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    Do you understand that focus in RoS made on Making builds based around Particular items, not some items that boost your build?

    If yes, wheres the question? Don't want using 4 elements, use other set\item
    ps. the whole idea is to do set that will allow players use different elements, and not get gimped by doing that.
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    Quote from Keiser

    Quote from 2gutpik

    Boss don't enrage, don't have hp regen. Are Paragon lvl100 naked kill that much of a event? No, you can kill diablo mp10 inferno even with level 1 character with lvl 1 ranged weapon, you just need few days of clicking non-stop. Zero perfomance here.
    ps. oh forgot - no character skills matter on this, you can do that with just basic attack (which DoucheA not done)
    pps. he actually said that he Practicied using sentries, what a m*

    Go do it. More than 99% of people will not be able to pull that off for that long.

    Point is he spent 2.5 hours ACTUALLY running around clicking and preventing deaths, not just typing one post on a forum saying how easy it is.

    You must also think driving in a NASCAR race is easy since you just have to make a left turn.
    At 200 MPH.
    For 3.5 hours.
    2.5 hours ? Dedication??? Bosses in FFXI that required 12-20+ hours to kill - that are dedication, running in circles for 2.5 hours ? Not really, you can just jerk off and run in circles with one other hand, 2.5 hours are just meh, people spend twice more on various HC\Heroic instances in WoW, and that require them using a lot more then 2 buttons\clicks.
    ps. also diablo was never the most hardest boss in game, he's even not in top4, all his attacks are too easy to evade, with any kind of ranged attacks - he just some XX time spent. Skill involved? - No. - Not worthy of mentioning. (Or even more - praising)
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