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    Diablo 3 is much batter on console especially playing 4 player couch co-op. Blizzard just needs to make sure they can fix the duping/modding problem on consoles. Anyways these are what I expect for the future of Diablo 3...

    *Fix the duping/modding problem.
    *Release a PS4 Pro version with "Pro enhanced" (4k resolution or/and maximum graphical settings.
    *Release Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch.
    *Release character pack - Path of The Druid.
    *Add more zones and monsters.
    *Add Ladder PvP with more arena/brawl zones.
    *Add more sets/legendary items.
    *Add offline support for PC
    *Revamped the Paragon system.
    *Add a cool option do deign your own rift challenge "Rift editor".
    *Add cross-platform play with console players.
    *Reintroduce a trading system.

    I still can't believe PvP is not fun as it should of be in Diablo 3. I played the Arena System at Blizzon 09. It was the very thing I looked forward to playing Diablo 3 many years... Rift runs aren't bad its just sad that there is no Ladder Arena PvP still... We get Necromancer but no real PvP WTF.

    Look. This is how blizzard could fix the current PvP and evolve it to Ladder Arena PvP.

    Step one - Add PvP only items.

    Step two - Add PvP only ability runes.

    Step three - Add PvP only passive traits.

    Step four - Add more PvP zones.

    Step five - Remove Paragon from PvP.

    There. The "PvP only" items, abilities, and traits can be added to existing ones and to new by patches.

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