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    Sure the probably scraped the 2nd expansion (story of diablo 3 not complete). And at this stage we probably wont get it.

    But what we will get instead is the small new additions every now and then sure it's not an expansion. Sure as content goes it's just a few new tile sets for Rifts and Grifts.

    Also i think once the necromancer pack has been released they will have added more content and features Post RoS then in RoS itself. and they will probably continue to add stuff every few months over the next 5 years. and guess what we have paid for it the cost of the char pack (Likley 10-15 USD)

    And as for Diablo 3s first micro transaction outside of china, this opens the window for us to get a store with wings, pets, portraits, banners ect and guess what all they added revenue will bring to diablo more developers for more content.

    Who knows we might get a new character pack and a few new monster types and tilesets every year now.

    And as far as the continuation of the story they could just release a story pack to tell the rest of the story that was probably scraped with the 2nd expansion. When was the last time you played trough story mode (non-speedrunner)

    Don't count diablo as dead yet sure it's samey for the high GRift pushers, but they are just a fraction of the Playerbase

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    posted a message on What if - Ralmaldini's Gift

    What if ramaldani's gift gave jewelry an extra socket instead of weapons.

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    posted a message on Why Blizzard is not focusing on Diablo 3.

    I have been hoping for an expantion to this game for a long time mainly to finish the god damn. as with reaper of souls it just ends abruptly (atleast to me)

    and the last line of the prophecy is not fulfilled " as Fate lies shattered forever. " itheriael is very much alive and sane. But that line could also mean that itherael has not more controll over the nephelems fate, hence the scroll of fate is "shattered". But that would be a lame end. So just to be able to finish of the story an expantion would be welcome.

    With one they could possibly retweak the whole damage number system ( yes it's out of hand ) to scale it back and make it more sane, Scale back the game speed some ( yes, this has also gotten out of hand ).

    Adding a new act, class, follower, artistan could also be done trought an expantion.

    But with the current passing and patch content, it seems more likley that they will add/tweak a feature, tweak some legendaries/sets. for as long as people still holds interrest in the game.

    So Yes blizzard is spending both time and money on the game still be it in major patches or expantions this game recieves love.

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    posted a message on Difference between Seasonal and normal play

    Fresh start every now and then.

    Season Journey, complete tasks get cosmetic stuff and an additional stash tab ( up to a total of 10 (atm))

    Conquests to complete.

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    posted a message on Will you play seasons now there will no longer be season-only items?

    Fresh start, Achivements, conquest, progression with crazy builds. Season journal. Extra stash slots.

    As for the extra stash space they did it in an extremly lazy way. But hey 2.4 brings 2 more stash tabs and in about a year we will have a total of 10 so that is atleast better then nothing.

    But i would rather have seen 1 personal storage per character added instead but that would make mules even more potent. And will be a nightmare for storage management.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo 3 In Game Rewards

    blizzcon 2013 only had banner customization (sigil, backdrop, accent, shape)

    blizzcon 2014 had 5 weapon transomgs

    blizzcon 2015 will have pennant, pet and portrait frame

    2015 HotS cross promotion will launch at the same time and have a pennant and a portrait frame.

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    posted a message on Blobs
    Quote from luugo86»

    Wtf is a blob O_O ?

    one of the runes of acid cloud spawns blobs

    Quote from bexonult»

    Hmm, are blobs considered pets? wondering if pet gem would affect them. And Mimic for that matter

    I would guess that they are not considered as pets, but should be easy to test with a MoJ and T&T, see if damage goes up.

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    posted a message on BlizzCon 2015 - Diablo 3 In Game Rewards
    Quote from aeclasik»

    Do you have pics of the transmogs?

    There are no BlizzCon or HotS transmogs.

    included is 2 portrait frames, 1 pet and 2 pennants (across the 2 promotions)

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    posted a message on Spirit of Arachyr + Grin reaper

    Looks nice and all but depth diggers does not work with WD primarys ( they do not generate resources, i know its retarded, and should be changed )

    and hex is a free spell so it will not proc F&R, but that can be solved by using haunt.

    you will want to use SMK still to proc BBW its a bigger damage increase then 50% elite damage.

    I m more interested in trying out rhen'ho Flayer with full fire% gear and the 6p bonus. It would probably not be a top tier build but i always loved the toads ^^

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    posted a message on Multiplicative/additive

    Some numbers are calculated multiplicative and other additive.

    most things are added multiplicative like the set bonus on focus and restraint, giving 50% each and 125% bonus damage together. (1.5*1.5=2.25).

    Legendary gems like bane of the trapped and zei's stone of vengence is also added multiplicative to your overall damage so if you do 1000 damage and bane of the trapped proc you now do 1000*1.35 = 1350 damage (35% damage increase from bane of the trapped)

    You also have other stats like CDR and CRC that are added multiplicative with each other.

    Some examples of things that add additative is pet damage and elemental skill damage. so if you have 100% pet damage and 40% elemental damage your pets would do 140% increased damage. And not 180%, if i remember correctly attack speed is also added additive so when they speak about additative

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    posted a message on Cow Level Permanent

    i agree, keep it in game, but have the spawn of the cowblin be pretty darn rare after the event is over like 1 in 250-1000 goblins is the cow one. Should keep it fair and rewarding random event that happens once in a while.

    Diablo needs more other stuff to explore, random events that happens in the zones, and not just the only current end game to clear as high greater rift as possible.

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    posted a message on Mask of Jeram vs Taskers

    once you get more elemental damage+pet damage from other gear then MoJ, my guess is that TnT is better then then MoJ,

    on the other hand i see the reason wanting to go 2p jade but MoJ/TnT will always be better in terms of raw damage.

    i would swap out the TnT for 2p jade for running things like T6.

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    posted a message on Does DoD proc Area Damage?

    Your poison dart will OFC proc area damage, but the damage you do with your dart compared to your pets is abysmal. so don't pursue it. The devs said they wannted to change Aera damage in some way, so hopefully it will get more synergy when that happens.

    what you you want is around 50% cirt and 300%+ CHD, they as much AS% as you can get without sacrificing to much toughtness.

    As for the rest you wanna fetish army damage on shoulders and chest and Poision dart on Legs and belt.

    This build is extremly glass cannon until you have dual unitys, and then once you get to around GR 47+ (depending on your touthness) you are pretty much a glass canon again. (but pretty much all classes are at this point)

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    posted a message on pet doc, how does cold, phy, poison compare to each other?
    Quote from SuperCamel1345»

    You really don't know what the fuck your talking about do you Gorok lmao..Jade doctors are garbage compared to pet doctors and to prove my point just look at the leader boards and actually have some knowledge on the shit that is vomiting out your face hole. i have all ancient gear for jade and zuni and there just no competition zuni does way more damage and theres way more defense. If your using jeram it's physical and darts it's poison. Cold and Fire are just not even an option right now and the cold zombie dogs are mandatory with all fetish damage gear on.

    No need to get agressive :S

    Anyhow, last time i checked Carnevil stacked with fetish army + poision dart + poision skill damage + attack speed, is the best WD build atleast for dealing damage. Tho its an very active playstyle compared to MoJ+TnT pet doctor.

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    posted a message on pet doc, how does cold, phy, poison compare to each other?

    the element that you chose have very little effect compared to the other elements. what comes out on to is entierly up to you.

    aslo + pet damage from things like enforcer and mask of jeram is additive with elemental damage. So elemental damage is worth even less. So its (Enforcer + MoJ + Elemental) and not ((enforcer + moj) * Elemental) so keep that in mind.

    as to what element you wanna run it depends on what fetish army rune you wanna run, pysical dagger of darts for 8 fetishes or Fire Tiki torchers for a little AoE. But that is about it for pets.

    As for your other skills they are mostly poison but they deal minimal damage anyway, im assuming Haunt - Poisioned spirit, Acid cloud - Acid rain, Phiranhas - Zombie piranhas/phiranado.

    As For your gems if you wannt a bit more toughtness get a 25+ taeguk gem for some added damage and armor, its a pain to keep rolling but you want to cast haunt often anyway to stack up Ruse of essences maga regen, anyway.

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