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    Pull Barb Here can help

    PSN: Mission007Hills

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    Mission007Hills on ps4

    Pacific Time

    im using this build


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    For real PKing was too fun in Diablo 2 Hardcore. Love hearing the sorceresses and necromancer screaming to death after I've PKed them. Even being a noob and having everyone else trying to kill the PKer, who joined the game, and actually succeeding was a ultimate satisfaction

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    Quote from Bleu42»

    Quote from horrax1»

    Diablo is no PvP game. Even Diablo 2 wasn't. I really dunno what people are thinking what PvP should look like in D3.

    To copy WoW with PvP gear is also not really the solution. Go play WoW if you want that kind of PvP.

    However Teams that battle for time in a scripted Greater Rift is certainly possible and would be a nice addition to the game.

    But sadly we have to wait another year or more before we get something like that in D3. The development process is really kinda slow. I also wish we could get content faster as we get it right now ;)

    My buddy and I were at the 2011 Blizzcon, where they had a pvp arena. It was team deathmatch in a sealed room, at it was LOADS of fun. I'm not really sure why so many people instantly have a hatred for pvp in a diablo game, considering it's been in the trilogy the whole time. Yea it'l cost development time, but would be worth it. It doesn't have to be esports level. Hell, I'd be fine if they did it just like WoW legion currently; normalize stats. And maybe let legendary powers carry thru.

    exactly... they're a lot of Diablo players who can't really speak about Diablo 3 PvP. Why? Because they never play the Arena System showcased at Blizzon. Although, least you can do is look up Diablo 3 PvP Blizzon. I can say a lot about the Arena System, because I played it at Blizzon 09. It was a 10/10 experience.
    -No one shot
    -Had to choose abilities and passives to counter other player's build (Barb was fun)
    -Pregeared (at the time of development) and no overpowered items/DPS/stats
    -Random healthglobe spawn. In a 3v3 match up, losing both of your teammates didn't mean a lose. You could still win a 1v3 aslong you stold all the healthglobes before the enemy team (that was a fun objective)
    I'm still surprise to hear there is no Arena PvP System like I experienced at Blizzon. Hell it could of been an amazing esport. Fun to watch. I don't understand how the Diablo 3 developers would drop the ball on PvP at that time. Were they so sick of balancing the PvM aspect of the game to neglecting what PvP could o been. I remember an apology statement from Jay Wilson saying how him and his team wish better on the direction of the game. I guess that is why the game is revolve PvM and not PvPvM.
    Well looking at the current state of the game. A simple solution to the right direction could be adding a debuff (Reduce players damage by %75) in the Brawl area. This would at least prevent ine-shot and allow some decent PvP. Other improvements should slowly be added aslong the development team are understanding that the Blizzcon Arena System is what Diablo 3 PvP was the most funniest part.

    Anyways I'm sure that's the end game players would appricate. To take your legndary gear from the monsters you've slayed only to slay your friends as well. Basically how I experience PvP in Diablo 2 softcore. Hardcore was a whole another ball game - it was all or nothing. You either clicked or misclicked... Lol still was fun PvPing in hardcore.
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    Path of The Druid will be next character pack.

    Reign of The Warlord (possible)

    Call of The Viking (possible)

    March of The Samurai (possible)

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    Diablo 3 is much batter on console especially playing 4 player couch co-op. Blizzard just needs to make sure they can fix the duping/modding problem on consoles. Anyways these are what I expect for the future of Diablo 3...

    *Fix the duping/modding problem.
    *Release a PS4 Pro version with "Pro enhanced" (4k resolution or/and maximum graphical settings.
    *Release Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch.
    *Release character pack - Path of The Druid.
    *Add more zones and monsters.
    *Add Ladder PvP with more arena/brawl zones.
    *Add more sets/legendary items.
    *Add offline support for PC
    *Revamped the Paragon system.
    *Add a cool option do deign your own rift challenge "Rift editor".
    *Add cross-platform play with console players.
    *Reintroduce a trading system.

    I still can't believe PvP is not fun as it should of be in Diablo 3. I played the Arena System at Blizzon 09. It was the very thing I looked forward to playing Diablo 3 many years... Rift runs aren't bad its just sad that there is no Ladder Arena PvP still... We get Necromancer but no real PvP WTF.

    Look. This is how blizzard could fix the current PvP and evolve it to Ladder Arena PvP.

    Step one - Add PvP only items.

    Step two - Add PvP only ability runes.

    Step three - Add PvP only passive traits.

    Step four - Add more PvP zones.

    Step five - Remove Paragon from PvP.

    There. The "PvP only" items, abilities, and traits can be added to existing ones and to new by patches.

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    Diablo 3: Rise of The Necromancer is being released in 2017 when Nintendo Switch launches. Season to console will be available when Nintendo Switch is released. Another DLC will likely follow called Diablo 3: Path of The Druid. Both Necromancer and Druid will have Vitality as their primary stats. Every reason to play Diablo 3 on Nintendo switch. More zones will likely be added as well two additional boses Lilith - Rise of The Necromancer, and Inuras - Path of The Druid. After defeating Lilith and Inuras. We will then be ask to join either Lilith in dominanction of Hell or Inuras for overtaking of Heaven. Then there will be world PvP and Arena ladder PvP.

    All fat Devs of Diablo already left beside Wyatt Chang cus hes better than everyone else so far.

    Here are some Necromancer suggestions


    Anyways fastfoward Diablo 3: Ultimate Eviler on Nintendo Switch Edition will be rated 10/10 in first quater of 2019. Diablo Dev team then move on World of Diablo where players recontinue the saga and have 7 prime evils to defeat and/or 7 angelic angels. Again with the aid of either Lilith and Inuras

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    Hey guys I would like to here all your suggestions for the new Diablo 3 class and ideas for new zones to explore - maybe the inside The Palace of Lut'Gulen. Rember all those Skeletal Archers and those Brutes down there... Good memories of Act 2.

    Anyways here some of my best suggestions for the Necromancer!


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    checkout live stream <snip>

    tonight its me and my sis leveling up new chars :)

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