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    posted a message on Stop being a gamer, be a GOOD LOOKING one ;)
    Surprised no one said it.

    Cool story, bro.
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    posted a message on A serious discussion about some of the flaws of D3
    This will probably be over looked but whatever.

    In terms of the AH:

    I think it has helped trading. In D2 trading was a pain in the ass. You either made a game and sat there for hours hoping someone would join, or you spammed chat along with many other players. It was ineffective. However, I do agree that the AH in it's current state is terrible. The UI and the refresh times are horrendous. I can't tell you how many times I've gone on there trying to buy an item, and when I do, it tells me it's gone.

    I also firmly believe that having gold as the trading currency makes things much much easier then items (high runes, sojs, etc.). We see money being thrown everywhere, and at the moment, is scarce for a lot of people. Having everyone want the same thing makes trading easier. Although, I could see in the future, D3 moving to an item base currency, if and only if, a games list is added.

    The reward factor that you talked about is interesting. I never really thought about it, but looking back at D2, I did really like the accomplishment of fulfilling a trade. But, I also do enjoy checking the AH at random times and seeing that my items have sold. It's not the same, but both give me a "reward" type feeling.

    Battle.Net 2.0:

    It's bad. Simple as that. It's not involving. It doesn't accomplish Blizzard's goal of being a "social network". It has strayed away from a multiplayer scene due to the fact that the UI is terrible, and is missing the key features that made Battle.Net a success. 2.0 needs to bring chat rooms back, and needs the game lists back. Implement those correctly, and there will be a much more enjoyable social experience.
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    posted a message on D3 dps meter? Recount? Are there any addons yet?
    How to judge if a build works:

    Get to Inferno.
    If you can kill shit and find loot, it works.
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    posted a message on I just didn't get my Beta invite
    Wait a minute this is a thread for people that don't have the beta I thought?
    Why is there talk of people with the beta?! Blasphemy!
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    posted a message on Why is the D3-CE not available for pre-order on amazon?
    Gotcha, I've never been apart of a Blizzard CE release. This is my first. Just took a guess at what might be happening, but it makes since that retailers don't know how many preorders to take, hell the release date isn't even out yet.
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    posted a message on A game mode with a lack of RMAH
    Quote from kanzaki_urumi
    Quote from TheAdziK
    Quote from kanzaki_urumi
    Why the fuck should someone be allowed more content, skins, characters, runes and other stuff based on the fact that he is able to throw more money ?
    Why the fuck not? Wake up. It's real world speaking. When you go to shop and you spend $10 more than your friend, you probably got items worth $10 more. Games are products, like almost everything else in our society.
    I thought gaming was a way to escape reality, to have fun without it having to come knock on your door. A way to relax and to chill. A fair place where people got 100% of the same content for free. That's how it used to be and people like you are gladly letting the capitalistic world barge in to reclaim its rights. Such a post makes me wanna delete my diablofans account, maybe I should.

    Quote from kanzaki_urumi
    Whats wrong is 1°) it's not fair 2°) destroys the rpg portion of the game If you can't grasp that, then you're lost... And it seems like none of you can, so no point in continuing this discussion.

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    posted a message on A game mode with a lack of RMAH
    I still fail to see how Diablo became a game about being the best at killing demons.

    In Diablo 2 you just got in there and killed shit regardless of what people are wearing. You never questioned hey this guy has some good gear, but is he good? Because it didn't matter, and if it did bug you, then by all means leave that game and join one of the many others.

    Honestly I think the problem has come from MMORPGs like WoW (I'm not only saying WoW, but I have experience with it and its well known). These games rely on everyone being competent with their character, being smart, doing everything correctly, and having good gear.

    But this kind of stuff in Diablo? I think not. Diablo is a very casual game. Regardless of how difficult Inferno will be. The concept of it is easy to grasp and enjoy. Inferno may be hard in the beginning when there isn't much gear out there, but eventually it will become manageable (notice I didn't say easy, Hell in Diablo 2 wasn't necessarily easy, but with more gear it became manageable). And with the new people to the Diablo series, they will have a grasp on the game since they have to go through every difficulty.

    It's also not an E-Sport, so don't know why people are going after the whole "buy your way to the top", there is no "top" for Diablo unless people timed how long it took them to kill demons (matchmaking is hidden so who cares about that, unfortunately a lot of people it seems). Blizzard has said multiple times that PvP will be unbalanced and they don't care. One of my favorite quotes was something along the lines of "The Barbarian is too overpowered in PvP? Yea he probably is.".

    So in the end, what's the big deal if someone is buying their gear with money? It's not like there is going to be millions of the awesome items, because of random stats its going to be tough, but also because dupes won't be an issue (at least it shouldn't be). It also doesn't effect your game. Yeah they might get an achievement before you MAYBE, but are you getting something if you get an achievement before another person? Does it matter if someone decided "Hey, I don't need this Legendary Sword of Awesomeness, I guess I'll try to make a few bucks off it." and someone else decides that they can afford throwing a few bucks towards the sword for whatever reason they might have (laziness or possibly bad luck with drops).

    When you think about it, it's nothing different from D2 item shops, or websites like D2jsp. Now it's just Blizzard controlling it, and they get some money from it (which will allow for them to keep throwing out constant updates and making sure no bots go unnoticed).
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    posted a message on Beta: I just do not get this game at all
    I've posted this same response (well not this exact one I'm about to take a break from finals studying to type out but you get the point) on many other forums (d2jsp and bnet forums mainly) and glad to see similar responses.

    Diablo 2 had hardly any customization. I would like to say none, but it's there just it isn't effective in game. In Diablo 2 you followed guides that said "put this many points into vitality, dexterity, and strength. MAKE SURE TO PUT NONE IN FOR MANA!". Then you would choose two spells that go well together and level up the synergies to make those two spells even better. Spam those two skills for kills and then look out for the same gear everyone else is going for.

    I'm afraid that this isn't customization. This is reading off a guide holding your hand on how you should/need to play a character.

    Diablo 3, yes they took out stats that COULD be good customization, but they didn't work in Diablo 2 and probably would inevitably not work for Diablo 3. They let every character get all skills, yeah that cuts into customization. However, you can only use seven of those skills and can't change them without a shrine. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is golden customization right there. Choosing seven out of however many skills each class has that can all be used to be successful (as opposed to Diablo 2 where not all the skills are worth while or plain stupid to level). Then you can't forget about the passive skills that each class can have. However, in my opinion, depending on how you're looking to play there character, you can easily pick out three passive skills to float your boat quite nicely.

    And then they have a new and (in my opinion) updated item system. Yes you can get a legendary item that could be the best for your character, but the fact that Blizzard is now doing random properties on legendary items allows for even more customization and making it even harder for people to have the exact same gear, or even the ideal piece they want. Thus, also adding a lot of replayability. This isn't even looking at enhancements or gems.

    This, I believe, is customization. No more bullshit handholding, anyone can make their own successful build. Some builds will provide for more damage/faster killing than other builds of course (IE going all defensive on a barbarian won't get you killed, but you sure as hell aren't going to kill faster than that wizard running by you as a glass cannon).

    This is of course is all my opinion and quite a lengthy response which I assume will be looked over, but I like to point out there is a lot of customization but you have to look at it correctly. Blizzard took out a lot of things that make a "traditional" RPG, but the way they went about it will make for a much better Diablo experience.

    TL;DR: Diablo 3 has customization.
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