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    I've seen alot of ppl claiming the conquests are hard, srsly? are they? i'm really asking here, because i never had any difficulty completing any of them in any season, heck this season i played 100hours on the season hero and went back to NS and i still got the season journey mostly solo and sometimes with rl m8's/GF.
    My advise is to dedicate yourself to it instead of slacking, cause u HAVE to be slacking at this point the season has lasted ALOT of time, more than enough for a solo 80 np.

    The 50 million gold streak requires a bit of luck and preparation (T7+ vault or gold goblin while wearing Boon of the Hoarder, Goldskin, and/or gold find gear; or Ruins of Corvus). Yet, it's the easiest conquest.

    • 8 set dungeons require people to gear up at least two characters with all four sets plus the gear required for that level (about T6 difficulty); since every class has 1-2 super hard set dungeons, it might be more reasonable to actually gear three classes and cherry pick set dungeons, but still that's a lot of multi-class time investment that many casuals don't do.
    • Level GR55 with six different sets is like 8 set dungeons - just much harder (instead of gearing for T6 and being able to cherry pick, you need to gear for the equivalent of about T12 or so). While it's relatively easy on one class and ridiculously easy for people that reach a certain level of paragon, many casuals perceive this as difficult.
    • Sprinter (campaign in under one hour) is hard. I've seen experienced runners doing everything perfect and only get this with 3 minutes left. I've seen some of the best players in the world attempt this and fail this by pure RNG (and after one hour of pushing this not everyone can live with the defeat and just "try again").
    • The Thrill is arguably the easiest, though it's a matter of 1) how much paragon you have, 2) your gem levels, 3) your non-set gear available and 4) your general knowledge of class skills outside of cookie cutter builds. It's the easiest conquest in my book if you have paragon 400+, rank 50+ gems and a few random ancient items (even if they have no useful legendary effects). But there are many casuals who don't have this, and play this game for what it is - a hack'n'slash game where they pick a few random spells and just click on mobs while hoping they die.

    Avarice and The Thrill should be doable, at least with some preparation, for many casual players (not all, but many). The other three conquests are hard for casuals, yes.

    The season 6 conquests will be much easier in comparison.

    Thank you so much for this Bagstone! OMG I see so much "its so easy" around here people forget there are people who are legit casuals. I work 50+ hours a week. I have family, I watch/listen to movies and TV half the time because I am so exhausted to get out of bed. I love my diablo. I want to enjoy it I want the extra stash tabs but I just cant beat some of the concquests solo with my limited time. Thankfully S6 looks more reasonable.
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    Ok so Nephalem rifts are random areas that have random enemies. They have a better loot drop chance and at higher levels can drop Greater Rift Stones once you beat a boss that appears when you finish filling the progress bar that appears when you first enter. The greater rift stones are used to enter Greater Rifts. These are used to access rifts that have to be beaten within 15 min. They drop NO loot during the rift but once you beat the boss you get special gems that give great bonuses when socketed into amulets or rings and can level those gems up this way as well. the experience in these GRs are also much higher and have better drops at the end. Greater rifts can also go above the Torment X difficulty.

    Paragon Levels are infinite, but you will max out the capable bonuses at lvl800. After that it is just main stat and vit.

    You should be working to do rifts and getting legendaries to suit the build you want, Greater Rifts to get the gems you want and level them up, Bounties can be done to get crafting materials for kanai's cube to extract powers once you get what you need.

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    I love it when people say it should only take 25-30 hours. I want to really know what people are doing that cause this. For me with my life and responsibilities I am lucky to finish one or two steps of conquest. let alone all but the final one for stash tabs. Even with the time I get I probably played a good 50-100 hours last season never got past GR equivalent of T8 let alone speed running it. If people really feel it's that easy to even compensate for RNG and shite drops than please let me know what I am doing wrong. I guess I am just not "efficient" enough.

    Though to answer the OPs question from the leaderboards and from my experience on PTR Wizards, WD, and DH are best for speed DPS

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    What if they were to combine the two? Rift Portal X drops you down into a wide open field with tall green grass swaying in the gentle breeze, a rickety old picket fence creaks to your left. Then suddenly a chill rushes down your spine as from somewhere far off the faintest whisper of your age-old foe drifts to your ears:

    Honestly I would love to see that as the easy access version I described above. Perhaps they should have both. Have the rift boss of the rift cow level drop a Cowbell of the Field (100% drop rate due to it being a really rare rift) or something then from then on go to where you would for whimsey but carry that instead. You end up in the wide open area old school style. That way there is the rift surprise reward for people who want variety and heck they could even make it more rewarding and then have the item access at anytime version be there for people who just want a good old fashioned cow slaughtering time.
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    Can we just I don't know.... PLAY the game for a day or two before we start trying to set records or look for tips yea? Beat Act V and play bounties and rifts man just sit back and ENJOY the game for a few days.
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    Well I wanted craft a Hellfire ring for my crusader but rng is killing me. 25% droprate my ass ^^
    Just Saw your comment. if you can get a friend and go up to T2 for your uber runs. I did 10 passes on T1 I got ONE organ. I did one pass on T2 got 2 of three organs and it just so happened to be the ones I needed. Of course its all RNG but hey A Wiz DPS/Monk Tank make great combo for Ubers
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    I don't know where the one every two hours came from but the way I read Travis's comment was that the it tracks your legendary drop time and once you HIT the two hour mark of fighting mobs you end up with your chance for a legendary going up with time as you fight more so that no one should go more than 4-5 hours without one regardless of difficulty level. THe Idea being that there is STILL RNG but you should not be screwed up the ass by it completely even if you play on normal with no magic find. I don't think he ever guaranteed you one other than bosses. Or was I just misreading?
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    I went from getting killed in 2-3 shots by normal mobs at the beginning of act 2 to actually being able to take down a champion pack in the beginning of act 1 but I had to play VERY defensively with my skills. I'm at 1100 resists and 7k armor as a monk. If that helps any.

    What? 1100 res and you couldn't take down a champion pack in act 1?

    This... Jesus I was doing that and face-rolling it with 300 resists albeit certain combos i had to concentrate for but for most face-roll. rethink your build man. I could suggest this one http://us.battle.net...YXgk!ZUY!cZccYa its what I use most times certain situations call for other switch ins.

    EDIT: saw you meant act 2 both times. Still with 1100 resists shouldn't be that hard unless you got really bad luck with the affixes.
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