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    GR density and rift density need balancing on ptr.. It appears that the new algorithm spreads the density across all Floors of a rift ? Current meta involves skipping large portions of maps or entire floors to search for denae enough areas to kill elites with area damage from mobs.. If these ultra dense map s and tiles are removed it's likely there will ne a negative power creep in 4 man clears.. There simply won't be enough trash to kill Elites. Spreading trash out doesn't make a better Gr experience unless the density is sustained.

    A couple solutions would be .. 1 . Nerf elite health to make it better balanced with trash health in high grs 2. Increase gr density all together 3. Increase elites progress globe value to make up for having to sit in a room killing an Elite after all the trash is Long since dead.4. Balance the freaking mob type progress values! Don't make us fish for floors with certain mobs

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