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    posted a message on Remember Diablo 3 in 2010?
    I remember when some years ago people used to be more happy of something that was provided to them and they respected others people work in that matter. I miss that. I wish no more crybaby and whining threads like this on any forum...just enjoy the game
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    posted a message on Ding 60!
    GeeZee fellow demon slayers ^^, after 5x RIP with over 100h gameplay total on those, last dead on lvl 59 and 60% of exp on bar, i finally leveled my 60 DH HC in 30 hours and loving it. ended in act3 hell now slowly progressing till inferno. For any dh hc playing solo struggling to survive elites....Tactical advantage with smoke screen and vault is something you dont want to miss on your skills...stay alive...^^
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