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    1.) ROS is really overpriced to me with less contents, I bought it because they said there will be Patches in the future. And one Rip-Off Paladin doesn't really cut it for 40. But as a fan I bought it. Now they require us to "buy" a character pack Necromancer, which should have been included in the expansion in the first place. I feel that they ask as to buy a band aid for a diablo game which did not follow the aesthetics of a dark fantasy Diablo.

    2.) 2 new maps? so? Last time I heard Ruins of Sescheron and GreyHollow Island is boring as hell. Just another area with nothing in it but boring bounties and pathetic reskin and recycle 3D models. Sure GHI area has the aesthetic feel and the blue eyed zombies that looks like white walkers from Game of Thrones that's a thumbs up. BUT for what sense are those extra areas just...Kanai Cube? then what. And the pets doesn't really do anything besides picking up gold...they didn't even help you attack mobs...no abilities. Feels like those cosmetic pets are the same with the devs...they are only best in picking up gold nothing more NO TALENT for the Diablo Genre. What will I do for those banners? wipe their a**es?

    3.) bet those skeletal summons are limited to 5 and is doubled with a special item. When you use them you're Necromancer doesn't do anything. So lame. The only thing decent on the preview was the Corpse Explosion and Bone Spear... No Spirit Bomb and the Curse doesn't use tongues of fire when cast instead they use a magic circle ... I'm a bit skeptical on how they create the curse ability. Furthermore, Necromancers must look really old and pale as told in Diablo 2 ad in a magazine. And Bone Armor isn't there YET (i hope). For now I pass.

    4.) Feels like they really DON'T LISTEN to their fans but the VOICE OF MONEY. NO PASSION. NO VISION. NOT DIABLO. If they really listened how come the game is still for kids, non-dark, not dark fantasy. Seriously, M rating in there is just not true. I hate to say but it seems the dark fantasy game like Diablo doesn't deserve this Acti-Bli$$ard. Better SELL THE RIGHTS for the company with the right talent, vision of a dark fantasy, aesthetics, dark, gritty and grim! Seeing how these other "Diablo-like" games who patterned their games from Diablo itself which almost all of them do what Blizzard should've done is really sad and frustrating to see as a fan. I played Diablo 1 when I was 6 and Diablo 2 later years and to tell you the truth Diablo 3 is really NOT A DIABLO GAME but looks like a spinoff B-movie of a Diablo Genre.

    5.) Birthday is today, and this annoying of attitude of theirs that keeps manipulating people out of capitalism instead of passion really ruined my day. I lost my respect for Bli$$ard congrats from a long fan.

    6.) I know there's a part 2... let's see if they change my mind.

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    My Diablo IV Ideas:

    1. "Lifeforce" affected while using "Mana" for Magic-type users such as the Necromancer, Sorceress/Sorcerer/Wizard, Witchdoctor
    - aside from "cooldowns" prolong use of Mana may gradually decrease your stats like Vitality or Strength.
    - it should be minimal like integer -1 per 3 seconds... or maybe they should decide it.
    - if they can include "age factor" in gearing up...players can manage the youth in Vizjerei Clans or even the occultists of Trag'Oul.
    - using magic affects their youth
    - could be awesome if they can implement "reverse-aging" effects or magics using items or secret alchemy or magic

    2. Necromancers can collect corpses
    - they can create their own mojos using parts of dead demons or zombies and imbue them with magic using the Horadric Cube or some other new Horadric Relic(s).
    - include secret material combinations for a very rare item we can make for Uber Mojos perhaps.
    - some materials can be used with special abilities. I got this idea when rewatching t vinatage Warlock 1989 where the warlock uses the dead possessed eyes as his eye vane...

    3. Bring Back:

    a. Charms
    - since they have additional stats as long as they are in your inventory, put some charges into them like when you load your cellphones. Players must imbue rituals or prayers into them so they don't die or permanently lost.
    - include Legendary and Ancient Charms.
    - would be cool to deactivate them if a hero fights a bad ass boss monster/demon for some reason.

    b. Runes
    - include Legendary Runes, you can raise their levels
    - hieroglyphic characters should be glowing when in use.
    - runes should be floating around you, when in inventory

    c. Legendary Gems

    d. Deckard Cain
    - well, for me as a long Diablo fan, Deckard Cain is like the Yoda of the Diablo Universe minus fighting abilities
    - maybe you can put some plot to him like:
    - a prophet who were dispised by many because they taught of him as a blasphemer or something

    e. Scrolls/Scroll Books

    e.1.) Scroll of Identification
    - of course, you don't know what item you just loot except if you're a magic type user
    - players can use the unidentified item BUT put accident triggers in there like getting impaled by his/her own arrow/bolt or sudden explosion for instant death or maybe the item can't do anything at all
    - if the item is really ancient and high quality, Scroll of Identification can't be used. Consult Deckard Cain or maybe a secret item like ancient books are needed to identify it

    e.2.) Scroll of Town Portal
    - I miss the days of suspense when I was struggling to go back to the base before a monster can hit me to death while they chasing me in D1 or D2.
    - We can leave portals but monsters will get through it to the base if left for too long...

    e.3.) Scroll of Sealing
    - Maybe we can use this scroll to minimize the space in our stash and inventory, maybe for a maximum of five items sealed in time.
    - can't be open before due time. You can force it but 1 item will vanish
    - can be used by both Witchdoctors and Necromancers to collect materials for their voodoos and rituals

    e.4.) Scroll of Magic
    - as I remember in Diablo 1, there are scrolls that releases magic when you use them. Why can't magic-type users seal their magics in scrolls for active use? that would be cool. Since life force was exchanged for Magic.
    - can be stored in the belt system for quick use.
    - Scrolls bought in NPCs are Spells max level 2 only except if you're a magic user, your spells current level are followed.

    f.) Use of Quivers of Bolts and Arrows.
    - can be combined with scroll of magic
    - depends on how many scroll of magic 1 arrow can have
    - double the quantity for hardcore arrow killers like Demon Hunters

    g.) Stamina
    - humongous amounts of stamina for athletic characters like monks,assassins, demon hunters, barbarians, paladins, crusaders and amazons.
    - less for magic users

    h.) Run/Walk
    - add sneak for fun lol
    - assassins and demon hunters are automatically had silent foot steps. Well maybe, you can add another character.

    4. Monks and Assassins will variety of Skill Trees depending on Martial Art discipline you choose by pressing a hotkey combinations.
    - Every martial art have offensive and defensive poses/stance right? For example , the Assassin chooses a specific stance, that alone will spawn a different set of skills and abilities you can use. Maybe a maximum of 3 stances.
    - Put some rare and achieving skill stance that requires high standards of stats (or other requirements you can think of, maybe items) for you to use that "secret skill"... like a master skill as a sense of achievement. And can affix "Master <name>" to you...sounds cool.
    - If someone want to be a master of all disciplines together, there must spend a lot of time.

    5. Interactions with NPCs
    - we can choose what we can say to them
    - include relation meter, the higher you have the more you can interact with them
    - continuity of story may have a bad ending or good ending :)

    6. Skills/Characters/Items

    - if there's an exclusive gender for a character just maintain it according to Diablo's Lore. I never heard of an Amazon man...do you? lol and second it's not warcraft in realm (no pun intended Artanis)

    - skill tree like in path of exile with at least 2 rune variety to max 3. A 4th rune if its a master ability or a secret ability earned during achievement or survival.
    - Secret and Master abilities/skills/magic must be earned.
    - there must be a really cool end game skills/magic and secret abilities throughout the experience. These can be achieved either by a stat requirements, very rare item like books for magic-type users or a situation trigger:
    - situation trigger:
    - secret runes/skill/ability in 1 skill tree ability can spawn a secret ultra ability
    - must be during achievement maybe like surviving and you trigger a secret skill or magic your character learned

    a.) Magic Type Character (Sorcerers and Sorceress/Witches and Wizards)
    - use of Life Force and age management/vitality (see above)
    - maybe they can bath with blood or milk just like in Snow White and the Huntsman movie lol
    - use combinations of keys while casting a magic especially for Vizjerie characters. The more powerful the magic the more it will test your keyboard skills. Of course, the system of how the keys is played is upto Blizzard...entering keys just like in "God of War". So magic users can be very powerful but uses this to compensate. However, if it was already casted in a scroll of sealing there are no hotkeys required, because you can just have to right click the scroll or enter belt hotkey.

    - I watched Harry Potter or read some Berserk manga and in their reality magicians really does pray before casting it. in Bastard, the magician casts 2 heads just to cast 2 magic at the same time.

    - there must be a use of "mental and spiritual planes" from mysticism. I saw it in Bastard and Berserk manga and the Poltergeist movie. So there must be a skill in them where they are intangible for a short time.

    - choosing clans for the sorcerer/sorceress/wizard/witch:

    - both can have similar abilities but their focused magic is deadliest than the other
    - secret tomes/books/scrolls sometimes act as a charm and enchances some magic skills tremendously or adds another variation for thrills.

    b.1.) Xiansai Clan
    - more focused on Arcane and Time Magic
    - spells related to Arcane/Time maybe can achieve level beyond 25 (or any max level) while their elemental spells are maxed at 25

    b.2.) Zann Esu Clan
    - more focused on deadly Elementals that Xiansai clan can't achieve. Elemental spells beyond standard max levels

    b.3.) another Magic Clan a new Blizzard writer can think of

    b.) WitchDoctors

    - the Witchdoctor can be dragged to the "Unformed Land"(muse be like the Further from Insidious or Upside-Down from Stranger Things) , and mosters there can kill the character if he/she removes some item equipped with him/her OR maybe some other reason your can think of. It is an instant survival.
    Those zombies he/she summons will be out of control and drag the character together with them for a short amount of time. While the character was dragged to that dimension.

    - However the Witchdoctor, can avoid expending lifeforce by sacrificing living things like frogs/toads, chickens or snake. So animals can be purchased for this reason and can be stored in their basket or inventory. There must be a limited Quantity.
    - since you have severed animal parts, you can use them to create your own zombie dogs like pig-headed monsters from American Horror Story Season 6.
    - they can be stored in a magic scroll or caged in the "Unformed Land" later to be summoned.

    - maybe aside from creating mojos like the Necromancer, this is the only character that can create a "Totem", like an aura-generating from a Paladin.

    - Witchdoctors can have 35% chance to see ghost NPCs, and 100% chance hear them

    - would like to see them riding a "Bogadile" or a "Spider" as mounts to avoid using stamina.

    - can you let them summon big Trap Door Spider?

    c.) Necromancers
    - together with the WitchDoctor, are the only characters who can see Ghost NPCs for interaction. However they can have 100% chance to see and hear them.
    - Since they have corpse parts and materials:
    - they can create abominable ghosts for summon just like in "13th Ghost Movie". They can summon ghost army for a short period of time depending on how many ghost soldiers you created.
    - you can sacrifice a ghost to replenish your mana or a substitute expense of life force
    - They can be stored in Necromancer's Mojo Bottle with Zombie Cork you created. Depends on how many souls you can store with it. Can be stored and triggered in the belt using hotkeys.
    - Runes can be imbued in and out from a Golem.
    - put some situation where the Rune is directly destroyed in some instances and golem is destroyed
    - include as long as the rune is not destroyed the Golem can regenerate itself without expending Mana
    - maybe they can introduce another big golem as large as the siege breaker made only of bones and skulls.
    - resurrected or summoned creatures can be out of control in some instances:
    - depends on what type creature you "resurrected" control on them (time limit) varies. After the time expires, the revived creature can either turn against you or just disintigrate into ashes.
    - should have curses. A Necromancer is not a Necromancer if it doesn't have the ability to curse.
    - can curse a "normal item" or even your skeletal warriors or mages with black magic allowing it to have special abilities.
    - curses have duration and expiration
    - however, if you have a cursed item spiritual beings like demons are attracted to your presence and be able to track you down as long as you are near or at their reach.
    - it will be interesting to see if ever you lost a limb and you resurrected it with necromancy just like in the Sin War Book
    - examples of curses I can think off:
    - Thorn type:
    1. American Horror Story season 2? where a lady injures herself and the one she cursed was injured too
    2. Warlock 1989 where Julian Sands just stared on a farmer and his eyes bleed making him blind
    - maybe a secret combination moves/skills I can think of:
    a. Witchdoctor's Rain of Corpses + Necromancers Corpse-plosion
    b. they can make a Gargantaun Brute Zombie golem (like a brute Jason Vorhees) as large as a Siege Breaker.
    - maybe consumes mana along the way hence life force too

    - Corpse-plosion fx must be near the fx from DC's Watchmen movie precisely from Dr. Manhattan

    d.) Assassins and Demon Hunters
    - these type of characters should have Action Movie-level of stunts included in their skills and runes.
    - there must be a quick instant key pop up to trigger the stunt
    - must only be triggered in critical moments like falling off a floor. Yes, I would like to see that, falling from floors and do some stunts to survive. I remember seeing Jason Bourne riding a corpse down the tower to escape and fire every goons along the way. lol
    - maybe we can ride the back of a siegebreaker and shoot an arrow with its head if the pop up key is entered correctly if not, we'll receive fatal damage.
    - would be cool to see "insta-kills" trigger in specific situations
    - they can have finisher moves:
    - there must be an instance where an entity that depleted it's life bar to zero will be "half-dead" for a few seconds for you to decide a finishing blow.
    - the variety of finishing blows depends on what skill you use on them (click on them). Now that's an assassin in the party!
    - Please let us use "slomo" time to feel the action like in Max Payne or FEAR 2.
    - maybe once in every ten or 30 minutes only in fatal and critical situations.
    - there must be a "weapon draw time/duration"
    - how fast to draw a crossbow or a katana? Seeing that while in action is fun experience during a battle

    - combination moves I can think off:
    1. the Demon Hunter will chain a demon/monster; the player of that uses the Assassin must click the back of the DH; the Assassin will jump off the DH's back and releases all the charges she has in blow (in D2 she has charges)
    2. combination of assassin traps and Demon hunter sentries
    - Sentries fired off metal strings for traps
    3. Multishot has metal strings that produces a web enclosure as traps

    - would like to see effects close to:
    - V for Vendetta's last scene blade effects when she/he swings blades in slomo

    d.1.) Assassins
    - Born to kill magic-users; focused on shadow and fatal hits
    - more on deadly stances like Tekken meets the Witcher... I see them as mercenary ninjas with magic items. They must be some characters who were created by using occultic study of mirrors+hunters/ninjas+ and shadows. More like an influence of a ninja but with western sorcery aesthetics. I can't really explain it but that's what I felt in the force lol
    - uses magic items for assassination especially for traps; anything anti-magician abilities and skills
    - cool to see them teleport using shadows (cast shodows or dark places) and kill at the back. They swim through them and pop-up where other shadow is present in the area hence, Assassin!
    - when striking at the back, there's a higher critical skill or even insta-kill
    - can jump over "low" walls
    - the only character who can do parkours.
    - bring back charges from D2.
    - Can use specific Potion Powders and really specializes in dagger skills and short swords
    - can be used as a silencer for magic users?
    - can wield both hands with:
    - short swords
    - claws
    - alternate swords or daggers or claws
    - can disguise in someway.
    - nice to see the wield a whip-like sword like in Prince of Persia. Make it the only character to wield it
    - or maybe equip them with deadly metal strings and whips.
    - metal strings can be used as a trap material. Like casting them on trees or columns before a demon or an enemy pass through them (since you're one of the fastest character to get away or run silently). This should be fun, setting up traps and lure them, maybe by taunting.
    - a hair string perhaps as a result of assassin clans? sounds cool
    - equip items like sealing papers used in Japanese animes.
    - however the hieroglyphics designed on the paper must be Vizjerei in origin.
    - I can think of them as "Silencers" when pasted into an area as a trap, and magic users can't use magic when they are surrounded by these sealing papers. (they got tissues of them! lol)...I got this idea when in Van Helsing anime, when the vampire protagonist was hunted by a vatican priest. The priest hunter pasted some documented paper-prayers on the walls with automatic flying nails. That was a cool scene. Why not in an anti-magician scenerio?
    - can use large mirrors (or in some other way) to deflect magic
    - summons broken glass soldiers?
    - There must be bounties exclusive only to Assassins; Sorcerer-related. Maybe to unlock secret abilities and skills
    - there must be special bloodline skills according to clan. Maybe moves that the other type doesn't have. Can be a plot where they were experimented by Sorcerers and Witches were they adopt a genetic special ability.
    - you can leave strings in an area, the joystick will vibrate if there's a demon/monster tracking you or hunting you when they trip off the metal strings or step on it...got this idea from when spiders feel the vibration in their webs to alert them for food.

    d.2.) Demon Hunters
    - Survived to kill Demons... well this one I'll suggest is too dark and mature... I mean based on what atrocities they experienced determines their Psychological Hatred which affects their moves lists. This can be optional though. Like a demon hunter who loses an eye or a limb...so sometimes there are hunters that has prosthetic hands. Well, it's just me...they're survivors right??? lol.
    - Bring back machine-gun type of crossbows just like in Van Helsing, that's the only thing I liked about them in D3
    - when in critical health there's an intance your fatal hits can be activated/unlcocked.
    - if possible please let us use "w,a,s,d" or some other hotkeys for dodging? while we fire on our mouse and use abilities and skills using number keys or F1s?
    - the longer massacre numbers feat the more , hatred and quit a little damage increase to opponent
    - if hatred decreases, discipline increases and if discipline decreases then you spend a lot of hatred.
    - I'm not sure but I think there can be balance if both are in a weighing scale
    - there can be a bunch of combinations produced if both resources are balanced.
    - can equip to inventory demonic remains like bones or severed parts as charms.
    - can't be recharged with magic
    - disposable after or can be used in trade with a Necromancer or a Witchdoctor
    - generates "survival type" of extra attributes for you like life steal, resource generation etc. anything that will make you survive
    - might also add resource generation
    - increased survivability during full moons or night time.

    e.) Skovos Amazons and Sisters of the Sightless Eye
    - these 2 characters can use bows while running just like Demon Hunters while Dodging and Runnning

    e.1.) Amazon
    - I see them as an all around Barbarian female archer and javeline expert. more like a female version of Aquaman/Thor but experts in all kinds of weapons and maybe some influences from Norse Mythology and Greek Mythology.
    - Bring back some of her skills from Diablo 2
    - can mount any huge demons/monsters at the back using chained 2 tridents or spears for a short time.
    - mounts them like a horse to travel
    - the larger the demon/monster the lesser duration of control
    - can't mount small demons like those of "the Fallen" lol; must be a minimum of twice her height
    - more of a expert in using "area advantages" if a Diablo game implements this:
    - in Diablo 3 falling walls or a falling chandelier isn't much of a help. Add more like this in the game to serve more thrilling and suspense experiences.
    - if you're an Amazon, she must have a higher access to this Physics in battle
    - has "7th sense"

    - wields spears/tridents and shields
    - fighting stance per weapon
    - can become that shiny Valkyrie
    - skills closer to angels of light just like Zakarum Warriors. Uses Light Skills. All weapons are embued with light skills
    - legendary weapons:
    - must be based on Amazonian gods/godesses
    - must be a weapon from their gods/godesses (like in Greek Mythology in God of War)
    e.2.) Rogue
    - can view two maps away like a falcon or a owl observer. The sharpest eye in the group
    - make us snipe using bows 2 Maps away or 1.5 maps away ... just ... so far away.. bow sniping
    - imagine a multiple shots in long distances
    - can snipe runes from Necromancer's golems in a PVP
    - let them wield swords
    - let them sense danger since they are like the Daredevil in this Universe...in console the joystick will strongly vibrate in a few seconds. A sensory type character.
    - can use normal gems as light sources in a dark area, which can counter assassins. Able to see traps
    - aside from the Druids, can also use Ravens as courier of items and observer too but with much higher skill levels.
    - they should get influence from:
    - Underworld Rise of the Lycans---the vampire armor only; old and too grey
    - Priest movie
    - Long range archers (forgot the name) from Lord of the Rings
    f.) Barbarians and Druids

    f.1.) Barbarians
    - I like the Barbs in D2 and D3... so I'm out of Ideas for them
    - the one thing I don't like seeing them using chained spears, that skill looks more fitted to the Amazon IMHO.
    - remain a berserking Wolverine-ish brute warriors vibe from D2 and D3.
    - Let us use leap to jump through WALLS (except undergrounded and low ceiling)
    - for female Barbs, maybe they should get influence from Red Sonja comics.
    f.2.) Druids
    - when in animal form like bear, the body type should be in Brute like the Hulk's
    - when in this form, they can fight just like their cousin Barbarians
    - liked to see them cast tree monster summons
    - can collect dead animal spirits using wreaths
    - would like to see them swing in trees like Tarzan and Mowgley lol nah, maybe chariot of animals to avoid stamina or maybe not at all just joking.
    - Plant magic can be interesting, seeing them control tree branches like hands and smash them to enemies or impaling and decapitating enemies using twigs and roots.
    - Walking Tree summon
    - Tree Branches/Roots Wall
    - Tree Armor where the Druid is inside a huge humanoid walking tree.
    - or a controlled humanoid tree by a voodoo doll.
    - Summons carnivorous plants
    - Magical calamities can be expected
    - draws chalk (or any kind of heiroglyphic carving in the ground using weapons like staff or spears) on the ground to cast powerful calamities (since they're fatal). Like to see the trees around them die as a lifeforce sacrifice.
    - controls weather like using hail stones and tornadoes
    - spell is cancelled if the magic circle is erased/interrupted.
    - protection magic circle like in (Forbidden Kingdom)
    - Summons forrest spirits
    - large worms
    - fairies? or a something like of a "lady in the lake" in Merlin/King Arthur?
    - forrest warriors like those in Maleficient movie

    g.) Zakarum Warriors
    - all of them must be able to mount a horse
    - buy them
    - store them in stables or just tie them somewhere
    - I don't have any idea for a ancient legendary horses lol
    - there must have combination stunts whenever there's 2 Zakarum characters;accessed by performing hotkeys to respective players
    - there must be a special item to them like Valyrian steel or something. maybe weapons created from the World Stone.

    g.1.) Warrior/Dark Warrior
    - has smith skills and can create and repair weapons
    - can have a higher access in tinkering weapons and armor. More options must be available when talking to smiths or managing an anvil. (Anvil Management)
    - can have prosthetic cannon hands like Guts in Berserk. They can look like a "Demon Hunter" but are warriors and a sword/axe type. Somekind of a Demon-slaving slayer.
    - can upgrade prosthetic limbs to Demon Hunters along the group
    - I like to see him wield:
    g.1.1.) 2 weapons while having a shield
    g.1.2.) 1 two-hand long weapon
    g.1.3.) prosthetic weapons like guns or blades
    - agility + strength type; smallest, fast and heavy hitter
    - uses will as resource
    - uses blood magic like Adria or Infernal Magic that summons demons. Resembles closely to the corrupted High Council Members from "Kurast" but not entirely. A character influenced by nearly from Dragon Age 2 protagonist. Instead of Holy Magic, he uses Infernal Magic.
    - can imbue demonic magic to normal weapons by sealing them inside. I got this idea in D3's flaming long sword.
    - must have cursed set items or cursed ancient legendary items closely resembles to Bartuc's

    g.2.) Paladin
    - holy freeze aura should be felt like sub-zero's
    - can negate curses using holy magic
    - holy magic replenishes or enchances life force
    - holy magic uses "will" as a resource
    - I would like to see them in HD; party leader, a kind of captain that enchances the group's potential and weakens opponents by presence. (Like an "assist-type"/"passer-type" player in Basketball)
    - add shouting skills like a general knight ordering his/her army.
    - combination skills has a higher chance of access as long as he's on the group/party.
    - would like to see him wield a two handed hammer exclusive only to the Paladin.
    - carries a flag at the back, well, because he's a leader.
    - might increase party stats or even effectivess of own holy aura

    g.3.) Crusader
    - I see them as the Zakarum's tank-type knight
    - remain two-handed flails exclusive only to them
    - shield stunts
    - shows you the trajectory direction when throwing shields

    h.) the Monk
    - I see them as the Baki the Grappler of the Diablo Universe. It would be interesting to see a corrupted monk using black magick because of too much power like of Akuma...But that is just me. I don't wan't to see them using Hadouken lol but the Idea of exploding palms is really cool, it reminds me when I watched Kung Fu Hustle's big ass hand printed on the ground lmao.
    - I feel in the force that he's like a Baki/Akuma fighter-type that isolated himself in a dojo, a cave or at the droplets of waterfalls I saw in "Kensei".
    - I can't think of anything new for this character, and I am content with it's aesthetics from Diablo 3 EXCEPT the grandma dusters he's wearing lol. I think he can be decent to see if he's influenced by eastern ancient chinese armor like those in Terra Cota. ?
    - having him see in magical six hands in sick. Imagine Goro became an Ytar monk.
    - should be influenced with ancient japanese/chinese and egyptian myths

    i.) Followers

    i.1.) Iron Wolves:
    - I don't agree with Diablo 3's vision of Iron Wolves from Diablo 2's Kurast Iron wolves. I'll vote for Kurast Iron Wolves anyday.
    - they must have looked like Diablo version of a Night's Watch.

    7. Items

    a.) Assassin
    - would be cool to include witch compasses to them since they are killers of sorcerers right? just like in Warlock 1989
    - traps imbued with magic or magic scrolls
    - your traps can be embued and enchanced with magic if you have a magic-user ally on the party
    b.) Sorceress/Sorcerers
    - secret/rare books for secret/rare deadliest magics

    c.) Followers
    - must have set items too make them interesting

    d.) Druids/WitchDoctors/Necromancers
    - corpse materials and voodoo rituals/totems
    - animal pelts

    I know some might disagree but this is all I can share for the Diablo Universe.

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