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    I preferred the caption contests but oh well, not gonna let anything get between a chance of a beta key and mee :D so here is my entry!:

    ''Binkles once was a poor man who tried to survive day by day, death always accompanying him. He went around shops, stole from unaware shopkeepers and often had to escape from town. So he wandered around all Sanctuary until he reached a small town called New Tristram.

    Not having ever heard of this town he went by stealing from shops unseen once again, until he reached a dark and gloomy alley.

    With a bad feeling he started walking faster. Suddenly he heard someone talking, and instinctive he started to run as quickly as possible, but got caught after very few heartbeats, and got pulled into one of these spooky houses. He looked around. it seemed like a laboratory to him, but he couldn't exactly tell what they did here. ''What do you want from me? I'm of no value to you!!'', screamed Binkles. The man ignoring his excuses of letting him go, offered him a deal: They would try to inflict Binkles with the ability to cast artificial magic, for the risk of his life.

    Seeing as his life was a fight he couldn't go on with much longer, he agreed.

    Once preparations were finished, the mysterious men began the process, and he could feel something weird crawling all over his body, suddenly he saw himself doing impressive things like invoking fire out of his fingertips.

    Overwhelmed, he didn't have long time to enjoy these skills, though. He suddenly felt like he had no body anymore, and soon found himself floating out of his physical body. His ghost or soul, he wasn't sure, already dispatching he discovered that he actually valued his life. Panicking, he tried to think of what to do next, but the only thing he could think of was to put his spectral form into something else. In lack of time because of his dispatching form, he decided for the most solid and probably easiest thing to overtake quickly: a frog.

    Since then he has been jumping around Sanctuary, sorrowing about his old body and searching for the men who took his old body.''

    Hope you can enjoy my story dear readers, as imo it sounds a little ... i don't even know myself xD
    Additionally I hope I didn't do too many grammar mistakes :).
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    Heres my entry:

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    k, here are my late entries, hope they still get counted xD ... and hope it works xD

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