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    I've recently started playing Diablo 2 LoD again and it's been rather difficult to find good items that are level appropriate, I find myself doing Baal run's on MP and being the first to the loot, I tend to get quite a lot of Unique items and Rare's/Green's (If they're not isenhart's) but they're always low level and not good for the current character I am playing.

    I currently have a Level 81 Paladin, 40 Barbarian, 72 Druid, 54 Bowazon and a level 7 Sorc (Just created). All of those characters are extremely damaging (skill build wise) but can't take a hit or two NM/Hell. My Paladin is the only one to have reached Hell (Don't want to rush characters under-leveled and under-farmed) granted a level 81 Paladin shouldn't be able to take on the world at that level in hell on his tod but it still shouldn't be as difficult. The build he has is a Zealot w/ Fanaticism and Holy Shield (24 Fana, 24 Holy Shield, 26 Zeal and 24 Sacrifice) but because his build is melee weapon orientated and making him stand in the middle of mobs his items are lacking.

    He's currently equipped w/ Level 9 Bloodfist gloves (17def, 30% FHR, 5-min dmg, 40life), Level 29 Tearhaunch (63d, 20%f r/w, 2 to Vigor, 5 - Str, 5 - Dex, 10-res), Level 25 Rare belt (50def, 10% FHR, 10-lgt res, 23-fire res), Level 51 Rare ring (9-min dmg, 33 - AR, 4%ms, 19life, 9-cold,fire,poison res, 25-light res), Level 15 Rare ring (31 - AR, 3%ls, 4 - Str, 2life, 15mana, 27-fire res), Level 14 Darkglow ring mail (96def, 20 - AR, 50 DvM, 5-max res, 10-res, 3-light radius), Level 24 Rare circlet (24def, +1 pala, 24life, 19-cold,light,fire res, 59-poison res), Level 33 Hexfire shamshir (59-99dmg, +3 fire skills, ITD, 10-max fire res, 25-fire res, Level 6 Hydra), Level 30 Rare amulet (+2 def aura (Yeah I know, I don't use def aura's) 5-min dmg, 18 - AR, 43life, 12-res, DR by 3) and Spirit Runeword shield (19def, +2 all skills, 30% FCR (I know I don't cast), 55% FHR, 250 DvM, 22 - Vitality, 103mana, 46-cold,lightning,poison res, 11-fire res, 6 MA, ATD of 14) and finally my off hand weapon, Level 35 Shadowfang two-handed sword (16-34dmg, 10-30 cold dmg, 9%ms+ls, 20-cold res, -2 light radius)...

    My items completely suck but my Merc's does not (his items best suits him) but I don't know where to get high level appropriate items without re-buying + bot spam buying central in Hell. I would like to get some items to be able to at least have fun in Hell to get more level appropriate items, all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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