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    Quote from Painapple

    I don't really know where I am going with this, but for every forum post where people vent their anger with things they don't like about the game, there's a guy like me, sitting back and enjoying a game which I have waited for since forever, and most importantly not being disappointed by it. It feels great.

    I'm going to disagree. I say that for every person venting their anger with the game not meeting their expectations, there is 100 people sitting back enjoying the game that they have waited for since forever.
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    I've been following Diablo III beta since it's announcement, grasping at every change and piece of information they would throw my way, and I just got my beta invite a few days ago. I've been playing the heck out of the beta and have beat it with several classes and I'm left with a feeling that none of my characters are unique. It may be just because this is early game and the addition of runestones may completely change my mind on this matter, but it feels like all of the characters I make have no differentiation from anyone elses characters. They FEEL the same.

    I've never been a fan of getting rid of manual stat points and after having played the beta, I must say that it furthers my beliefs that this was a mistake. I understand that they want the game to be accessable to people who are new to the Diablo universe, or to Action RPG's in general, but at what point does it become too simple?

    I also feel that there won't be much of a meta-game at the end of Diablo III. In Diablo II, you would make use of the meta-game because there were so many potential builds that you could keep making new characters and every single character could be unique, even if it was from the same class. As of now, once you make one of each class, you have to reason to make any additional characters because they can be so easily changed to a completely different type of build with no consiquence.

    I'm not saying that bringing back manual stat points is the answer, but something is missing. There needs to be something more to individualize my character from anyone elses, and some incentive for me to make more than one character of each class. After all, there is no raiding and virtually no end-game content (inferno aside) for them to fall back on. Leveling, PVP, and MF'ing is what Diablo is about, and that's fine, but to me it feels like by allowing characters to change so easily, and having very little uniqueness, leveling is eliminated once you've been playing the game for say a year, and that drops one of your end-game options off the table.
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    I don't know about you guys, but the only reason that I ever leveled a character on Diablo 2 was so that I could PvP at end game. I don't think anyone had fun just spamming baal runs till 99 and then just stoping... PvP has always been Diablo's real end game.
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