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    Quote from Endugu93

    I've made a spec a while ago that looked an awful lot like this one. I'd pick wall of zombies with crimson instead the the mass confusion thing tho, it's three extra zombies ready to fight for your lazyness.

    You're not the only one eager to check this spec out.

    from the tooltip you assume that the zombies only last as long as the zombie wall (5 seconds) so by the time the zombies get to anything to fight there only fighting for like 2-3 seconds so that spell doesnt seem that lazy :/
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    i love it ^_^

    only thing i would change is grasp of the dead for indigo runed zombie wall for extra fortification to stop mobs from getting to you while doing good damage. but grasp of the dead can still work.

    IMO any WD who wants to do good damage NEEDS both his pets runed just like you have them. because combined they will do more dmg to mobs then you will with any spell you spam. so those pets + your spells = total annihilation :P
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    so with this build i have tons of survivability (high dodge chance on dash, passive for 25% defense from attack, super high life regen from every point of spirit spent AND from my mantra)

    but not only that i have super high single target dmg (seven sided strike runed for tons of hits and no CD, hundred fists runed for tons of hits as well)

    but also great AOE (exploding palm runed for chain aoe dmg, wave of light runed for total AOE not just in a line and with no CD also)

    and mantra increases all my dmg by 20% too.

    all around i think this is my inferno build i will be using and leveling too. it just seems great overall :)
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    Quote from MrDestrokilla

    How do you think this will work out in PvP ?

    Would be kinda cool to see the zombies knocking back the ennemies in front.

    all characters have ways to get around/through the zombie wall so i doubt it will be that great for pvp.
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    Issues with this build:

    earthquake and ignore pain CDs are WAY too long, get rid of them.

    Rend should be a definitely must for any tanking build who wants high survivability, rend + golden for huge life regen(40% dmg w/ lvl 7 rune).

    and you dont have pound of flesh, superstition or blood thirst? all extremely good tanking passives. boon of bulkathos is pointless for a tanking build. CD on earthquake is too long still and its damage isnt even that great at all.

    something more like this:


    you wont be killing much with frenzy if your tanking for your group, you want to focus more on surviving AND keeping the enemies attention on you. so cleave is AOE dmg AND draws in enemies from a good distance. so youd cleave cleave cleave > shout > rend > and overpower revenge every time they pop for constant regen and to make monsters focus on you.

    now if your using this solo then ok use frenzy instead. just my thoughts.
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