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    And updated again due to the announcement of RoS.
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    The post has been updated to reflect information given by the released pages of The Book of Tyrael.
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    Quote from InMinion

    The Hand of Zakarum (The New Order) how do you know they have reformed?
    The New Order is the faction that the Paladins fought under in Diablo II. They were defects of the original Hand of Zakarum, who they believed to have been corrupted by Mephisto's evil and turned into violent zealots.

    Quote from Enty

    I have something to correct here. Isn't it known that Uldyssian gave his life and used his life essence to reverse the happenings of the Sin war and only Mendeln knows of what happened during the Sin War as well as the Angiris Council, Trag, Rathma, and the Evils.
    That's all true as far as I'm aware, thought I'm not exactly sure what it is you are looking to correct.
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    Many updates have been made since this was posted. If you follow this topic, check them out! Reference the edit log at the end of the post for easy reading.
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    Here are some brief summaries about the characters that you asked for. For more information, check out the game manuals for Diablo II and Diablo II LoD. For information on the Wizard, check out the short story 'Firefly'

    Hailing from the Skovos Isles, the amazons, or Askari, are a matriarchal society of warriors. The civilization began with a firstborn Nephalem named Philios, and a woman named Askarra. They birthed twin girls who vowed to find the angelic relic called the Sightless Eye, a mirror that allows contact to Heaven as well as seeing the future. They found the relic on the Skovos Isles and made their home there. From the tougher sister, the amazons descended, and from the mystical sister, the oracles descended. After some time, for unknown reasons, some of the Askari disagreed with what their sisters were doing, took the Sightless Eye, and fled to mainland Sanctuary. These Askari came to be the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye, or the rogues from Diablo I and II. The Askari and the Sisterhood seem to be in good relations despite the revolution.

    Approximately 1500 years before the events of Diablo III, the powerful Vizjerei mage brothers, Bartuc and Horazon, fought the battle of Viz-jun. Bartuc, also called the Warlord of Blood, used his magical ability to control the armies of Hell and Horazon disagreed with his dangerous techniques. Bartuc lost the battle, but at the cost of an entire city and many of the Vizjerei clan. The remaining mages formed a secret order dedicated to killing any corrupt mage, Vizjerei or otherwise. They were known as Viz-Jaq'taar, or assassins.

    The Children of Bul-Kathos hail from Arreat, as you know. Bul-Kathos was a firstborn Nephalem who believed in strict martial discipline. They guarded the Worldstone, almost as if by accident. No modern, or even relatively modern barbarian knew exactly what the Worldstone was or the extent of its powers.

    The first druid was a Nephalem named Fiacla-Gear. He was either the brother or close friend of Bul-Kathos (it is not known which it is). After the two prophesied the destruction of the Worldstone, they decided how best to guard it. They disagreed, but both acknowledged each others' merits. Fiacla-Gear gathered the greatest shamans from the tribe and left to Scosglen, where the druids still exist today. The remainder of the tribe grew into what the barbarians are.

    The ancient guardian Trag'Oul taught the Linarian, a firstborn Nephalem, the ways of the Balance and he became the first Necromancer, taking on the name Rathma to spite his parents Lilith and Inarius. Rathma is the patron of the aptly named Priests of Rathma. The priests are dedicated to the Balance, a philosophy of both life and death, order and chaos, and good and evil. A balance must be stricken between all of these, therefore, the necromancers are none of them. They hail from the Eastern Jungles, or more accurately, under them in a vast city.

    The Zakarum Church first dispatched paladins to protect their missionaries while spreading the word of the Light. After Zakarum had successfully dominated the west, they disappeared. Much later they were called into action once more under the name “Hand of the Zakarum.” These warriors were responsible to expunge demonic corruption, even though their own Church was under the influence of Mephisto. From these inquisitors, some rebeled after questioning the intents and actions of the Church. This New Order became the paladins that we played in Diablo II.

    Esu was a firstborn Nephalem and a master of the elements. Her followers became the female clan of the Zann Esu Sorceresses. Little is known about the clan, only that it is based in the Eastern Jungles.
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    This is a comprehensive analysis giving brief details about characters, factions, or other entities that have not been tied yet and could grow into a plot device in a future expansion, game, or novel. Although I tried my best to make this complete and accurate, it is undoubtedly not so. If you think that there is something that is left out, incorrect, can be expanded upon or improved on in any way, please comment.

    For further detail on any subject, please feel free to ask in the thread or refer to one or more of the following:

    Most Canonical / Reliable
    The Book of Tyrael
    Diablo III
    The Order
    Sword of Justice
    The Book of Cain
    Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls
    The Sin War Trilogy
    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
    Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Manual
    Diablo II
    Diablo II Manual
    Diablo Manual
    Diablo II: Diablerie
    Diablo II: To Hell and Back
    Diablo II: The Awakening
    Diablo II: The Bloodstone Tomb
    The Moon of the Spider
    Diablo: Tales of Sanctuary
    The Kingdom of Shadow
    The Black Road
    The Legacy of Blood
    Various websites / wikis
    Inanimate Objects
    Diablo: Hellfire
    Least Canonical / Reliable


    Auriel, Archangel of Fate
    Though her portion of the End of Days Prophecy seemed to be reversed thanks to the death of Rakanoth, the Prophecy seems to still be in place, implying that she might not be safe.

    Imperius, Archangel of Valor
    Imperius has had tense relations with humanity and the rest of the Angiris Council since the Sin War. Diablo has teased about a hidden trait that Imperius holds. Even though humanity saved creation, it is unknown what Imperius's next move might be. The way that Malthael speaks of humanity mirrors the way that Imperius does, the difference being that Malthael has acted upon his feelings, and Imperius has not. Some speculate that he will too turn against humanity. The End of Days Prophecy seems to still stand, and it states that Imperius and Wrath are linked.
    See Demons > Lieutenants of Sin, Angels > Malthael

    The proverbial father of humanity, Inarius has been tortured in Hell since the Sin War, sent there by the hands of his brothers. He was assumed to be under the watch of Mephisto, and may have then been under Belial after the Dark Exile. Now that there are no Great Evils to watch over him, it is unknown what his fate might be from here. If he were to escape Hell, it is guaranteed that his bane for humanity and Heaven alike would be unmatched.
    See Demons > Lilith

    Itherael, Archangel of Fate
    With the End of Days Prophecy seeming to still hold merit, Itherael's future seems grim as the Prophecy implies his death.

    Malthael, Archangel of Death
    Returning from his departure as the Archangel of Death, Malthael now has the Black Soulstone in his possession, though his intended use of it is unknown. His motivations are not entirely known, but he sees humans as demonspawn, and therefore, deserving of death. This view is much different from his view during the Sin War, and it is unknown exactly what changed his mind.
    See Objects > The Black Soulstone

    The Prophet
    The mysterious Prophet is the lead of the group called The Hand of the Prophet, which Eirena the Enchantress belongs to. It is unknown who the prophet is, although it is known that he is an Angel. Many speculate him to be Inarius, but it does not add up with his fate. He is likely an unnamed Angel.

    Tyrael, former Archangel
    Shortly after the events of Diablo III, Tyrael fled Heaven to Sanctuary due to the hardships of mortality, both physically and mentally. It is likely that because of this, he also gave up his title as Aspect of Wisdom. Tyrael now stands as a mortal angel fighting against Death.


    The Great Evils
    It is unknown what fate the Great Evils will suffer. As of now, they are all assumed to be trapped within the Black Soulstone.
    See Objects > The Black Soulstone

    Greater Demons
    Without a Great Evil to report to, it is unknown what the many powerful demons in Hell will do next.

    Lieutenants of Sin
    Cydea, the Maiden of Lust, and Ghom, The Lord of Gluttony defeated, that still leaves five Sin Lieutenants presumed alive; Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. The aspect of Greed is mentioned in connection to treasure goblins, and some suspect 'Greed' to be guised on Sanctuary as Covetous Shen. Some believe that the aspect of Wrath and Imperius may be connected, or even one in the same.

    Lilith, the Mother of Deceit
    She is presumed to have been trapped in a pocket realm by Inarius during the end of the Sin War, but she is known to be very cunning and has escaped her prison once before. Many suspect Lilith to walk among men in the disguise of Adria. One thing is certain, if Lilith were to return, her first task would likely be returning humanity to its former glory and to break Inarius out of Hell. This may explain the course of events that have happened over the last 20 years in Sanctuary.

    Nothing is known at this time about Malthus except that he exists or has existed at some point. Some question if there is a link between him and Malthael, due to their names.


    The Champions of Light
    This faction, whose only two known members are Jamella and Halbu, the Merchants of Light, is difficult to comprehend. They are aligned with Heaven, though may not be directly a part of it. They seem to be immortal, but appear to be humans. They may have been humans favored by renegade angels such as Yaerius or Inarius, who were then granted heavenly powers and accepted by Heaven. They may have gained trust with Heaven during some event so far untold. They may also be native to the Island of the Sunless Sea, though officially it does not exist.

    The Children of Bul-Kathos
    Once a proud, powerful collection of tribes, the barbarians of Arreat have since found themselves in complete disarray after the destruction of the Worldstone and their land. Many died with their mountain, and most remaining tribes have reverted to primal behaviors or have succumbed to the demonic corruption that Baal left behind. Most barbarians of sound mind wander aimlessly and alone. Perhaps their people can still be reclaimed and brought to its former glory.

    The Druids
    With the demonic corruption of Mt. Arreat purged, the Druids may reappear to aid their Barbarian brothers in rebuilding their culture and society and help give meaning back into their lives.

    The Hand of Zakarum
    Once the righteous crusaders of the Zakarum Church, many paladins came to perceive their Church's methods and ideologies to be corrupt. They defected from the Church and created their own order, known as the 'New Order of Paladins.' Their new creed was to protect the innocent. The current whereabouts of any paladin, devout or rebellious are unknown. However, decades before the New Order of Paladins was created, a special forces team of paladins, called the Crusaders, marched to the East, unlike the rest of their brothers, and have recently come back into action.
    See Religions > Zakarum, Nephalem / Humans > Kormac

    Holding divine control over creation, Heaven will eventually destroy it all unless conflicted with an opposing force. Additionally, it is unknown how Heaven as an entity will react to Malthael's current philosophies.
    See Angels

    The Horadrim
    Thought to have died out with Deckard Cain, the Horadrim seems to have been recreated by Tyrael with the job of hiding the Black Soulstone. At least one member still survives.

    The Merchants Guild
    Similar to the Thieves Guild, it is unknown how far it spreads, but it definitely exists in Kingsport and likely throughout Westmarch. They likely have a massive influence politically wherever they exist and likely have a bounty on Lyndon's head.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Gheed, Lyndon, Lyndon's Brother

    The Priests of Rathma
    Known more commonly as the Necromancers, they dedicate themselves to neither good nor evil, but no both and neither at the same time. They are committed to a philosophy called the Balance, in which both good and evil play their equal and opposite roles on creation. With Hell leaderless, and Sanctuary and Heaven aligned, it is certain that the Balance has been greatly altered and many speculate that they will have a unique view of Malthael's current philosophies.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Linarian, Zayl

    The Thieves Guild
    After the death of Nigel Cutthroat and your allegiance with Lyndon, it is likely that the Thieves Guild has a mark on your heads. It is unknown how far the guild spreads, but it at least exists in Kingsport. It would be likely that it stretches across Westmarch, Khanduras and Aranoch.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Elzix, Lyndon

    This order of mage slayers, better known as assassins, are very mysterious. They undoubtedly still exist, but with all major threats currently extinguished, they may not appear unless rogue magi begin to threaten Sanctuary. It is unknown how they would feel about the rebellious Wizards of the Yshari Sanctum. Some speculate that some members of the order have left and joined the more contemporary group of the Demon Hunter.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Adria, Bartuc, Horazon


    Trag'Oul, the Great Dragon, is one of the Guardians of Sanctuary. He is aligned with neither Heaven, or Hell, but has great concern of the Balance. With Hell leaderless, and Sanctuary and Heaven aligned, it is certain that the Balance has been greatly altered, and Trag'Oul might have a thing or two to say about it. Officially, Trag'Oul has left from Sanctuary for an unspecified place. This may have to do with Uldyssian's sacrifice. It is unknown if he will, or can, return. Some suspect that Trag'Oul plays a part in Malthael's transformation into the Archangel of Death. Whether or not that is true, Trag may nonetheless support the decision.
    See Guardians > Uldyssian

    Unnamed Guardians
    Trag'Oul has alluded to the idea of several guardian's watching over Sanctuary, at least until Uldyssian's sacrifice. There have not been any other confirmed guardian's as of now, and it is unknown if they still exist. Zei, the Trickster God, is the only currently speculated existing guardian, though is only confirmed as a mythical Xiansain God.

    Sacrificing himself at the end of the Sin War, it is unknown what his fate actually is. He is likely the most powerful human ever to exist, and may contend as one of the most powerful beings. Some believe that he became a guardian of Sanctuary, if not the single guardian of Sanctuary, after his sacrifice. It is unknown how he would feel about the current situation in Sanctuary.

    Nephalem / Humans

    The ex-Vizjerei mage Adria disappeared after her betrayal. It is unknown to where, but it is likely that the portal she entered led to Hell. Some people speculate that Adria is actually the demoness, Lilith. Some speculate that Adria is Belial, the Lord of Lies.

    Bartuc, The Warlord of Blood
    Even though Bartuc was slain several times, his repeated appearance as a demonic entity suggests that he is bound to the Black Abyss. With the armies of Hell leaderless, this Warlord may take command and become a force truly terrible.

    Covetous Shen
    Covetous Shen is a character that demands curiosity. Many speculate him to be Zei, the Trickster God. Some believe that he is the Lord Greed in disguise. One way or the other, there is obviously more to Shen than meets the eye.

    Deckard Cain
    Even though Deckard Cain is dead, some speculate that he is actually not in one way or another, even though in all likelihood he is. However, death in the world of Diablo, is fickle. With necromancers suspected to play a large role in whatever happens next, some guess that Cain will return possibly in spirit form.

    Dirgest is a corrupt human who has been trapped by Shen inside the Dirgest Jewel for crimes against his people. Not much else is known about him. May be possessed by a demon.
    See Objects > The Dirgest Jewel

    Eirena's past, present, and future are all very mysterious. It is unknown how her story will play out.
    See Angels > The Prophet

    As an ex-high ranking member of the Thieves Guild, he could play a part in the future if the Thieves Guild does, whether with our heroes, or against them.

    Though he likes to pretend to be a rogue merchant, he is a coward at heart and would likely be a part of the Merchants Guild and would also likely make Kingsport his primary residence. If Kingsport and the Merchants Guild are ever explored upon, Gheed may drop by to make a deal or two.

    Many speculate Horazon to be dead by this time, but his fate remains unknown. If he still lives, he may not be of sound mind and it is unknown what his next move might be.

    This young man came into possession of El'druin, Sword of Justice, sometime between the events of Diablo II and III. He was last known to have been travelling east from Staalbreak. It is unknown exactly where Staalbreak is located in the Dreadlands, but possible destinations include Bastion's Keep, Xiansai, Tul Dulra, or Entsteig.
    See Objects > El'druin, Sword of Justice

    Kormac's Templar Order has been discovered by him to be corrupt. He will likely continue to persue The Sacred Tomes. He is likely to defect from the Templar Order at some point. With Westmarch in direct threat by Malthael, Kormac will certainly react. He may also find great admiration and inspiration from the Crusader sect of the Hand of Zakarum.
    See Religions > The Templar Order, Objects > The Sacred Tomes

    Leah's soul is assumed to still exist, although not 100% confirmed. It may be trapped inside the Black Soulstone.
    See Objects > The Black Soulstone

    A first-born Nephalem, known to most by Rathma, is the patron of the Priests of Rathma and the first necromancer. While The Ancients were know to have a very long lifespan, Linarian's was exceptionally longer. This may have been due to his time spent in the mysterious nether realm with Trag'Oul. It is likely that by this time, he has finally died, but not confirmed. If he still lives, he would undoubtedly have some dangerous feelings about the state of existence.

    The hero has offered to go to Kingsport with Lyndon after things 'settle down.' It is unknown if this offer will be acted upon. If they are, there may be Hell to pay with both the Merchants Guild and the Theives Guild
    See Factions > The Merchants Guild, The Thieves Guild, Nephalem / Humans > Lyndon's Brother

    Lyndon's Brother
    Jailed in Kingsport, assumed for charges of corruption, Lyndon's next move would likely be breaking or buying out his unnamed brother from prison.
    See Factions > The Merchants Guild, The Thieves Guild

    This Taan mage is a very mysterious and suspicious man. Some speculate that he played some part in the corruption and downfall of Zakarum. Either way, his full story has not been explained.

    Though a devout necromancer, he is also a bit of a rogue. His current age is not known, but it is likely that he still lives. Undoubtedly one of the most powerful necromancers known so far, he may play a role in the upcoming chapters whether with us, or against us.

    Zoltun Kulle
    Though considered immortal, it seems that his immortality comes with conditions. It is unknown whether or not he still lives. His 'evil' intentions during the course of Diablo III have been questioned by many, and is considered to be misunderstood. With some angels now openly violent against humanity, his point of view may be reconsidered.
    See Angels > Malthael, Archangel of Death


    The Black Soulstone
    After falling from Heaven, it eventually fell into the hands of Tyrael, who recreated the Horadric Order and gave them the task of hiding the stone. However, Malthael, Archangel of Death, violently took it from Tyrael and his Order. It is unknown what Malthael's intentions are with the stone, but it still holds the souls of the Great Evils and possibly the soul of Leah.

    The Dirgest Jewel
    The Dirgest Jewel might not be a jewel, and might be a soulstone or Worldstone shard instead. It contains Dirgest and its location is unknown.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Dirgest

    El'druin, Sword of Justice
    While there are no implications that it has a part in the future of creation, its story is not complete. After taking a journey with a young man named Jacob, its story is unknown between that and being reclaimed by Tyrael before the events of Diablo III. It is also unknown why Belial was so intent on keeping it from Tyrael.
    See Nephalem / Humans > Jacob

    The Moon of the Spider
    The powerful and cunning spider demon Astrogha was a servant of Diablo, but now is trapped within this crystal. If found and released through a special ritual, Astrogha could create an issue or two, one of which may or may not involve an army of spiders.

    The Sacred Tomes
    The Sacred Tomes of the Templar Order supposedly carry prophecies of the end of times, although it is likely that that is a lie told by the Order. They were supposedly stolen by the Archbishop Lazarus of the Zakarum Church, which may also be a lie. Their location as of now is unknown

    Worldstone Shards
    Pieces of the Worldstone likely still exist. It is known that Worldstone shards still held immense power while its whole parent existed, but with it dispersed, it is unknown if similar power still exists within them and if they do, it's also unknown whether or not they carry the demonic corruption that Baal set within it.


    With Zakarum in disarray, this ancient but not-yet-forgotten religion may rise again over Kehjistan and may also lead to the resurgence of the superstitious, spiritual, yet effective Taan mage clan. It is unknown what consequences this would bring.

    The Templar Order
    This mysterious religion that produces templar warriors was found to be corrupt by Kormac. They have sent the templars to retrieve some 'sacred tomes' stolen by Archbishop Lazarus. Although unconfirmed, it is incredibly probable that the Templar Order is in fact part of the Zakarum Church.
    See Religions > Zakarum, Objects > The Sacred Tomes

    Thought to have been destroyed by Lilith and Uldyssian during the Sin War, Triune is be on the rise again under the name 'Dark Coven.' Once led by Diablo, Mephisto, Baal, and Lucion, it has since changed leadership to Belial, Adria (defected), and Maghda. With all of its known leaders no longer in position, it is unknown what the remaining devotees will do next.

    Little is known about what has happened to Zakarum after it was cleansed of Mephisto's corruption except for that it has 'fallen to disgrace.' Many speculate that it has not yet risen from the ashes and that it has been brainwashing young men for a cause not entirely clear. At least one Church in Westmarch seems to be uncorrupt, though under seige from Malthael.
    See Religions > The Templar Order

    Edit Log

    - Added reference list
    - Added The Hand of Zakarum (The New Order) and The Merchants Guild to Factions
    - Added Gheed and Lyndon's Brother to Nephalem / Humans
    - Added The Sacred Tomes to Objects
    - Updated the description for The Templar Order, Zakarum, and Kormac

    - Added The Children of Bul-Kathos to Factions
    - Added El'druin, Sword of Justice to Objects
    - Added Jacob to Nephalem / Humans
    - Updated the description for Triune

    - Updated the description for Dirgest, moved him to Nephalem / Humans, and updated relating descriptions. Thanks to fmulder @ diablo.incgamers

    - Added The Druids to Factions
    - Updated the description for Viz-Jaq'taar

    - Updated the descriptions for Viz-Jaq'taar, Adria, and Bartuc, The Warlord of Blood.

    - Added Elzix to Nephalem / Humans
    - Added Ormus to Nephalem / Humans
    - Added The Champions of Light to Factions
    - Updated the description for The Thieves Guild

    - Added The Book of Tyrael to the reference list.
    - Added Malthus to Demons
    - Added Zoltun Kulle to Nephalem / Humans
    - Updated the description for Tyrael, former Archangel


    - Added Diablo III: Reaper of Souls to the reference list

    - Added Itherael, Archangel of Fate to Angels

    - Added Auriel, Archangel of Hope to Angels

    - Added Heaven to Factions

    - Added Horadrim to Factions

    - Removed Askari / Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye from Factions

    - Removed The Sightless Eye from Objects

    - Updated the descriptions for The Hand of Zakarum, The Black Soulstone, Imperius, Archangel of Valor, Malthael, Aspect of Death, Tyrael, Former Archangel, Kormac, The Priests of Rathma, Zoltune Kulle and Zakarum


    - Updated the descriptions for Malthael, Archangel of Death (Thanks to Zaknaril @ us.battle.net), Trag'Oul, and Imperius, Archangel of Valor

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    Quote from Eazy

    To be honest that could be very interesting expansion pack, I mean about Imperius being the "bad one". But we also shouldn't forget about the other missing angel, Malthael. Right now Archangel of Wisdom is Tyrael, he's no longer "The Justice"(you can tell that after seeing the last cinematic).
    I think Malthael will play a large part in one of the first 2 expansions. I think he will have made the wise choice of his alignment and will join the forces of the Balance against the Light.
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    Angels have famously fallen, so why can't a demon rise?

    Imagine this:

    At the beginning of Creation, when the High Heavens and the Burning Hells were still getting their bearings on existence, there was a demon that was filled with an uncontrollable, blinding rage. His body constantly burned the embers of Hell from the pure anger that filled him. Azmodan, the Lord of Sin, soon adopted the demon into his realm after seeing the personification of one of his many vices and made him a lieutenant of his, representing the aspect of Wrath.

    However, the demon's fury was so great that he very quickly began to rebel against his own masters. He gave himself up to a small group of Seraphim in the Fields of Eternity, pledging his eternal loyalty to their kind for an opportunity to deny the Burning Hells even a small piece of victory. In their naievete, they accepted.

    They took him to the High Heavens, and in secret, changed him. They shed as much of his demonic shell as their Angelic power allowed and created for him a shell similar to that of their Seraphim brethren. In fear of the great demon, they managed to quiet some of the rage, but they could not, however, extinguish the fire that burned everlasting. They trained him to fight like an Angel, move like an Angel, and act like an Angel. Soon enough, he was more than just a demon in angel's clothing; he became an entity of the High Heavens itself, bound to the Crystal Arch and allegiant to the Light.

    Azmodan had assumed that his lackey had been slain by Angels, but had expected the Black Abyss to have spat him out again by now, but he was nowhere to be found. Azmodan was too preoccupied in controlling his armies against the Seraphim to pry, but Diablo took interest in the missing demon. He personally made a visit to Pandemonium and captured a few Angels to torture in Hell. As it just so happens, the Angels were some of those that rebirthed the demon of Wrath into one of their own kind.

    It did not take long for The Lord of Terror to break the average Seraphim. The information he uncovered from the tortured Angels was much more than what he had originally expected. He was intrigued and frankly, impressed at not only the Angels', but the demon's boldness. Being the sly devil that he is (sorry for that pun), he decided that such valuable information would be better left off dwelling in his mind only, rather than those of his treacherous brothers'. Instead, he told Azmodan that his lieutenant had been captured by Heaven and imprisoned there for all of eternity.

    The risen demon made short work of his former brethren in the battles on Pandemonium. Channeling the rage inside of him, he proved to be an unrelenting and impossibly absolute warrior of Light. He gained great recognition within the Seraphim ranks and beyond, but his legacy was just beginning.

    He used his knowledge of his former master's strategies to outwit him at every junction. He eventually pushed the armies of Hell back all the way to the Burning Gates; the first time such progress was made by either side since the Dawn of Creation. Diablo was amused to watch Azmodan fail in battle, but was forced to push back when the war was brought to his doorstep. He did not, though, ever mention to Azmodan, nor anyone the secret about the warrior that had nearly breached the Burning Hells.

    Even though the up-and-coming warrior fought harder and more valiantly than any angel before him, his battle at the gates of Hell eventually, and inevitably, failed. However, when he returned to the High Heavens, he was greeted with insurmountable respect. He was the High Heaven's answer to the Burning Hells. He was the unmatched hero of the Light.

    Because of this truth, The Archangel of Valor was humbled by the champion and recognized that he was a better warrior than even himself. In the name of Justice, Wisdom, Hope, Fate, and most importantly, Valor, he proudly gave up his position on the Angiris Council and his status as an archangel to an angel much more deserving than he.

    Little was known about the hero and new Archangel of Valor other than his exploits in battle and that every time it was mentioned in the Burning Hells, demons fled to find comfort in the realm of Anguish. Nevertheless, the Angiris Council welcomed the newcomer on board with open arms, looking forward to a future where their new champion, Imperius, The Archangel of Valor, vanquished evil forever.

    Quote from Diablo »
    Your rage makes you powerful, yet you hide it from your bretheren. Perhaps you fear them seeing for what you truly are.
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    Edited to correct an error that contradicted current lore.
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    Quote from zerObit

    Any way to get a transcript of the text in this?
    I could write one up I suppose. I've actually been meaning to do that...
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    Quote from Gnub
    My reason would be that I highly doubt Belial is THAT good - especially concerning Adria and Aidan's matchup with Diablo not seeing it, and then later being able to trick Tyrael. Lastly, I have the general feeling that the Black Soulstone was never destroyed (at least "properly"), which would essentially just send all the Greater Evils right back in the game.
    I find it totally believable that Belial could fool Diablo. Just as Diablo could scare Belial. Tyrael on the other hand does need some explanation, which I provided in the video description.

    Regardless though, thanks for your kind words :)
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    Quote from Doomscream

    Well, I suggest you read the Order and see the holes in the theory :)
    I have read The Order and incorporated its plot into this. What holes do you see?
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    Quote from Bleu42

    First thing that stood out for me is that Belial banged Diablo. Just sayin.
    Hah! Well it's not exactly as black and white as that, but it certainly is an unconventional idea.
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    Quote from MCMXCIX

    Quote from crowman1337

    Quote from Holycrepe

    Started to read, but the phrase "Vile of black ink", stopped me dead in my tracks.
    Good catch, mate ;)
    I am surprised to see that a simple homonym made it past several proofreads! I hope none else made it past me. As the first person to respond that wasn't frightened by its length, I hope you will reconsider.
    Technically, vile is a homophone of vial. Homophone is when something sounds the same (you can remember that because phone is in it).
    Hehehe... cheers again for the correction. I now see that I should have majored in English!
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    Quote from Holycrepe

    Started to read, but the phrase "Vile of black ink", stopped me dead in my tracks.
    Good catch, mate ;)
    I am surprised to see that a simple homonym made it past several proofreads! I hope none else made it past me. As the first person to respond that wasn't frightened by its length, I hope you will reconsider.
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