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    posted a message on Crusader Help and Critique thread. - Post Gear/Build queries here.
    Hey all,

    Having some real issues deciding what to focus on next, could use some input.Using a fire-based Fist of the Heavens build (with Firestarter).

    I have The Furnace equipped right now, but I actually do have a well-rolled Darklight in my stash. I've found that on higher torments (especially in a party, where enemy health is increased), The Furnace gives me much higher damage output against elites/rift guardians. That may change once I get 6-piece Akkhan's, of course.

    So far I've only been able to get a single piece of Akkhan's (shoulders)... My luck with sets is really crappy. Should I be purely gambling to get more pieces of the set, or any input on something else to grab?

    Amulet has been pretty hard to replace...

    I feel comfortable farming T5, and have had some limited success on T6, but anything above T4 is too slow to be remotely close to effective for farming.
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    Quote from Luvr

    one odd thing I find is that if I equipe justice Lantern 16% block, I lose around 90k paper dps crit chance, and crit dmg >.< but I gain stre quite alot still my shields crit more than 2 milion less, how the hell is this possible? I thought 16% block was like 40% dmg increase on shield dmg. this worry me alot since I wanted to craft the helm of rule aswell:/
    40% weapon damage, not 40% total damage.

    That's only about an 8 - 12% increase in overall Blessed Shield damage (and only for part of the damage). You'd have to lose less than 10% paper DPS to make it worthwhile, and that's only if Blessed Shield is your main source of damage. If you spam other abilities (Phalanx, Bombardment, Condemn, etc), the swap won't be worthwhile.
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    posted a message on Is gearing follower for dps purposes worthwhile?
    If you manage to find two of the Unity rings, it'll make your Templar incredibly handy to have around. :)
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    Potentially worth mentioning Wyrdwardas an alternative ring? Not a great choice once you're already bursting targets down, but for those that want to try the build without as much gear to back it up, it may be a viable option.
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    Big thing to note - If you're using the Shattering Throw rune (which is the best DPS rune by far for Shattering Throw - note that the tooltip is bugged atm, it's 300%+ weapon damage per shard, not 50%), the shards *do not* benefit from increased block chance... So the overall damage increase from block chance, while somewhat helpful, is a very, very, very minor increase in overall damage per throw. I wouldn't focus on it too much. Using a Justice Lantern purely for damage purposes (from block), for instance, loses you a LOT of damage over using a ring with crit chance/crit damage/+damage/str (aspd is marginally helpful for wrath generation, but it's minor if you use Provoke for your generation).

    This is from my personal experience with a Jekangbord build, testing with and without Justice Lantern, Punish, Provoke (with Hit Me rune), and Hold your Ground.

    EDIT: Obviously block chance on your shield is important - but if you're using a Jekangbord, the passive outweighs (by far) even a semi-crappy block chance roll on it.
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    posted a message on Interesting change not listed about Iron Maiden
    It scales based on difficulty as well.

    Torment 6, Iron maiden gives 524k thorns. Yes. 524,000.

    There's no way it's not a bug.
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    I find Mantra of Evasion with the Hard Target rune tends to increase toughness significantly more than Healing with Time of Need, but I suppose you do lose the life regen, and you can't dodge everything...

    Just something to think about. :P

    The active on Mantra of Healing is great (if you spam it), but I noticed you aren't using the Chant of Resonance passive, so I assume that's not why you're using it.

    Would also highly recommend the Resolve passive.

    EDIT: Also, Crippling Wave with the Concussion rune should be your go-to spirit generator for a supportive build.

    EDIT 2: As a further... for Torment 6, One with Everything is going to be almost mandatory. It's an amazing passive, as it lets you move your resists from a primary stat slot on items (all resistance) into the secondary slot, freeing up a primary for something else. It also allows more resistance per piece of gear.
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    posted a message on Transmog on "traded" leg (2.0) doesn't work
    As far as I know, the transmog is unlocked when you identify the item, if your friend identified the item before he gave it to you, then I don't believe you can unlock the transmog. You'll have to find another.
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    Quote from slippycheeze

    So, wow, now I really, really, really need to get adventure mode unlocked and start farming rifts. OMG, so awesome!

    There are not enough exclamation marks in the world for this.
    Haven't been to Whimseyshire before? :P
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    Is it just me, or is the monk 6 piece set bonus a lot less build-changing and kind of "meh" in comparison to the other class 6 piece set bonuses...?
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    Quote from Dalvinik

    My Monk no longer has access to Dashing Strike, Sweeping Wind, or Exploding Palm ever since I downloaded the new patch. I hadn't played the game in a while, but wanted to warm up for the expansion. I downloaded the latest patch, and now I have no access to any of those skills. I have heard nothing yet from Blizzard, and it sucks, because people keep talking about how awesome DS in particular is, but I don't get to play with it. :(
    Enable "Elective Mode" in options, under Gameplay.
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    posted a message on One big concern for 1.0.4, a missing cap
    Quote from Alexander.A

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The maximum stack size of gold per listing has been increased from 100,000 to 1,000,000

    ^'The real inflation'


    Gold prices are going to plummet because of the change in the minimum price per unit (previous was minimum of $2.50 per million, now it's $0.25 per million), which is going to put a lot of gold that previously wasn't being sold into the economy.
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    Think about it like this.

    40 of "Resist X" on 2 pieces of gear each means you would have 80 resist per school.

    Compare that to 20 "Resist All" per piece - this would give you 240 resist per school, and 20 Resist All is INCREDIBLY cheap on gear.

    There's absolutely no reason to get individual resist without all resist,

    Every piece of "Resist X" compared to an equal amount of "Resist All" is worth 1/6th the value.

    I hope that clears things up a bit. :)
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    Just tried it out myself for fun, didn't do too much with it. Things that might be interesting and might be worth noting, however:

    -Multishot with Suppression Fire rune is great for discipline regeneration in this build

    -Smokescreen with Choking Gas rune, the gas left behind after using smokescreen can proc CC effects

    -Rain of Vengeance with Flying Strike (the stun) can help hold enemies in your caltrops for slightly longer periods of time, until you can get the CC to start proccing. Great for controlling larger groups that move quickly

    -Night Stalker is a godsend with anything over about 20% crit chance

    -Entangling Shot with Chain Gang is a decent assist for kiting when trying to generate Hatred and enemies have managed to avoid your traps, and can proc CC effects on 4 targets at once

    -Grenades with Gas Grenades rune, it appears that the DoT can proc the CC effects on your armor, although I'm not 100% certain on this one, will need to double check

    I also didn't test this with any Life on Hit, so the instant I hit a reflect damage back I was in a huge amount of trouble, but will probably see if I can find a weapon to fix that. Had quite a bit of fun with the build. :D
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