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    posted a message on Bored out of my mind this season and of course this drops...

    Wish I could carry it over to next season.

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    posted a message on D3 S10 Wizard Solo GR107+108 clear (video links)

    Nice clear, nice vid...

    I play HC and you buying red screened 85% of the run gave me anxieties lol

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    posted a message on Socket Problem On Rings - Amulets

    Gift on jewelry would be amazing, unfortunately I think it would be way to easy to find very good rings/ammys if they did that. And if they do that it will be even more difficult to grind for an upgrade.

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    posted a message on 2.4.3 New items and meta

    So I been trying to get an ancient barber all day and came across this guy... no damage roll lol

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    posted a message on Stash Space
    I have gotten to the point where an inventory management tool would be even more helpful then more stash space, it was cool with Auction House that you could at least view the inventory of other toons without switching 100 times to find an item.

    Please blizz, I know I am not alone, allow us to view the items on other toons (followers as well)
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    posted a message on Unavoidably, instantly owned by game environment
    Quote from rebjorn

    span>Although I agree with you, unavoidable dmg is pointless but your video is not a good example. If you teleported towards the entrance where you came from and it happened. I would say... bad blizz.. But you teleported south in an unknown area, god only knows what was down there, you left yourself open to an Anarch or anything else for that matter.
    Perhaps not the best example. O.K. - I will give you that. It was meant as an illustration. I could probably have played that particular scenario better, for sure. But stuff like this happens all the time and not necessarily exactly like that, one could list up a thousand varieties. It was more about presenting one example just to get the discussion going.
    Thats why I said i agree with you but bad example of it lol. Yes Angels and Anarchs are pointless, they shouldnt attack you while off screen. Same could be said about a Savage beast. But while we are on unavoidable damage, how about jailer/frozen? Sucks that we are pretty much required to run Cameo on high grifts. And my sweet Ice Climbers are trash now, Frozen aura kills you way before the frozen burst so no use for them anymore either.
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    posted a message on Proof that diablo is dying to exploits and mid season changes
    Who plays in public games?

    There are 30+ online at all times from my clan alone, and I am sure many others can post similar results.

    OP you my friend are a weirdo...
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    posted a message on are WD's gonna suck next patch because they die a lot?
    12m toughness and you die alot as a jade? You are playing wrong. I have half your toughness and I dont use Unity and I don't have issues on t6 solo/group play...

    Also Pet docs are some of the best tanks

    Also also, FA wont kill off FS...just imagine 23 little guys doing 8-20m in dmg and taking hits...

    Learn to stay alive, if you are dying a lot as a WD, you will die MUCH more with any other class..
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    posted a message on Beta Key Contest
    This should be fullsize without looking crazy I hope, its not a re-entry, its the same post from 5 posts ago with the thumbnail :)

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