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    Hey everyone,I know this doesn't belong here but I built a new pc just cuz im soo pumped for d3 and i just wanted to help the community by warning everyone how BAD Newegg's customer service is. When I recently built my own PC, and got all my stuff from Newegg. Everything was perfectly fine, until my PSU turned out to be faulty. When i tried to return the part, they denied my return on the grounds that i was missing the outer retail box. I included everything except the outer retail box (because I made the mistake of throwing it away). I know this is a simple mistake, but to deny a product return simply because the retail box was missing is absurd- what are they going to re sell a faulty part? So just an FYI, Neweggs customer service is absolutely terrible-especially their return policies (which are written in extremely small letters at the bottom of their emails). Dont buy from Newegg, other stores have very competitive prices and way way better service. I mean no harm, just trying to help the community out and prevent someone from making the same mistakes I made.
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