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    posted a message on Best builds for solo GR in Season 12 (patch 2.6.1) ?

    I've checked season ladder boards on PTR after last patch:


    1. IK/Hota 107 @ 1296p
    2. IK/Charge 103 @ 1028p


    1. Akk/Condem 108 @ 1351p
    2. Akk/Fury 105 @ 1122p


    1. Impale 106 @ 1340p
    2. Maruder/Bomb 103 @ 1681p


    1. Sunwuko/WoL 104 @ 1045p
    2. Uliana/EP 104 @ 1050p


    1. Pest/BL 108 @ 1432p
    2. Trag/BL 105 @ 1544p
    3. Rath/Mages 96 @ 805p


    1. Arach/FireBats 104 @ 1627p
    2. HellTooth/FireBats 98 @ 1066p
    3. HellTooth/Grag 95 @ 822p


    1. FireBird/Meteor 108 @ 1658p
    2. Tal/Meteor 107 @ 1688p

    Hope it'll help a little :)

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    posted a message on Patch 2.7 Wishlist - item and set revamp [video/pdf]
    Quote from xelnagaivan»

    8/20 After patch 2.6.1 is dropped. I have do some changes to my previous suggestion.

    Hope it help to make diablo into a better game.


    Man! You pdf contains some awesome ideas. I hope someone from Blizzard will read it.
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    posted a message on Primal Ancient Legendaries

    Primal Ancients are one of the best ideas Diablo devs had in a long time!

    Casual players will not be affected negatively, they can still assemble a non primal build, play Rifts and GR and complete all season chapters as they always do. On the other hand top players will focus on item fishing instead of pure paragon farm! If a Primal weapon if 30% more powerfull than Ancient it means that getting one just saved player about 600 pure paragons, thats a lot of time farming GRs! Did you all forget about that paragon complains ever since Blizzard introduced them?

    "omg, paragons are too powerfull, nerf them"


    "omg, d3 is all about paragon farm not items anymore"

    Well, now by introducing Primals Blizzard simply nerfed paragons as we all wanted. Better gear means paragons are worth less!

    I also support the low drop rate od Primals. Just look at current seasons. It requires a week or 2 to get a good meta gear and start pushing high GRs. Time to acquire good Primals could be twice or triple as long making players stay a little bit more in seasons. Not to mention big satisfaction when so rare item drops ^^

    And last but not least Primal Ancient means more build will be viable for farming keys and doing low GRs for gem ups. Players will start to experiment composing whole new builds around that one primal weapon they got. It will be more efficient to play weaker build but with better gear than to play better build but with worse items. Look at Crusaders Top100 - Bomb and Light builds go head to head depending on who got better grear for their spec - I think thats awesome and Primals could help diversify other ladderboards :)

    If I could propose one change to this Primal Ancient idea it would be increasing the chance to get a primal as the level of GR goes up. For example increase it by another 1% for every 10 levels after 70. (70 -> 1%, 80 -> 2%, 90-> 3%, 100 -> 4%) or something like that. BUT NOT BY MUCH! Remember: Primals should be extra rare :)

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    posted a message on End of support meta - Rise of Full Dps Party [Idea]

    Thankfully Blizzard see the problem in support meta and there will be some changes:


    PROBLEM #1: Bringing damage support buffers is more effective than bringing a second damage dealer. Why bring damage dealer #2 when you can bring a damage support who increases the damage of damage dealer #1 by 300%?
    CHANGE #1: We are going to be reviewing the party-based damage buffs provided by all the classes. The degree to which some classes can buff party damage is a huge contributor to the 1 DPS - 3 Support meta.

    Thats exactly where the change needs to chappen! Go Blizz! Thats the right direction!

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    posted a message on End of support meta - Rise of Full Dps Party [Idea]
    Quote from Shapookya»

    There will always be a support meta because there will always be a need for a healer, buffer, puller and CC'er.

    I dont think so. What about all the solo builds? You have to heal yourself, create density and do damage at the same time. Archont in solo can CC by frost nova. WD, monks, and crusaders create good density in solo builds... All support can be replaced. Idea is to mainly do damage and sacrafice 1 of you skills for team: 1 person does damage and heals, second does damage and creates density and so on...
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    posted a message on End of support meta - Rise of Full Dps Party [Idea]
    Quote from hyperd0g»

    Builds will come and go

    Only dps builds will come and go. Support builds were almsot the same for 3 seasons. This is one of the reasons support meta must vanish once and for all. If you have 4 dps meta for each season team composition will be different.
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    posted a message on End of support meta - Rise of Full Dps Party [Idea]

    Hi. I've been plaing diablo for 3 seasons now and I wanna talk about current 3+1dps meta.

    Right now supports are the best choise because of insane amount of +%dmg buffs for that one player who plays dps. I think right now WD support gives +130% dmg buff(+ a lot of dmg reduction, about 50% ?), thats way more than another dps, because another dps only does 100% of his damage. So one way is to nerf ALL buffs to the point where support can only add about 30%. That way if you create game with 3x dps and 1 support those 3 dps characters would do 30% more damage, together its +90%, so the support effectively does 90% damage which is about the same as 4th dps.

    This is pretty extreme, so I came out with another idea:

    Idea nr 1:

    Shift damage modifiers in items/spells used by dps class from "Increases YOUR damage by XX% " to "Increases YOUR GROUP damage by xx%"(buff) or "Increases damage TAKEN BY ENEMIES by XX%"(debuff).

    Here's a little example of a gem that every dps uses, because after 25lvl its pure dps:

    Bane of the Trapped(Level 90).
    "Increase damage against enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by 42.00%."

    If we change it into:
    "Increase damage TAKEN BY enemies under the effects of control-impairing effects by 42.00%."

    Suddenly the dps class gives buffs and its not losing his own damage, because he uses this gem anyway. If we now fill party with all dps classes you get, and all of them apply this debuff we get about 4 times more damage dealt to enemies (Lets assume its stack multiplicatively -> 1.42^4 = 4.06) which is equivalent of about 9 GR levels.

    At this point the highest damage your team will get is by filling all spots in party with dps class, because if you have support in your team you are accually loosing this 400% more dps per player.

    I gave only 1 example, this could be done to a number of items/spells that are used in solo GRs.

    Idea nr 2:

    The other idea is variation of the first one but with elements damage.

    "Increase fire/frost/...etc damage TAKEN BY enemies by XX%"

    And again, the best way to utilize this items would be to gather a party of 4 dps which damage output rely on the same element. For example:

    -> 4x firebird
    -> 2x invoker + 2x thorns barb

    all combination would be viable!

    If all party members can do XX GR solo, together they can do XX+10 GR!

    Also chat would look like:
    >LF fire team GR 90+
    > +2 Physical GR 80

    Great, huh? And the best part is; no more support! Thats what Diablo is for; doing insane amount of damage and killing tons of monsters :D

    The only problem would be balancing all builds to the same EXACT level, otherwise if there would be 1 build sligtly better than the rest all groups would consist of that one OP build and there would be no diversity of group at all.

    And of course it would require a lot of new items or perhaps new interface in the game like Kanai Cube where we could collect all thos elements damage modifiers, but hey!, I would like to play some new mechanics. For example; you would have to buy a "chalice" for 1kkk gold and fill it with blood of 10 Rift Guardians and after that You would sacrafice it along with 1000 blood shards or some other materials on THE ALTAR OF ELEMENTS to gain this +50% elemental damage. And you would do this for every element you need or even to for every +10% of dmg increase for each element making it harder and harder to increase further.

    PS2. I know that this solution its not ideal and it doesnt solve survability problems. Those could be manage by numbers of changes like getting new party mechanics; "as long as you stay in team you get XX% damage reduction for every team member" or again by shifting damage reduction from you to your party like I did with dmg in this post or it could just stay unresolved to prioritize builds with higher suvability.

    What do You think about it? :)

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