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    This whole thread is silly.

    Firstly there is a reason leaderboards are class specific. Its not feasible nor reasonable to have EVERY class equal. Its just not how it works and honestly every game and every genera struggles with this. Blizzard knows this thats why the leaderboard's are separate. Now I could understand you being upset or annoyed if the monk or barb is directly competing with wizards etc but thats just not the case even in groups.

    I remember a time when barbs had been OP as well as monks. This is true for EVERY class in the game. Every class has been strong at one time or another.

    You're complaining that you are "forced to play support in the meta". I dont know where to even start with this statement. You are not forced to play anything. Firstly if you want to play damage do so, i also hope you are sitting down for this, you can also play a dps monk/barb in a group! As mentioned you can level and gear a character in like an hour if you have some friends, which i assume you do if you want to play in a group. I have most of the classes leveled and able to run GR60+ in less than an hour. If you aint enjoying playing your class, dont. If your group is forcing you to play support monk or barb dont play with them if its spoiling your enjoyment of the game.

    I just facepalm everytime is see one of these topics rise concerning diablo. Its just silly. Even when i used to play WoW and warriors for example would complain about not being able to do damage in raids being forced to tank. Its their role, its their main purpose, if you aint interested in doing that dont play that class.

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    While activity in the forums are minimal there is still activity. I would also like to add that a lot of questions asked in forums recently have been explained to death either in different topics or on build guides. Its really just laziness not to do research and just post in a forum and hope others will do the research for you.

    I do agree this game is become less and less about theory crafting new builds. People are just following the best builds out there but honestly i think this is partly due to blizzard and partly due to the community.

    Blizzards at fault for making only 1-2 builds viable for pushing the highest tier. Its like mobas/flighting games or any competitive game where characters are concerned. If you want to play to the full potential and do the best the class can offer you play the "meta". However blizzard have made a load of builds viable to pushing 70+ so it comes down to the player.

    Diversity does exist and there are some really good interesting builds out there but are not being used due to player mentality of just wanting to play the best and try and get as high as possible.

    Like its been said, the game is moving to a more casual play style. At the end of the day you make the game what you want it to be, if you want to play it casual the game supports it and if you want to min max your char and get a higher rift that's also there.

    Edit: Misread/misunderstood first statement so retracted coment about replies

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    Still has yet to upgrade but thats usually the case!

    Congratz on the 70 rift.

    Yea stat wise if you highlight over each of them it will tell you what it does, this is the way for all classes, str is armour etc thats why alot of str classes spec for rez all as its usualy low (low int).

    Yea you will find the more you push the harder blackhole is to maintain. You main objective with the build is to survive until archon is up again then lazer beam everyone.

    Also remember (innuendo not intended) the tip of your beam is the strongest due to zeis, power hungry and starfire (hopefully you are using one). If you do insist on using the in-gemon then I would actually consider loosing hydra from the build and replace ray with blizzard and hydra with another lighting ability, archane torrent or something. However the damage hydras bring now since the patch is insane and i would truly advice you to drop the in-gemon for a starfire or serpent sparker even if they are not ancient. Last season I didnt get an ancient weapon until a week before i quit the season and i was still pushing gr80's.

    The build itself does require some thinking on your part to optimize if you REALLY want to push higher. Following the leaderboards is a good guide but in the end if you want to push super high you will have to make choices. For example if you got an ancient swammi thats got insane stats you could replace the tals head with it, then replace your fazulas with a good tals belt and then use fazulas in the cube. Thatsjust one small example of changing the build to go with the best gear you have.

    Like its been mentioned the hgher you push the more important positioning is. The blood bracers will really help your survivability.

    Finally for your Cool-down issues, realy try and keep your goguks stacks at 15 all the time it REALLY helps. For example i have currently 54% CDR on my build. When i leave archone with good management of my hydras, beam and teleports i only have to use 1 of each (for tals stacks) before my archon is up again. My advice is when archon end pop both hydras. Then dodge/walk about, keep an eye on your stacks and tals then beam nonstop. When tals is about to fall off TP, by this point your archon should already be up. It can be hard at times if you need to TP to save your life but just get the combo to muscle memory so you can use all 3 abilities in a split secnd and archon.

    Anyway good luck!

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    So looking at the build i see a few things but it could also be how you are playing the build.

    First off some of your rerolls, why not reroll the CDR on shoulders for example, 5.0% is not the max for that and the other stats are pretty good, the extra hp from pots and globs confuses me. Consider even rolling attack speed on gloves as more AKS gives more manald procs.
    The chest, take reduced damage from elites rather than all resist.

    I notice you love all resist, whats the reason for this? i mean you even have all resist gems....... Dont you know that any int character in the game basically gets all resist from their main stat? To gem for all resist is silly (at this stage anyway), get int gems in your chest and legs. Just FYI, armour on gear is better than all resist.

    Whats the reason for the in-gemon? You really need a starfire, I would go as far to say if you want to keep the in-gemon replace the serpent sparker in the cube to a starfire but its defo better to have both. Last season for speed runs I run a starfire in hand and in-gemon in my cube.

    I would also consider replacing bracers as well, the stats are good but Ashnagarr's blood bracers (is that how you spell them) are a better choice especially if you are struggling with survivability. I mean you have nothing really in the build that stuns mass targets when you are out of archon apart from blackhole (i wouldnt rely on that) and in archon you shouldnt need them.

    Also I would consider replacing blackhole with teleport: Calimity. Blackhole is good for an experienced player who has good positioning etc but really teleport is just better all around and will get you out of some tricky spots.

    How are you playing the build? are you getting the 3 stacks on your tals before you archon to make it 4? Are you keeping up your 15 stacks on gogoks? Are you keeping a good distance and keeping an eye on your positioning?

    Few tweeks here and there, knowing how to play the build i see no reason why you shouldnt be pushing 70+. Ive played wizard most of the seasons and seen the transitions between the builds. This is defo one of the strongest we have had. My gear is alot worse than yours and im doing 65 easy.

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