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    posted a message on What to play (Season 6)

    Instead of just trying to create a new topic I guess I will ask here.

    I plan on playing mostly solo with a few pick PUGs when I can. I usually get 1-2 hours a day.

    I would perfer to play a Barb, Witch Doc, or DH.

    I have not kept up with PTR much so based on all the changes, what class would be good to play that requires the least amount effort (aka least complicated item/gear setup as well as not too dificult to play; im not a fan of trying to constantly snapshot damage based on the buffs) to most likely be able to get at least the free stash tab by the end of the season (assuming a little luck to get some items)

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    posted a message on The conquests are way to hard!!!
    Quote from Bagstone»

    Quote from Kallizk»

    I've seen alot of ppl claiming the conquests are hard, srsly? are they? i'm really asking here, because i never had any difficulty completing any of them in any season, heck this season i played 100hours on the season hero and went back to NS and i still got the season journey mostly solo and sometimes with rl m8's/GF.
    My advise is to dedicate yourself to it instead of slacking, cause u HAVE to be slacking at this point the season has lasted ALOT of time, more than enough for a solo 80 np.

    The 50 million gold streak requires a bit of luck and preparation (T7+ vault or gold goblin while wearing Boon of the Hoarder, Goldskin, and/or gold find gear; or Ruins of Corvus). Yet, it's the easiest conquest.

    • 8 set dungeons require people to gear up at least two characters with all four sets plus the gear required for that level (about T6 difficulty); since every class has 1-2 super hard set dungeons, it might be more reasonable to actually gear three classes and cherry pick set dungeons, but still that's a lot of multi-class time investment that many casuals don't do.
    • Level GR55 with six different sets is like 8 set dungeons - just much harder (instead of gearing for T6 and being able to cherry pick, you need to gear for the equivalent of about T12 or so). While it's relatively easy on one class and ridiculously easy for people that reach a certain level of paragon, many casuals perceive this as difficult.
    • Sprinter (campaign in under one hour) is hard. I've seen experienced runners doing everything perfect and only get this with 3 minutes left. I've seen some of the best players in the world attempt this and fail this by pure RNG (and after one hour of pushing this not everyone can live with the defeat and just "try again").
    • The Thrill is arguably the easiest, though it's a matter of 1) how much paragon you have, 2) your gem levels, 3) your non-set gear available and 4) your general knowledge of class skills outside of cookie cutter builds. It's the easiest conquest in my book if you have paragon 400+, rank 50+ gems and a few random ancient items (even if they have no useful legendary effects). But there are many casuals who don't have this, and play this game for what it is - a hack'n'slash game where they pick a few random spells and just click on mobs while hoping they die.

    Avarice and The Thrill should be doable, at least with some preparation, for many casual players (not all, but many). The other three conquests are hard for casuals, yes.

    The season 6 conquests will be much easier in comparison.

    Thank you so much for this Bagstone! OMG I see so much "its so easy" around here people forget there are people who are legit casuals. I work 50+ hours a week. I have family, I watch/listen to movies and TV half the time because I am so exhausted to get out of bed. I love my diablo. I want to enjoy it I want the extra stash tabs but I just cant beat some of the concquests solo with my limited time. Thankfully S6 looks more reasonable.
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    posted a message on Looking for help pushing me along season journey to unlock stash

    I am just toward the end of destroyer. I am looking for some help from people who can spare some time to just push me through the rifts and such to level my gems, and complete conquests. Ill worry about the greater rift clears on my own

    I need to do the following things On the two tiers

    1. Insane in the Gembrane: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 45 (almost there I have one at 42 as I type and two others at 35
    2. Easy: Complete one season Conquest this season

      1. Show me what you got: Kill Diablo on TX within 1 minute 30 seconds
      2. Money Ain't a Thang: Kill Greed on TX
      3. A little more: Reach GR60 solo
      4. 4 minutes to save the World: Finish a TX Nephalem rift within 4 minutes
      5. Gem of my Life: Level 3 legendary gems to lvl 55
      6. All I do is win: Finish 2 Conquests this season
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    posted a message on Is progression too fast?

    Bah maybe I am just that guy but I hate when people get all, even casual's will finish the season journey in 2 weeks. I haven't, and I play what I consider to be true casual. I play for a while most nights but not every night. I hit P350 last night and I actually am having fun this season feeling like sure there are people at 800 or 1000+ but this time i really could compete if I wanted to. On top of that I feel like I can finally see more of the game since before this season I was never even able to do T10. Now I can actually get 25 and Higher on gems, now i am seeing way more legendaries some of which I never even knew existed. I may be the minority on the forums but I think this was a great step.

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    posted a message on 6pc Set vs Ancient Set rings

    I would love an opinion from those who are currently playing this season. I got the two rings that give the set bonus when you wear ancients and no other set items and firebirds only (i have some other set pieces but not full sets yet) I have 6 Ancient pieces (not great rolls but ok) including both ancient weapon and source. Is it worth it to run the ancient set? or should I stick to firebirds until I have more Ancient pieces or at least pieces that work together instead of being random?

    If it helps this is currently what Gear I am wearing for ancient stuff http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DocSun-1755/hero/71553613

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    posted a message on ramaladni's gift

    Got one this season at P2; yep 2. So yea it is really random it seems.

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    posted a message on LF any Wizards to run Rifts (both Nef and Greater)

    I'm a casual who usually only hits around P200 in a season. I want to change that. I heard teaming with others of the same class will help you get the gear you need as you all can share.

    So I am looking for some players who are playing Wiz and don't mind working with me

    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DocSun-1755/hero/71553613 (DocSun#1755)

    Oddly the gear is updated but not level or skills. Im somewhere in the low paragon single or double digits.

    I play after 5:30pm EST.

    Would love to play with ya. Let me know!

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    posted a message on Best Season class/build to get Conqueror done/new stash tab...

    I love it when people say it should only take 25-30 hours. I want to really know what people are doing that cause this. For me with my life and responsibilities I am lucky to finish one or two steps of conquest. let alone all but the final one for stash tabs. Even with the time I get I probably played a good 50-100 hours last season never got past GR equivalent of T8 let alone speed running it. If people really feel it's that easy to even compensate for RNG and shite drops than please let me know what I am doing wrong. I guess I am just not "efficient" enough.

    Though to answer the OPs question from the leaderboards and from my experience on PTR Wizards, WD, and DH are best for speed DPS

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    posted a message on Looking for 3 Nephalems

    Oh man I wish I could join you guys, I would totally add you guys for future grouping this season but sadly I will be missing out on the initial 1-70 rush. I wont be able to play until Sun T_T

    DocSun#1755 if you want to add anyway. I'll be main Wiz

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    posted a message on Catch up for season 5

    No the free set is not from patch 2.3. The new free set is a new reward starting with patch 2.4 in season only. (season 5)

    It works like this. You complete certain steps of the seasons Journey and you get Hedrigs Gifts - The following as copied from the official site

    "each step of the Season Journey will only reward one Haedrig’s Gift (for a total of three bags per Season/one full set of gear), regardless of how many characters you might play in a given Season. Make sure to claim these gifts on the character you want to receive their set!

    The class sets offered in Season 5 are:

    Barbarian: Might of the Earth
    Crusader: Thorns of the Invoker
    Demon Hunter: The Shadow’s Mantle
    Monk: Monkey King’s Garb
    Witch Doctor: Raiment of the Jade Harvester
    Wizard: Firebird’s Finery"

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    posted a message on LFG to help gain gear and Paragon; WD under 300 Paragon Seasons

    Hey I am looking for a group to help me push ahead. I have not gotten any fully sets of items yet and can barely push T5. I was hoping I could find a group to help me gain levels of paragon and progress with my gear quest. I am on tonight EST and most nights in fact after 6pm



    Thanks ahead of time

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    posted a message on Helping New Diablo Players Gear Up

    Paragon 180


    Thanks in advance man. I think I will be around tonight if you can and I have plenty of rift keys

    Quote from nograndplan
    Hey OP awesome post and that is very nice of you. I can help any players you dont have time to get too, or classes you didnt mention above - ie, monks and barbs. of course go to the OP first as this is his show, but if he is busy you can always hit me up - ysoserious#1178
    edit: north american servers; and if your looking for me add me as i might forget to check this post. thanks again to the OP for suggesting this. its great to see helpful players on bnet.
    Also Awesome dude I think I played with you on PTR once. I might just friend you again.
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    posted a message on What should I reroll on this Fate of the Fell? Or....
    Quote from Flexy
    DAT FOTF! I need it!

    I'm with ArosRS on this: Wait until 2.1, reroll socket to CDR and add a socket with Ramaladni's Gift.

    To be honest, your weapon is the best Item you've got. It won't help you much to reroll anything on it. You need lots more eDPS, and you get that on other stuff.
    Thanks Flexy.

    Anything you would suggest to tweek and re-roll on other pieces then?
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    posted a message on What should I reroll on this Fate of the Fell? Or....
    Honestly the wait wouldn't bother me too much due to the fact i only get to play a few hours a week anyway. It's not a bad Idea depending on how fast PTR goes. If I find another similarly rolled Fate then I can do it or if I get antsy lol after all I dont NEED the all the CDs maxed until I get Akahan and a royal ring.
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    posted a message on What should I reroll on this Fate of the Fell? Or....
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/DocSun-1755/hero/44078485 Easy Question what should I re-roll on my FotF to make it better? or should I save the rerolls for some other peice of gear. I am not swiming in crafting materials right now so I have come to you guys for advice.
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