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    You guys should go look at my Post "DIABLOS POSSIBLE PLAN" it explains all this in greater detail and something more about an expansion
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    Do please excuse me if the thoughts behind this theory seemed scattered it only just accurred to me while re watching the black soul stone trailer. Thus i will start there.

    In the trailer we notice that leah is looking threw a book that contains a few picture one of the demon i do not recognize, the other of a being shaped like man with his skin streched and hooked upon some sort of torture device. I believe this to be Inarius as he was given to mephisto after the creation of santuary where he was disfigured in a room of mirrors and left to look upon his hideous form for the rest of time. (more on that later)
    The next picture is seemingly diablo i gather this from the crack in the middle of the skull where the red soulstone once resided.

    Now leah seems frustrated at what deckard wants her to see then suddenly she has a vision of azmodan speaking "HER" however as many have already assumed he is actually speaking to diablo being that, as many have concluded that the dark wanderer Aiden, as hes been recently named, had a child with adria the witch from the D1. I believe it is possible that during diablos possesion of Aidan (aka the dark wanderer) he seperated part of his soul into the child of leah. Making her something a bioligical soul stone of a much lesser degree but enough to be influenced by diablo.

    As diablos greatest asset is terror i believe that from the black abyss from wich demons spawn and are from the part of his soul in leah he is showing leah these visions of azmodan to make her fear him and his minions so that she will hide the black soul stone from azmodan who seems to have caught on to his and or the Three brothers plan.

    As Azmodan said "i defy you" one would assume unlike andariel and duriel, who died at the hands of the heroes in D2 he was wise to something. This leads me to believe that it was the Diablos and or the Brothers plan to have the lesser evils who would defend the passage die relying on the power of the heroes or nephalim to destroy them thus eliminating the compition for rule of hell. Azmodan and Belial where either wise to this or simply busy fighting each other or preforming there own agenda.

    This leads me back to D2 where diablo was sent to rally Hell and baal to go and corrupt the worldstone so that hell would be able to enter sanctuary unhindered. however both were slain and sent back to the black abyss as well as mephisto. However when baals corpreal form was destroyed his spirit enterd the world stone and corrupted it further forcing tyreal to destroy it. This i do not think was part of the Brothers Plan. Thus in a last ditch effort to be connected to the Three realms High heavens, Hell, and sanctuary, Baal used the last of his power after the battle to corrupt just enough for the world stone to create the Black soul stone. Perhpas containing all three of the Brothers and is a link to the black abyss as it is mention by azmodan as the key.

    Now as i said before i think a part of diablo resides in leah wich makes her see the visions thus she will travel with the black soulstone in an attempt to hide it. This being a mistake as diablo is influencing her to do so, so that the three brothers may corrupt her and evently take hold of thus explaining Diablos current feminie form and the three mouths, the brothers allowing diablo to be the primary because in brute strength he is the most powerful in corpreal. form and with the three of them united he will have the malice of baal and cunning of mephisto. So in the end just like her father she will seek to hide it so bad that she will try to contain it within herself, like they say the sins of the father...thus she will become diablo.

    However before becoming diablo she will have lead the hero in helping her threw act1-4 in wich the hero as announced by blizzard we will have slain the other two lesser evils (Azmodan and belail) thus eliminating all compition for rule of hell and completed The Three Brothers Plan. However of course Blizz said diablo will be in act 4 meaning the player (US) will have to kill him once again messing with the Three Brothers Plan.

    Now as one of the expansions this brings me back to Inarius who was tortured by mephisto for creating sanctuary with his daughter lilith and stealing the world stone and bringing it to mount arreat, i believe after the after all is said in done in D3 as i said before he will be freed and try to take sanctuary back possibly with lilith if he can free her. thats just a small idea

    BUT let me know what you think of my thoughts on the story and be sure to be harsh on my thoughts.

    - Larry Po

    PS- I Know i ignored alot of other elements of the story such as hell seiging sanctuary and what belail is doing but that wasnt the focus ill write one on that later if you guys liked this.
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