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    Just quit the game man. Just don't play. I haven't seen you post anything positive on this site ever. Criticism is fine but if you don't enjoy playing don't play. There's plenty of active discussion among many forums analyzing the expansion (as in what we have seen so far). If you like it, play. If you don't like it, don't play.

    Nobody is going to sit here and try to convince you why you should play.

    If what is being presented isn't pleasing then don't continue to play, don't buy the expansion. It's really not that hard.
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    I have three ideas:

    1.) Useless YouTube Guy

    -Posts video guides of a build that is all over the internet and provides no unique look at the build however believes you should subscribe and like all of his videos.

    -Posts on various forums starting a topic then simply just links his 20 minute video of him rambling on about this said topic

    -The female character will be slightly attractive yet incredibly ditzy but has thousands of subscribers just to look at boobs

    -Will not utilize runes and just has 1 skill called "Please subscribe" 1 second cool down, begs targeted creature to subscribe

    2.) Boring Streamer

    -Main ability is promoting his/her stream

    -Class flavor text: Gaze into the mindless stream with billion gold giveaways and shoutouts every hour why do it yourself when you can watch someone else do it

    -The only part of the world this hero can explore is his/her bedroom. The only monsters it occasionally battles are mom or dad.

    -This hero thinks it has a job yet could make way more money mopping the floor at McDonald's.

    -Immune to Adblock

    3.) RMAHer

    -This hero can only be unlocked after 3,000 hours of gameplay

    -This hero is not fun to play

    -This hero only is playable to make real life money. Having fun is not allowed.

    -This hero only plays games to make real life money - getting an actual job is hypocrisy

    -Scratched from development after announcement to remove AH. Blizzard felt that people should play the game to have fun and not complain about how bad the game is yet continually post "I just play to make real money cause I probably make SOOO MUCH"

    ;p ;p ;p ;p hehe.
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    Quote from Common

    C'mon guys, please stay on topic...it would be a bummer if this thread becomes locked.

    ANYWAYS, I hope we hear some kind of announcement during Blizzcon relating to this topic, or at least info regarding the Battle.net improvements they plan to implement. I feel as if the info announced by Blizz at Blizzcon is sort of a 'make it or break it' for some players. Would you guys agree there is an added sense of pressure for Blizz to announce exciting new info for the RoS release and Loot 2.0 compared to years past?

    Also, someone mentioned they'd seen threads detailing ideas for a 'Trading Post'; was this from other forums? Can someone define/explain some of the basic details you're referring to (because I haven't read anything regarding this)? I'm simply curious. I approach the whole 'Trading Post' subject cautiously because from simply the name it, well, sounds similar to the AH. However, until I read more about it, I want to keep an open mind. Anyone?

    What I'm referring to is the suggestion many have made that there should just be a trading post where people can list items and either negotiate a price or even suggest a price. This is to similar to an AH it just slows down the process but ultimately here is my problem with any type of trading system:

    If items are searchable, able to be filtered through, available in mass the AH may as well remain. The problem with the AH is all of these things, it creates the ability for a player to simply choose the items they want without a progressive gearing up process therefore diminishing reward value in finding items and really doing anything in this game.

    Ultimately, in my opinion, and I think some other posters in this thread are eluding to this, is that there should be NO alternative.

    With trading being a pain in the ass, items will be more valuable because you won't see an Echoing Fury with a socket and CD all the time like you do now. Sure items will be better, but less plentiful because players will be looting less, keeping more, and trading less.

    Notes: Bold is just to emphasis, my opinion isn't the end all, just saying hey it's mine! Also using bold on this site huge pain in the ass could we look into fixing it? If you don't know what I'm talking about try it!
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    posted a message on [UPDATED] Watch D3's Expansion 'Reaper of Souls' teaser and opening cinematic!
    Where can I pre order the collector's edition?
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    posted a message on Loot 2.0, discovering its true potential.
    WOW!!!!! Someone who photoshopped a bunch of stuff AND has AMAZING ideas!!! These are GREAT suggestions. The great thing about them is most of them aren't just like "this is the biggest problem with the game, and here's how to fix it". It's just a bunch of stuff that adds A LOT of quality of life to the game. The legendary rune idea is quite amazing. Also, I totally agree with your suggestions about NV. I myself have suggested a few times on this forum that NV become uncapped and available at all levels.

    I haven't logged in for 3 weeks but now I have a desire to play again, just because of how much potential this game could have. Please suggest this on the battle.net forums and once again thank you for not manipulating us with your photoshop skills.
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    posted a message on RE: The Endless Dungeon Topic
    My concern with the endless dungeon is that some people want it to be a separate game mode or something you can quickly access via an NPC, in game object, or even portal. I think this is the wrong way to go about it because this will eliminate desire for the dungeons and a week after the patch the forums will be flooded with "Well those were fun for a week, bye Diablo III" threads.

    They should be randomly found in the game just like other dungeon. How the system is designed well I had a suggestion in the news thread and don't want to type it again, it's not really important. I just think how they are found will be the most important part of the feature. I don't want to just go get 5 stacks and talk to an NPC in town. I want to find it. I want it to be random. I want it to be Diablo.
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    You could put 1600 hours into a job and make way more money. I have a very hard time believing that you played 1600 hours in search of an item that you will sell for a few hundred bucks if that. You should have quit at 150 hours if you weren't having fun. Your argument is almost impossible to side with because your logic is so flawed.

    Video games are supposed to be fun, yes that is about your only valid point. However you were not having fun playing Diablo III yet can justify playing 1600 hours by saying you were hunting for item worth a few hundred dollars. I helped me neighbor clean his office for 3 hours and he gave me $100. A minimum wage retail job will give you about $120 for like 20 hours of work per week.

    By the way gold on the RMAH has been worthless since last July. People have claimed gold sales have not moved in months because the RMAH was far more expensive than 3rd party sites. 25 cents for 1 mil is a joke. That's why they moved it up to 10 million. You could have put your 1 billion up and you still would have been angry.
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    I'm curious. Are you a streamer? I've just had two things to say directly to the D3 community and maybe this thread will be my opportunity. Also if you are a streamer, which I believe you to because of your anonymity, it's probably best if you reveal your identity, I believe people would respect you a lot more and accept your apology with greater sincerity. Anyways on to my points:

    For some reason, I somewhat loathe the streaming community I guess you can call it. I don't directly intend to hate on streamers, I just find this whole fascination and fanboism surrounding streamers mind boggling. I can't imagine watching somebody farm Act 3 over and over again. Yet people seem to enjoy their certain streamers, which may be caused by frequent giveaways etc. I bring streaming up because I believe this idea caught fire via streams. That many streamers were showing people how to do it and making mockery of the situation. "LOL look how dumb Blizzard are". Then streamers got banned and there was an uproar. Streamers are nobody special, they are people who attempt to make a name for themselves within the gaming community and use advertising/other means to gain about the same money they would earn working a minimum wage retail job, if that. Yet when they are banned people jump on Blizzard and make claims like "this is their job!" "this is how they make their living!". No, that's a choice, and that bedroom they are streaming from probably belongs to their mother or uncle. They deserve a ban more than anybody for promoting exploitation. You'll see why I bring this up in my conclusion. Again, sorry for the streamer hate, it's not personal, and it's pointed toward the community and not the streamers themselves.

    Secondly, this is NOT Blizzards mess. This is a community made mess. Why? In case you didn't know, maybe if you take your tinfoil hat off and think for a minute, Blizzard doesn't purposefully implement gold dupes. It is called a bug because it is an unintended problem. People took advantage of this bug and created the massive gold dupe. Having this mentality, which has existed for a year now of, "LOL this game is such a massive fuck up, look at this we can dupe gold in the AH, LOL LOL LOL". Immediately in chat channels in game and on forums people assumed there would be a roll back because it was Blizzards fault, and the time until Blizzard caught on was "LOL this game is such a fuck up, let's see how much gold I can dupe before the roll back LOLOLOL". Yes, ok, the bug is "Blizzards fault". The massive duping and assumption of no consequence is on the communities end.

    I believe Blizzard took the most appropriate course of action by keeping the AH down to allow all auctions to expire. If you think about it, this may actually help the economy. Attempting to remove all the duped gold is likely one of the biggest pains in the ass ever and as OP said, kudos to Blizzard for doing that. A rollback would have caused 1000x more damage and tarnish on this game than this gold dupe did. The gold dupe will be a blip on the radar in a few months. I hope Blizzard keeps everyone who exploited this banned.

    Hopefully the community learned their lesson. I seriously think this community is worse than WoW. I know it sounds weird, but Diablo III is real and everything is serious. The gold dupe did not exist to make a mockery of. Sorry for this post but I can barely comprehend this attitude that exists among the community toward each other and toward Blizzard. I'm in honest belief that 90% of this community was born after the original Diablo was released. There is so much of a lack of people thinking for themselves and the ability to form ones own opinion. I feel as if the players are mindless drones programmed to spew senseless hate.
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    posted a message on Gold duping in diablo
    Haven't really followed this thread, only read a few replies and kind of just replying to the general consensus of the situation.

    I don't think this is anywhere near the end of the world. It will be a big issue for two days, and in a month nobody will care. If blizzard is telling the truth about the duping being minimal, than they should able to target and ban the exploiters. I know there is this idea that "everyone was doing it". Everyone was selling gems. I also think people overestimate how many people had glorious amounts of Radiant star gems to sell. Not everyone in this game has hundreds of radiant stars floating around. Although yes, there are some people that do.

    There will certainly be inflation for a while, but nothing economy destroying. And it will die down after a bit.

    This is just like Error 37. A big deal for two days, but weeks later nobody really cared. It will be a thing when your in skype/vent with your buddies farming in the next expansion saying "oh yeah remember how good this game used to be, lol and remember that gold dupe? that was funny".
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    Quote from ruksak

    I cannot put it any more bluntly than to say; This game is what you make it.

    Stay out of the AH like I do and play the game. Will some of your friends be making bank that towers over yours? Sure. But why care?

    I've got friends that spend a LOT of time in the AH. They're constantly turning down invites to do runs with me and the crew ... "Can't gotta watch some bids"...

    Yeah they make coin but they aren't playing the game. If that's fun for them, fine.

    The game is what you make it. Never you mind what other people do, just be proud of what you accomplish.

    Exactly how I feel. Many argue the only way to succeed is to flip on the AH or buy gold off of me RHAH. I think players are discouraged way too easily. I'll make a comparison to WoW since most users have a WoW background (explains why only 3 million out of 12 million still play ;p). Flipping items all day to make gold then using that gold to buy end game gear can be done in two days. That's like clearing all of the heroic mode bosses in two days and having nothing to do. I think people misinterpret the philosophy of Diablo. In WoW, you want to get the best gear as fast as possible in order to gain access to content such as heroic modes. In Diablo, you want to farm to upgrade your gear. Whether it's finding a leg that you can sell/trade for one you need or actually finding an upgrade, the item hunt is the end game. If you flip/buy gold to get the best gear, you essentially beat the game and find yourself posting on the Battle.net forums an "I quit this game is boring I can do MP10 ubers in 30 seconds blah blah" thread.

    Should there be more end game? That's up for debate. However I'm just trying to make a point. Trust me, I love Auction House, but I use it as it was intended. I strongly believe that Blizzard should implement things to discourage AH use. Such as raising the transaction fee up to 30%(or more), implementing a tax for purchasing items, and removing gold from the RMAH. Both are here to stay, so making a thread about why they should be removed is almost pointless. We know the damage that the AH does. However that damage can be controlled very easily.

    Probably way too long of a reply, I just have so much on my mind about this game though lol.
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