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    First of all great work and i hope you are satisfied with your work :)

    You are a really good modeller but not as good as painter.

    Since i also create figures / sculptures like that i can only give you some advice, according to your demonstration in the internet and coloring.

    Your sculptures look good but the pictures are horrible. I guess you just took them with a bad mobile camera and didnt even thought about light and stuff. Furthermore please do not upload picture that are not sharp. The background should be neutral and not contain cats or flowers or something like that.

    When i saw this picture ( http://lepsulet.deviantart.com/art/Diablo-3-Barbarian-559273941 ) i thought ok that will be really good looking. And then u started painting and for me... this screwed everything up. Especially your white color does look really really bad. Please buy good colours and even think about scratches on the armor or apply more metal-stylish colour on things that are metal. Vary the colours. The white should have been more grey in some parts that are normally covered in shadows or things like that. It doesnt look as plastic cause of that.

    Thats my advice. I hope it helps. Maybe this video can help you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl1MvBbAPqQ

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