.

    4.) Feels like they really DON'T LISTEN to their fans but the VOICE OF MONEY. NO PASSION. NO VISION. NOT DIABLO. If they really listened how come the game is still for kids, non-dark, not dark fantasy. Seriously, M rating in there is just not true. I hate to say but it seems the dark fantasy game like Diablo doesn't deserve this Acti-Bli$$ard. Better SELL THE RIGHTS for the company with the right talent, vision of a dark fantasy, aesthetics, dark, gritty and grim! Seeing how these other "Diablo-like" games who patterned their games from Diablo itself which almost all of them do what Blizzard should've done is really sad and frustrating to see as a fan. I played Diablo 1 when I was 6 and Diablo 2 later years and to tell you the truth Diablo 3 is really NOT A DIABLO GAME but looks like a spinoff B-movie of a Diablo Genre.

    5.) Birthday is today, and this annoying of attitude of theirs that keeps manipulating people out of capitalism instead of passion really ruined my day. I lost my respect for Bli$$ard congrats from a long fan.

    6.) I know there's a part 2... let's see if they change my mind.

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