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    thanks for taking the heat on the "i uploaded this" part ^^

    @ NoxioussGaz - They use Maya i recognized the rigging style wich is what i use in maya.
    They probably use max for the smoke simulation considering they have a few great plugins there.
    zbrush as u saw.
    they use mental ray as it looked like for the lightning, im not totaly sure on that since they can use after effects.
    therefore i think they use maya mostly, and from what ive seen in their job post requirements they have alot of maya in there.
    im not sure what they do with the post work. theres so many but im thinking they use industry standard things.

    Id recommend Cg Society if you wish to learn more about techniques , and industry standard stuff.
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    Shitstorm insane when reading about people talking bout azmodan alot and he popped up ! it was fun to watch that cinematic <3
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    i just started reading the sin war trio.. man the story is so compelling and interesting !

    thanks for arranging the books in order i was gonna start with the newest otherwise probably.
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