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    Two things I've seen that were essential on the previous board but which doesn't really work out all too well here:

    1. It's hard to see which threads have new posts; currently there's an extremely thin black line to the left of the thread name. Constantly squinting and leaning in towards the screen whenever one enters a new forum is not a pleasant experience. Either making the line much more noticeable or bringing back the old design where unread threads were bold and read threads weren't would be much obliged.

    2. There's no easy way to go to the first unread post of a thread. I have to click the tiny little arrow first to get a preview and from there go to the first unread, rather than through one click going to the first unread, as was possible under the previous design.

    3. This isn't as big of a deal, but the Wysiwyg interface isn't my cup of tea. And that you can turn it off is great, but this also prevents you from using all the nifty buttons that bold text or create lists. In the previous version, there was no wysiwyg interface, but it was still possible to mark a piece of text and haave it all turned into a list. If this can be brought back, so that it is active while the wysiwyg interface is disabled in the top left of the posting window, it would be great. Essentially what I want is to be able to push the buttons without having the formatting applied to my reply window.
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    Quote from Rimuladas

    I just finished the Sin War books. If i recall, its was 2 for destruction, 2 against distruction, 1 abstain and then Tyrael's vote making it 6. (angels)
    I don't know what you or Ralsu have read, but including Tyrael there are only five angels on the council. The vote was 3 in favor (DiabloWiki.com - Tyrael Tyrael, DiabloWiki.com - Auriel Auriel, DiabloWiki.com - Itherael Itherael), 1 against (DiabloWiki.com - Imperius Imperius) and 1 abstained (DiabloWiki.com - Malthael Malthael).
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    Here we go again. Following in the proud tradition (ha!) of the previous bi-weekly wiki series, we'll be showing what's going on in the wiki every Sunday from now on. We'll be giving you a roundup of what's happened over the last few days and what is currently being discussed and planned over there. Feel free to chime in on what's going on in the wiki if you find a section where you want to help out. With that in mind, let's kick off this first week.

    What's New?
    The class skill pages have been updated with additional information such as resource costs and cooldowns. Check out the DiabloWiki.com - Barbarian Barbarian, or any other class, for the change.

    The entirety of our Diablo II items, comprising every normal, exceptional, elite, unique, set, rune word and crafted item have been moved to the data namespace by Apoc. This may not say you anything, but it allows the item data to be used in much more flexible ways. So if someone would like to make item lists for Diablo II items (I'm looking at you kahdrick ;)) this would now be possible.
    The recent patch changes pretty much every single item we had in the wiki, and Sinate and Wynthyst have been hard at work to update all of it. It's not yet finished but a good chunk is done.

    Some new maps have been added to the fixed areas of the game, such as DiabloWiki.com - The Weeping Hollow The Weeping Hollow. Thanks goes to soulzek for creating these maps for us!

    There's also some brand new and rewritten lore articles in the wiki for your reading pleasure by yours truly: DiabloWiki.com - Baal Baal, DiabloWiki.com - Lilith Lilith, DiabloWiki.com - Great Evils Great Evils and many others have been updated with the latest lore information. Spoilers are of course present.

    What's Being Discussed?
    Talkerst has drawn up some ideas on new template documentation for the wiki to make it easier to figure out just what the hell one is supposed to do if one wants to help out. Check it out here and the discussion about it here.

    The main page is also (once again) regoing a redesign. Two proposed layouts are up for discussion, the Box Layout and the List Layout. Chime in on the discussion here if you have any preferences.
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    Over the last few years, many of us lore fans have felt left out in the cold. Warcraft has seen its universe expand exponentially over the years, and Starcraft, with Starcraft II released and all, has certainly received a similar boost. But now the time has come for all Diablo fans to rejoice in the expanded Diablo universe. Several new, interesting sources of information have recently come to light, the DiabloWiki.com - Book of Cain Book of Cain, the Blizzcon Lore Panel and the DiabloWiki.com - Black Soulstone Cinematic Black Soulstone Cinematic all give us new pieces of both the overarching lore and the Diablo III story puzzle. With that in mind, let's dig into these three and see what they have to offer.

    (No datamined information though)

    The Book of Cain
    This elusive book, recently covered by the late Sixen, appeared on Amazon.com some time ago before quickly disappearing. But now we can all rejoice as it has appeared once again and can be preordered. Release is scheduled for mid december, and it's going to be a treat for lore fans.
    What the Book of Cain is trying to accomplish is to clarify and unify the currently canonical lore. And the fans are appreciating it, with the preorders sky-rocketing. As anyone who has ever debated over these things will tell you, Diablo lore is very sparse and contradicting at times. Combining information from two games over a decade old, three canonical novels and five that are not really canon, coupled with the speculation regarding D3, gets pretty muddled. The Book of Cain aims to rectify these discrepancies between lorebits and bridge the gaps between the Diablo books.

    Inside its pages are many different things. For the first time ever, we're given a creation myth and an explanation of where DiabloWiki.com - angels angels and DiabloWiki.com - demons demons come from, detailed profiles on all DiabloWiki.com - Great Evils Great Evils (and presumably DiabloWiki.com - Angiris Council Angiris Council angels as well), an account of Sanctuary's history as well as Deckard Cain's personal experiences during the events of Diablo I and II.

    Many will undoubtedly wonder whether it will introduce a large amount of retcons into the continuity, and at this point it's impossible to tell just how much has been rewritten or ignored from previously established lore. What we have seen so far from Blizzard however, both in terms of the books and the current Diablo III Beta, is that they prefer to clarify previously murky areas with some small changes rather than change large swathes of information. The prime example of this from the previews we have is the creation myth: it depicts two great beings, DiabloWiki.com - Anu Anu and DiabloWiki.com - Tathamet Tathamet, who battle and in their deaths spawn the High Heavens and Burning Hells. We didn't know anything about their origins before, and so it expands on our current knowledge without destroying much of it in the process.

    The book totals 148 pages, complete with Blizzard artwork throughout all of the pages, so there's certainly tons of information in it. If you want to stay up to date on the lore in the future, this book will be the one to get.

    Check out the publishers page, Insighted.com, or our our wiki for the preview images.

    Blizzcon Lore Panel
    Reported by ScyberDragon last weekend, the Lore Panel was a first for the Diablo series. The panel begun with mostly the preview information we had about the book of Cain as well as a more detailed account of the lore from the //www.diablowiki.com/index.php?title=Sin_War_Novels">Sin War Novels" class="wiki-link">DiabloWiki.com - <a href=//www.diablowiki.com/index.php?title=Sin_War_Novels">Sin War Novels"/> Sin War Novels. After that they kicked in with some detailed descriptions of both DiabloWiki.com - Azmodan Azmodan and DiabloWiki.com - Belial Belial and a few brand new areas before rounding it off with questions.

    While the panel, coupled with all the other information, didn't necessarily give a lot of groundbreaking information, it was very nice to see an entire panel dedicated to it. They did stress that they don't want to upset the lore with tons of new arbitrary changes, much like we saw above in regards to the Book of Cain. The most telling example here was probably the DiabloWiki.com - Aidan Aidan, the DiabloWiki.com - Dark Wanderer Dark Wanderer who has now been made into the eldest son of DiabloWiki.com - King Leoric King Leoric. The change is markant to be sure, but it has also been implemented very smoothly without disrupting much. Tidbits have had to be retconned, but the larger picture remains clear and better for it I believe. Blizzard really wants to develop the lore and story in a powerful yet continuous way it would seem.

    The Black Soulstone Cinematic
    Now for the juicy part. By now I assume all of you have already seen it and that any of you who are interested in the lore about it have taken a dive into the Lore Forum, but I'll provide a brief summary just in case.

    Leah writes in book, looks at Black Soulstone, has vision of Azmodan and his demon army invading from Arreat Crater. Azmodan also tries to chat her up, but ends up making her cry. He should probably work on that routine of his.
    The finer details of this cinematic are quite interesting. The initial reaction people have, other than being mind-blown with the quality of it, is the rather weird talk sequence between Leah and Azmodan. Why is he even talking to her? If we however substitute Leah for Diablo, the conversation (monologue really) starts to make a lot more sense.

    This has of course caused a lot of speculation to spring up, not only here on DiabloFans but over on the Battle.net forum as well. Is it Diablo he's talking to, or the Horadrim/Belial/Tyrael/Deckard Cain/Bob/Leah/someone else? We don't know, but we haven't had this much speculation since D3 was announced three years ago!

    Datamined Information
    Note: No datamined spoilers in this thread.
    This has to be mentioned too, whether you like it or not. Datamined stuff has been appearing since the beta started, and it does hint at some specific plot developments pretty strongly. However finding it all was a little troublesome, and so Daemaro compiled it all into one huge spoiler thread. If you want all the information currently available to us, you will have to check that too. I won't spoil any here though, but do check it out if you want to.
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    posted a message on SPOILERS: My theories behind the cinematic
    Quote from Krayzieone

    Although, he refers to the black soulstone as "the key". He already tells us that he is about to ravage Sanctuary just to find the damn thing. So the BS (black soulstone) is a key to something bigger than just ruling Sanctuary. Now, since we know from past Diablo experiences, soulstones are used to contain the essence of demons or maybe even other things. What could this soulstone contain that is so important?
    Likely something along with what the original soulstones contained, i.e. the Prime Evils themselves. What no one seems to be asking is where the soulstone came from, how does it fit with the established story laid out in the preivious games? When was it created?

    Assuming that Azmodan is speaking to Diablo rather than Leah herself, and that Diablo intended to fool all Great Evils, perhaps the Black Soulstone is his failsafe, his wa to return to life after death. Perhaps it was intended to be used by all the Three, perhaps with it Azmodan can usurp their powers. Regardless of which, it would seem reasonable to assume tha the Black Soulstone is somehow linked to the power of the Three.

    Quote from Calavera666

    All the thrones are occupied, except one. The big, red, nasty one. If my thoery is correct, and the creatures are the real form of the evils, it would mean that one of them is still alive, active and running around. And as the throne is a big, red, nasty one, I'll just guess it belongs to Diablo.
    It makes no sense. Azmodan is still alive, so why wouldn't his throne be empty? And if it's cause he's in Hell, who are the other two guys with him?

    Quote from Calavera666

    This makes me believe that Leah, or the thing inside leah, is not a good one. A good creature wouldn't be fooling the demons, it wouldn't be leading the demons into traps. A good creature, let's say, an nephalem or an archangel, would be slaying them, or vanquishing them. Not fooling them. Not setting traps for them. Only one of their inner circle would responsable for setting traps in the way.
    Angels would certainly have been screwing with them as well, but I agree that he's most likely referring to a demon, and given Leah's heritage, likely Diablo. If for no other reason that the fact that Diablo is the principle villain of the game and it would make the most sense for him to lead such a ploy.

    Quote from Jinshin

    I think what makes the Black Soulstone so powerful is that is the last fragment of the World Stone; and possesses the spirits of both Tyrael and Baal.
    Which assumes Tyrael is dead, something I hightly doubt. I think Tyrael would have survived the explosion of the Worldstone plenty easily.

    The Black Soulstone will of course still be the last fragment of the Worldstone though if we assume Baal's soulstone was destroyed after the end of LoD.

    Quote from Calavera666

    To become Tathamet he would have to, like, absorve every single demon and evil doer in the galaxy. As I said the other day, I dont think they'll bring the Anu and Tathamet thing in the game. And if they do, it would probably be just to explain the origin of the cosmos.
    Agreed, I think the new creation myth provides a much necessary back drop for the lore and an explanation for the driving forces behind Heaven and Hell, but I don't expect us to ever see a fully fledged return of Anu and Tathamet. If the story is even to be interpreted literally.

    Quote from Dauroth

    What if the Black Soulstone holds the souls of the Prime Evils. Tyrael said that they were banished back into the Black Abyss, but what if that's not the case. If Leah is carrying a fragment of Diablo's soul inside her, perhaps Diablo needs that very fragment of his soul in order to free himself from the Black Soulstone. If this is true, it would appear that Azmodan has no knowledge about this
    Or it is exactly what he has learned, and the very reason he's searching for it.
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    DiabloFans has seen a veritable onslaught of new information in the last few weeks. The Friends & Family Beta start, leaked information, community site updates, skill calculators, live streams and then finally the start of the Closed Beta have all come. It has been very exciting, but for those few (read: 99.98%) who have in fact not gotten access to the beta, it's been less about the gameplay and more about what is actually in the game.

    Wading through this information has partly been like hunting treasure, and partly like bleeding your eyes to death. And sometimes your ears. But since few find that fun, we're doing our best to consolidate the available information in the wiki.

    What's New?
    As some of you may have noticed, the main page of the wiki has had a lot of new stuff added to it lately. Perhaps you've browsed the main page and continued from there, or perhaps you've been directed there from elsewhere.

    Most of this information is still very hard to get a good grip on. Try browsing through the item category and while pretty much every item in Diablo III is placed here, you're likely not going to get very much out of it unless you know exactly what you're looking for.

    Similarly, we have around a thousand new images (and we're not done yet) that have yet to be placed in any specific categories, making it even worse to navigate.

    Add to that the 3,000 affixes, hundreds of crafting recipes and, well, I think you get the point.

    Sounds bad.
    Indeed. Now that the information is in the wiki, it's time to structure it and make it more useful for everybody. A couple of these things have already been started, but there's much more to do. Here's a quick overview of what's been happening in the wiki recently.

    The various skills (for instance the wizard skills) have all been added to the wiki. And fellow member Talkerst has dedicated a lot of time recently to updata all skill information in the wiki to make sure it's up to data as well as pleasing to the eye. You can see the results to far on the various class pages, such as the DiabloWiki.com - Demon Hunter Demon Hunter. The discussion about these changes has been happening in the wiki forum.
    The item data is currently being reworked into all kinds of lists for easy viewing (like DiabloWiki.com - Chest Armor List Chest Armor List) but it doesn't stop there. Armor tier pages, set pages, crafting templates, lots of stuff has to be done in the item department. And you can help out with this if you want to! Head over to The item list thread and check it out. If you want to create one yourself, you can use the DiabloWiki.com - Help:Item Help:Item page as a reference.

    For stuff that isn't currently also available in one form or another on Blizzard's site, there's also a project started up to create area pages for all known places in the beta. You can see an idea of what's happening on the DiabloWiki.com - New Tristram New Tristram page. So if you're in the beta, or know information from the beta, don't hesitate to create addditional pages similar to this one.

    Well, this sounds positively intriguing!
    I sure hope so, otherwise this article would have been a pretty big time waste that I could have spent doing more important stuff. Like sleeping.

    But if it does sound interesting to you, then I urge you to hop over to the wiki forum and of course the wiki itself to take a peek at what needs doing and lend a hand where needed. You should also check the //www.diablowiki.com/Diablo_Wiki:Community_Portal">Community Portal" class="wiki-link">DiabloWiki.com - <a href=//www.diablowiki.com/Diablo_Wiki:Community_Portal">Community Portal"/> Community Portal if you want to get updates on what's happening and what needs doing. This is a tumultuous but interesting time for us DiabloFans and the wiki, and it would be a shame for any of you to miss this opportunity in helping develop our community further. If you're interested, ask any of us sysops how to get started or look over the DiabloWiki.com - Help Help page.

    Happy editing :hammy:
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    Quote from Magistrate

    People would guess on context who gave them the plus rep and rep in turn. It turned into a bloated, unrealistic representation of approval, with everyone just repping other people in order to get repped. It was just like spamming with posts, except with +rep.
    I think that's a somewhat unfair assessment. True, you could guess who +'ed you if we had a list like this, but people would still only be able to give others +rep. So the only scheme people could come up with would be "I rep you, you rep me". And that can still be achieved right now through a simple PM.

    The core problem of the older system was that it showed where you received negative rep. Any person is more or less going to react negatively to being down-repped, and that information was definitely something people used in order to guess who did it to them. But very few are going to be upset for not being repped to begin with.

    That being said, unless such a function is available in IPBoard, there not much we could do even if we wanted to.
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    posted a message on suggestion :)
    DiabloWiki.com - Category:Diablo III Items Category:Diablo III Items
    DiabloWiki.com - Category:Diablo III NPCs Category:Diablo III NPCs
    DiabloWiki.com - Category:Diablo III Skills Category:Diablo III Skills
    DiabloWiki.com - Category:Diablo III Recipes Category:Diablo III Recipes
    DiabloWiki.com - Category:Diablo III Affixes Category:Diablo III Affixes

    All character class pages

    Knock yourself out ;)

    We're currently working on expanding all of this information as well as making it more presentable.
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    We've redesigned the main page and many of the portal pages in the wiki to give them a cleaner and more spcaious look as well as make navigating easier for you. It's been in the works for a while, but with the imminent approach of the beta this was the perfect time to launch it.

    Here's a list of all pages (currently) changed:
    Some, like lore, have a lot of articles and content present on them, while others (particularly zones) have less. This is mostly because there's just not a whole lot of Diablo III information available at this time, but once the beta launches we'll add more and update these pages for easy navigation of the wiki. In the meantime I hope you all enjoy the new layout :)
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    Yes you can copy the save file and it will back up your characters.

    1.10 Patch: http://ftp.blizzard.com/pub/diablo2exp/patches/PC/LODPatch_110.exe
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