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    Hi sVr90! That's an amazing guide! Very good job! It was a pleasure for me to read it all

    I am a competitive Solo pushing EU Wizard or at least trying to be such a player

    I have 3 questions that I got after reading this guide:

    1. Why do you say that the max 12% affix Ancient Parthan Defenders is mandatory?

    2. That's me now: https://www.d3planner.com/134089997 How can I calculate whether %Life or Armour will be better in my case to pick on the belt bearing in mind benefits of Force Armour and Deflection + direct mitigation? D3Planner can't really provide me with such information as it doesn't take into account Skill-based Shields and Force Armour

    3. Does constantly hitting Arcane Blast (Button "1" by default) help stacking stricken when in melee also hitting Arcane Strike (LBM)?

    I've also found a mistake in Defensive Stat priority section. %Elite Reduction is only available on a chest, not a source. In fact, it's Damage against Elites % affix on a source. Thus, the whole idea of "Swami cubbed because of better secondary affixes on Tal's head" might be reconsidered and affect the BiS choices, since it opens up a possibility of wearing Swami and cubbing Fazula's + getting Damage against Elites % on an off-hand giving up Vitality. As far as I am informed the Elite Damage affix in off hand actually affects the MH damage. What do you think?

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