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    Hello fellow DHs

    I have for a day or two been trying to figure out how exactly the dmg with the skill Impale (grievous wounds) is calculated. Have searched the web and been testing it myself but cant really wrap my head around it...

    So, Is there anyone out there who knows how it works? Does it increase weapon dmg for the skill with 330% on crit? or CHD with 330%? In my testing the dmg has been somewhere between those numbers so Im really confused.

    Would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me how it works.
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    posted a message on Best companion for Inferno
    The Scoundrel is by far the best option. Give him a bow with 5% chance to stun, freeze, blind or imobalze. That with some IAS and multishoot and blind skill will make him stop enemys pretty damb often. Then give him the skill that make you do 10% more dmg if you crit and you will do 10% more dmg half of the time.
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    posted a message on Diablo 3 on Consoles, Electrocute Runed, New Game System Info Soon, Diablo 3 Comic
    Sux that the only interesting runes stone (alabsaster) for Electrocute is the only one they are not showing.
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    posted a message on Well-Rounded Demon Hunter Build
    I think it is a good idea to switch Mark for Death with Entangling Shot with Indigo rune stone. That skill is very synergistic with multishot and gives you some crowd control. And if you switch the rune in rapid fire to albelaster (slow) you could also switch the Steady Aim passive to Cull the Weak for +20% dmg instead of +10% (everything is going to be slowed if you spam entangling and rapid). I would also get Tactical Advantage. Its just seems like such a good choice with Tumble because you are probably gonna use tumble all the time giving you more mobility for better kiting.

    The rune Crimson rune stone in Shadow Power is really inferior to the other rune stones in my opinion but if you need the hatred you need the hatrad. But when you play the build and find yourself with to much hatrad I would suggest you switch it to the dodge or movment speed rune.

    It might also be good to switch the Golden for Albalaster in your multi if you find yourself with to little discipline.
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    posted a message on Grasp of the Dead ability bugged?
    The duration is scale to your lvl. It will last 8 seconds at lvl 60 but last shorter at lower levels.
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    posted a message on The Punisher, a DH PvP Combo Build
    I've been thinking a lot about Punishment (Preparation with Crimson Rune stone) lately, trying to break it as I sens it has huge potential. I came up with some PvE builds that I think is going to be good and fun, but it wasn't until I started theory crafting about Punishments PvP potential I really thought I hit a nail and wanted to share. I came up whit what you could call a "combo" build. A series of skills used in a row could just do insane dmg and potentially even stun lock (if that is even possible at all) the opponent.

    Here is the basics:

    The idea is to just run around spamming Entangling Shot until you found yourself in a situation where you just cant miss your next shot, then you turn on the kill switch

    Entangling (6 sec 70% slow) -> Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow -> Punishment -> Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow

    That is an insane amount of damage over 6 secs. The damage skill of choice here is Cluster Arrow (Loaded for Bear). It does 350% weapon dmg with a lvl 4 rune. 420% with cull the weak. And releases "a series of additional miniature bombs doing 100% (120%) damage each". That is as much damage a DH can do in one attack (1 sec) and there fore has a really high hatred cost, but because of Punishment, it is now is spamable.

    I don't know how easy/hard it will be for your opponent to escape out of the entangeling/cluster bomb trap, and I don't think this build is some kind of auto win, but I can see some real potential for a really deadly and awesome DH Combo build.

    This is my attempt to channel this power in to some kind of stun/dmg Combo:

    Use Vault and Tactical advantage to dodge and kite. Use the "Combo" to kill.

    Entangling Shot -> Rain of Vengeance -> Cluster Arrow -> Impale -> Cluster Arrow -> Impale -> Punishment -> Cluster Arrow -> Impale -> Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow

    or just do as much dmg as fast as you can

    Entangling Shot -> Rain of Vengeance -> Cluster Bomb -> Cluster Bomb - > Impale -> Punishment -> Cluster Arrow - > Entangling Shot -> CCluster Arrow - Cluster Arrow -> Cluster Arrow

    I have no idea how much stun Rain of vengeance and Impale will do in PvP, the whole amount, half or non at all. But if they stun they seem like really good options.

    What do you guys think? Am I just naive to think you could pull this of against a smart opponent or have I really stumbled upon something here?
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    posted a message on Cold as Ice - A Wizard Build
    Im not sure if you have enough dmg output to kill things fast enough in inferno. Maybe ad something that gives the build some more power, like meteor or orb?
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    posted a message on Will Wizard's farm rate dominate the rest of us?
    I agree with OP. The ranged characters are going to be the best farmers. And thats because they can switch all their gear (except weapon of course) to MF or gold gear and really on kiting to survive. The barb and monk wont be able to do that because they need high defense gear to survive late game. Higher mf/gold = better farmer. Ranged > Melee.

    That said, it hard to figure out who of the ranged characters is going to be the best. They all have cons and pros. WD will survive better because of minions. The DH will probable have the highest dmg output. And the wizard has the best slow effects for kiting. (frost nove, time warp etc). My guess is the DH thou, dunno why.
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    posted a message on Demon Hunter weapon/skills

    My melee DH build: The Ninja.

    The Ninja uses his basic attack with Fundamentals and his favourite sword to generate hatred and make chaos with his enemy.

    He make insane dmg by spamming Fan off Knives. Stuns annoying single targets with Impale. And damages everything near him with Shuriken Cloud. The Ninja is a master with all types of throwing weapons.

    To get out of tight spots, does what a true ninja does best, vanishes into thin air with Smoke Screen. It replenishes his hatred at ones and gets him into better positions.

    For even better survivability and dmg output, The Ninja use Shadow Power and Marked for Death as often as possible. Night Stalker is The Ninjas passive of choice to make sure he has enough discipline at all times.
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    Forget about the golden runestone. The alabaster runestone is the way to go. You can cast electrode two times every second. That means you will hit up to six targets every second. With some good +critical gear, Deep Freeze and maybe Pinpoint barrier you will critical hit an awful lot. And with the alabaster runestone you would be doing potentially 525% of damage every time you crit. I dont know what you guys think but to me that sounds OP. I would say electrocute stands out alot compared to the other signature spells. No doubt.
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