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    Quote from azakus87»

    @helpme123 It's rather (13*800%)x520%=5408000% in LoN case :P


    13 * 8 * 520%
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    Quote from Justice_One»

    Quote from CrayZ1430»

    They did that with Warcraft and it basically spawned the MMO industry that they never made a cent from.

    ...What? You're saying they didn't make any money from their MMO?
    I believe he meant MOBA, not MMO. They are breaking into it with HotS now, though.
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    posted a message on What to reroll on Ancient Balefire Caster for fire Multishot build

    You linked the wrong image. :P

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    Quote from Tsesmatas»

    Quote from doctorclock»

    DD are based on the rune you select for WW.

    Skull Grasp does not increase DD damage, but whirlwind skill damage (for instance on boots and helms) does.

    DD spawn rate is based on WW breakpoints. More attack speed can be better if you get to a higher breakpoint. Some people are switching to WotW 6 with dual Bul Kathos Swords in place of IK BB to spawn more DD and thus do more damage. 55 has been cleared with this set up.


    WotW makes you gain the effect of the DD rune all by itself. When you select another WW rune, you take that element, as well as DD rune which does Phys dmg

    Please check facts before you tell someone else they are wrong.

    doctorclock is correct. The Dust Devils element is determined by the rune you select, it is NOT always physical. This is very easy to test.

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    posted a message on Did anyone actually try a bowmen build for grift 35+?
    I've messed around with the build quite a bit, and my stats are close to your xmep - however, I also had an Eternal Union, a Tasker and Theo, and a Furnace to mess around with. I agree with most of the above posters... It's not going to be viable, for now, at higher GR levels. :(

    I've tried it out, and realistically, the damage is too single target-focused... You can kill rift guardians really fast, but actually clearing the rift is a different matter entirely. :(

    I think the only real potential the build might have is the attack speed boost from the Roland's set, but...

    1) Roland's leaves you *incredibly* squishy (no perma-AC), which is really bad when you have to sit in melee range to keep the buff up

    2) I don't have the full Roland's set yet

    So... I guess I'll report back when I get the last Roland's piece I'm missing (helm).
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    Unless they've changed it, the Gem of Efficacious Toxin (which you recommend using) will be the first thing to hit Corrupted Angels, no matter what your charge rune is. If you're using the gem, you can use any charge element you want, hitting them will always cause them to put up a poison element shield.

    Also, I haven't messed around with it much myself, have you considered using Overwhelming Desire? http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/overwhelming-desire-1I0LYo

    If the 35% damage increase procs off of Skull of Resonance, then it's likely worth at least considering.

    EDIT: Looked into it a bit, looks like the damage proc only applies to charm from the amulet, unfortunately... so probably not a good choice.
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    posted a message on A petsader's plea for one positive change that will help immensely, plus a wish list. :)
    Removing pet collision will also be an indirect nerf - right now they provide a "wall", if they all stack on each other, mobs will be able to simply walk by them.

    I think the better solution is to slightly increase Phalanx melee range (but not their preferred distance to target), so those stacked slightly behind can still attack.
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    posted a message on Loving Stampede over Shotgun! Any suggestions?
    Mouse over "Physical Damage Bonus" in the extended details of your inventory screen, then compare it with each weapon equipped. If the Sultan is missing a socket, temporarily remove the gem from the other weapon to compare.
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    Quote from Helycon
    Proc? Goldskin just gives you more gold in stacks. So yes, that would work fine.
    Goldskin also has a chance to spawn piles of gold on hit... which is not procced by pets, as far as I know, though I have not tested it personally.
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    Quote from Flac666
    Just a side note that people seems to mix up is this 2 gems..its names.

    Pain enhancer (bleed) and enforcer (%) to pets.
    Yeah, apologies, I literally just came back to the forums because I realized I made this mistake. Not sure why... My bad!
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    posted a message on Questions on Phalanx
    Eternal Union does increase the duration of Baleful Remnant avatars.

    Bane of the Powerful is a pretty reliable gem for the build, though it's kind of a generic "good for all builds" gem.

    EDIT: Removed some mistaken info
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    200% applies to all of the above. Phalanx is cast twice only applies to the normal Phalanx skill, not the rest.

    Maximum number of avatars from Baleful Remnant (2H weapon) is 10, but avatars from other sources do not count towards that number. Otherwise no limit.

    If your CD is shoter than the duration, it replaces the old avatars when you resummon, does not add extras.

    Hope that helps. :P
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    posted a message on Only getting trial keystones from normal riftbosses
    I've had lots of legendaries drop in T6 normal rifts since the patch, don't think anything is bugged.
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    posted a message on Pain enforcer works with Phalanx - Bowmen?
    Yes, bowmen can proc it. The bodyguards rune and phalanxes spawned from Baleful Remnant cannot, however.

    I'm not certain, but there may be a bug in there somewhere.
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    posted a message on 2.1 angel hair braid.
    Quote from Lowpeace
    Quote from Durandil

    I don't see the need for the new Crusader set, really. That lets you remove RoRG. If you want to use the new set, building around Punish in addition to it is fairly weak - Punish could be good if you focus the build around it, but if you split your focus and go with the new set AND Punish build, you'll be wasting slots on buffing a generator you want to be using as little as possible.

    There's much better items to compliment a Punish-centric build than that set (as you will rarely be using Shield Bash or Sweep Attack), so if you want to build around it, do it - but don't try to incorporate the new set AND Punish items.

    That being said, I think the biggest downfall of a Punish-centric build in general is that Punish is fairly poor AoE. Good single target, will suck for groups.
    Right now, as it is on PTR. You pretty much right. After doing some testing, it's pretty clear that there is no reason to have Punish in a build centering around Rolands-SB. It just never gets used.

    Punish is by far the coolest generating skill in the whole game by. The sad truth though is that it is super situational. Gearing to make a sometimes useful skill stronger just isn't a very sound way to make a strong build. That said, I'll still be messing around with Punish and the Belt to see if any interesting builds can be done, it's just not a build I'll pull out when I wanna do 25+ Grifts

    Honestly, if you REALLY want to incorporate a set... If they do something with Thorns before 2.1 hits live (I hope they do - as is, it's not strong enough), I think the Invoker set could be where a Punish build fits in. The higher block chance and effects on block from Punish increase your "tankiness" factor a lot, and since a Thorns build is intended to get you to take as many hits as possible (which synergizes with block procs), it could work well together. Get a really high block chance, do good single target damage, decent AoE (from Invoker set), and take hits like a champ.
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