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    posted a message on 2100 cleaves later...
    ...and it's still fucking amazing!

    I don't know what they did this patch, but let me tell you: this game just rose to a new level for me. The fights are more interesting, there's more monsters, the areas are different/bigger. It's fantastic!

    I just did a playthrough on my barbarian, and it was hilarious and I really felt an increased level of enjoyment when compared to patch 5. Not that patch 5 was bad, this is just better.

    Lots of great UI improvements etc too, and the blacksmith got better I reckon.

    I think they've got something pretty nice in store for us.

    *Gonna try wizard now, see if that feels improved as well.

    Edit: Didn't mean this as a show off of having beta... I was just really having fun and wanted to tell you guys that the game is getting better and better.
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