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    Hello mates and fellow WD. After a break i managed to return and actually anjoy D3 again. I created a WD and so far I collected all sets and with my friend we are running GR around lvl 65 to make it smooth. I tried Jade Harvest and Zinumassa builds but most success I have so far with Helltooth gargantuans. My gear is here - https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/helgrim-21399/hero/91801638

    Can I ask you to check my rolls of its correct ? Because I am not 100% sure what to aim for these days. I heard that area damage is great for pet doctors so not sure if to roll garg % dmg boost or area damage.

    I managed with this build/gear cleared 68 GR. Which in my opinion is a bit low. Do you think that Helltooth/Firebats will be more viable than my build ? Because I have all items needed in my cache. Thanks mates ! I am glad i am back.

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