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    The only thing that is still anoying ist the diff single<>multiplay.

    I personaly think the game drifts towards single play. Not so bad, as i always prefered to go single while i have no need to wait for others.

    But progess favors multiplayer to get your gems high factored. Shame. I dont't want to be be dependend on others.

    Currently (as solo player) you are punished. Running 4 donks favors the game xp/speed/rank wise. Thats a fail.

    Ah well. The game is great. Fix Single vs Multi and its a (no more no less) a funny grind game.

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    ah well, take it or leave it. i guess everybody complaing here will still have a shot.

    Well what do you expect? You STILL have to pay nothing and get feats we all have asked 4. so what. move on or try. easy.

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    ah well ... its at least something. For sure ist's not the big banger, but at least some update. Imagine the crying if nothing happend. The armory manager is a good step ahead.

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    i've played Diablo as well as WoW(at least both 5 years, surly as the most of you) and these other wheired Games.
    What the hell Blizzard! What are you doing? Why a Card Game? humm? You're Blizzard! Why Heros of the wtf? I can understand overwatch but why another unreal clone? for your shareholders?

    Aww sorry forgot star... generals clone thing ... yeah.

    Hey! Wake up! Its us! We decide if money roles!

    You have 2 lores ... wow and diablo (afaik the most that count). Now with wow strugglin and diablo stagnating along ... where you're going? I was always a Blizzard fan as of games with many facettes.

    Now lets focus

    Wow: in its (felt) 50ths year. Gameplay always the same. you play 3 hours your're fed up.

    Diablo: No real strategy ... content is, awww, lets say it: lol! real LOL!

    other Games: mmmhmm nah! no background. 1 yearers then get ripped.

    Am i drunk, is it rocket science or are your shareholders have the stick in the ass? You don't dare anymore?
    Now ... 2 Games! Wow staring with massive content, diablo on the other hand with an nice dynamic gameplay. (don't need to say that wow gameplay fucks bigtime. feels like 10 years back!)

    Well guys ... wheres the deal? Perhaps create a combine of MANY content and(!) DYNAMIC gameplay? am i alone? is it that obscure? Is it Blizzard or Electronic? My lord ... give us that bang! You are Blizzard!


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