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    Hello, I am replying to your post because I recently restarted my Diablo 2 adventures, and my goal is to start a new Hardcore clan. I've been playing on and off since the stress test was released to the 5,000 lucky testers in 2000, I believe. So I do know what I am doing but I have nothing to offer at the moment as far as items and stuff.. I just want to be a part of a great clan again and see if I can't get past my previous achievement of a level 62 Hardcore Assassin. I know, not very impressive but in those days my internet connection was crud. Now that its not as big of an issue, I am ready to endeavor to go all the way through Act 5 in Hell mode. So, yeah.. my account name is N6MAA10816 on battlenet so let me know if you want to be a co-founder of a powerful new hardcore only clan.

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