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    when you talk about effort to make something happen, you become to think like a game dev rather then a game player(user). we are users, so think as a user. dev problems are for devs and we may never really know hard or easy will it be for them to handle those problems. user may only "assume" things about developing but not acctually "know". same applies for the dev side.

    i think d3 has an awesome camera view, hit feel etc etc, and i guess pvp would feel very satisfying and unique if implemented well in it.

    d2 had no dev supported deep pvp as you say, yeah, it was mostly created by community effort. but also when you think of it, this was a completely okay thing for its time. in 2017, we are far from that point now with internet/multiplayer being much more accessable. gaming is much more global and social. doing same thing today is not okay anymore. devs are responsible for those social interaction between players. its not something luxury anymore. its fundemental.

    josh may have said those words, but it doesnt mean pvp discussion should be a closed case. after all its the users who play the game. this topic is alive as long as considerable number of players keep demanding and voicing opinions about it. as you see, its not forgotten, and if its not forgotten then its not dead.


    pvp is not the reason why some games are crap. real reason is, the way how todays devs deliver it. its very wrong to cut everything in sake of pvp. so that "big fat no" is acctually not fat at all. if you are looking for whats wrong, then i advise you to look for details instead of existence of the pvp concept.

    +1 to this..
    And yeah, why do we need to think as dev and not as a user??? LOL!! and why big FAT no? and also im not epeen braging about how good i am killing other players! i just like the game to have this kind of feature ( PS: im totally not good at PVP's and people normally call me loser in that regard )
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    posted a message on Is possible to add PvP to the game? YES!

    lol what are you people are on?


    and dont forget blizzard scammed players with a pvp promise.

    "pvp will kill diablo"
    now, why would it kill? any reason? its hard to balance things for pvp i get it yeah its true but its only a matter of difficulty not about atmosphere or anything like that. pvp isnt something alien to diablo.

    everyone is crying about how end game is boring, but also, somehow doesnt want pvp in diablo?! pvp can deliver all time fun and you really dont want it?

    i really have some hard time understanding this. you should be either happy with games current state, or simply want modes like op suggest to have some more things to do so you can be happy after that.


    just brainstorming.. how about winner stealing loot from loser? tears of joy and rage may very well fuel the desire of more and more loothunt in other game mods :P one random item of losing side drops.. imagine you enter an intense pvp but you die and your awesome weapon is looted by enemy hero. such a tempting gamble!

    Yeah! its like, you don't know what they want after all, I mean we all love and liked this game but lets face it, The game can be boring at times and it is always repetitive in all perspective no matter how you look at it, PVP can be repetitive too but hey its something to look forward for some players like us! Specially like me as a casual player who is tired of same shit like Seasons and etc and other stuff! :P:P:P
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