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    Quote from Reaperherpderp

    PLUS makes it super easy for the scrubs/idiots who are to retarded/lazy/dumb to do it. WIN

    No one is too retared or dumb to do it. It's a few button clicks. No ones too lazy to do it either.

    The problem is that its an action game, and you shouldn't have to do tedious, clunky, menu driven stuff in middle of action based combat to play effectively.

    Maybe people who can't understand that argument are the "retarded" ones. Or... maybe people like that hope throwing insults arround will cloud the issue and keep people from noticing that the current MF swap mechanics feel cheesy, sloppy, and a bit stupid.
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    posted a message on seems loot ilevel improvement already ??????
    Quote from Catalept

    I flipped a coin 4 times in a row and got 4 heads. Coins have changed!

    ... I also have anger-management issues when confronted with low-level innumeracy.

    Department of the U.S. Treasury
    Urgent Memo

    Today we sucesfully launched U.S. Quarter 2012 v. 1.0.4. This update was implemented via DOTUS (Department of the Treasury Update System.) The update ran as a silent install, without propmpting, and required no interaction from the end user. This delivery method was chosen to prevent any inconvenience to U.S. Quarter 2012's extensive user base. In interest of full disclosure, we are including complete patch notes below, listing the many improvements made in U.S. Quarter 2012 v. 1.0.4.

    U.S. Quarter 2012 v 1.04 changes:

    George Washington's hairstyle was updated, in the interest of presenting U.S. Quarter 2012 users with a sleek, modern interface.

    We increased shininess by 20%, because U.S. Quarter 2012 users enjoy shininess. We though "Ah, hell. Why not?"

    Numeric Function:
    Corrected a bug introduced in 1.0.1 which reduced the monitary value of U.S. Quarter 2012 to 24.87 cents. U.S. Quarter 2012 is now worth exactly 25 cents, as intended. The displayed value on the face of U.S. Quarter 2012 was unaffected by the bug, and has always displayed correctly as 25 cents. As a result, the displaced value of U.S. Quarter 2012 did not require any change, and is still displayed at 25 cents.


    The copper layer in the center of previous versions of U.S. Quarter 2012 has been replaced with an equally thick layer of peanut butter in U.S. Quarter 2012 v. 1.0.4. Working on George Washington's hair made us think of George Washington Carver, which in turn made us think of peanut butter, resulting in this modification. The change lessens the environmental impact of U.S. Quarter 2012 production, and increases U.S. Quarter 2012's rate of biodegradation.


    U.S. Quarter 2012 v 1.0.4 is weighted slightly to effect it's probability table. Recent polls have shown that U.S. Quarter 2012 is a popular coin for "coin flips" among U.S. Quarter 2012 users. Polls also indicate that users are 70% likely to assign the most positive "coin flip" outcome to the "heads" side of U.S. Quarter 2012. To aid our users, we have weighted the "heads" result of "coin flips", raising the probablity of heads to 78%. The less favorable "tails" result has had it's probability lowered accordingly, to 22%. In pervious versions of U.S. Quarter 2012, and its predocessors in the U.S. Quarters product line, these probabilities were set at 50% and 50%, respectively.

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    Quote from Doorsfan

    Quote from succubus_queen

    That would be true, if there was no basis for calling this childish. This definitely meets the definition though. There's not anything else to honestly call this.
    There are plenty of other things to call this beyond "childish" - Enraged, upset, delusional regarding value of an item, impulsive, not called for, stupid, destructive - the list goes on. To actually base that this has anything to do with childish is kind of.. uncalled for actually.
    As very few facts of what can be seen, is even remotely related to the mind of a child, more then someone who could be of any age and relate to a lot of different factors then just simply "child".

    I would rate "childish" as a light insult compared to "delusional regarding the value of an item." People generally learn as they grow up, not to do useless things like venting your anger through destroying inanimate objects. Especially over something as inconsequential as a video game. In my opinion, that is very imamture. Immaturity equates to childishness. You are entitled to your own opinion, but don't waste time trying to devalue mine.
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    posted a message on Contradictory Design Goals?
    (I originally posted this on the official forums, but wanted to see what people think about this situation here. Still liking the game, but this aspect seems a bit messed up to me. )

    Some of the design decisions we are getting blue posts on as of 1.0.3 seem contradictory to me. Blizzard seems interested in makign sure the optimal way to play, is stacking NV and running acts or extended sections of acts. They also seem interested in making sure you do this by taking on content you can fight consistently, instead of death flopping your way through. That is one of the stated purposes of the new repair costs. It all makes sense, and sounds fun, on the surface. Then today we get this:

    Having to restart a game or skipping packs altogether is also totally fine. As you become more powerful, finesse your builds, and develop a variety of tactics to use in different situations, you'll be able to kill more monsters. If you could kill everything uniformly the first time you stepped into an Act, you'd have a really limited sense of progression and the feeling of becoming "more powerful" wouldn't be as present. The design intent is that some affix packs will unbeatable for you at first, but then you'll come back later and get your sweet (and well deserved) revenge. We feel that making every affix combo equally difficult would take away the satisfaction of overcoming the more challenging combos later on. I posted about this a few weeks ago, and our general philosophy hasn't really changed since then. You feedback is still encouraged, though!

    So, the idea is to stack NV and run through the acts, dying as little as possible. But, if cheap, unfair combos come up and you have to die several times, soaking up ridiculuos repair costs, and then have to give up and start another game, losing NV, that is "fine."Being able to easily handle regular enemies, bosses, and most combos of enemies, and then having random content in the same area that is able to.... cover the floor with green plague, teleport you into it, jail you and then have its near invulnerable minions beat you to death in 2 seconds, seems a bit unbalanced, ilogical, and runs counter to the direction your other decisions are going.

    I understand that it is so players feel they are making progress, as they gear up enough to overcome these obstacles. Unfortunately though, you have to wade through these things to gear up, and some of them spawn in locations that make them unavoidable. If you are playing "right" at farming content that is 80% easy for you, building NV and then taking on bosses, then a near unavoidable pack spawns in your way, what are you going to do? Before you give up 5 stacks of NV, you are going to make 100% sure you can't beat it probably. And for that, you get punished with crazy repair costs.

    I'm disapointed to hear that the devs are satisfied with the randomizationn of affixes. I hope that will be reconsidered, because some of these combinations are interfering with the playstyle you are trying to encourage. I think gearing and perfecting your build as you progress from section to section and act to act gives a sense of progression. Or being able to handle difficult elites more easily, as oposed to dying 3 times. I don't think having some content in an act that is randomly gnerated and exponentially harder to fight leads to a sense of progression. It leads to a sense of frustration.
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    I think he's hilarious. The actor did a great job representing a brain washed, somewhat naive zealot. He's on a highly dramatic holy crusade at the order of people who tortured him until he lost his entire memory.

    "But the light is both a literal and figurative foe of darkness!" He sounds so shocked its ridiculuos. :P

    Quote from Letlive

    Quote from choklitcow

    Why do we randomly believe Kormac at the beginning? My friends and I have running "what if" jokes about Jondar and how he was probably the savior of the land.
    At the beginning, we walk up to him being channeled upon. What if he was a murderer and they were trying to save the world? This was our first run-in with the cultists, so to instantly assume hooded people are bad probably shows our has some religious intolerance What if Jondar was actually the "good" guy by leaving the Templar order?

    HOLY SHIT. MInd blown.
    This could quite easily be true as we're lead astray by Adria so badly. Zoltan Kulle, Belial etc.

    90% of everything you do in Diablo games turns out to be part of the Prime Evil's master plans, so why not?
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    posted a message on Ultimate Random Chat Thread [URT] v4
    Been goofing off instead of playing seriously tonight. I got the achievements for doing acts 1 and 2 in less than an hour. And the one for punching Diablo, Pink'd and a bunch of silly stuff. Just felt like doing something lighter than getting one shot on Inferno over and over. LOL!

    @graphics The language setting just says "English". Love this game, but it's pretty sad when Blizzard can't launch a patch without messing things up. :(
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    posted a message on Game is so short.. Why?
    As some who has played 12 hours and is probably about half way through Act 2, I aggree with everyone who is calling this 5 hour claim complete BS. I've taken my time, listened to everything, and explored every nook and cranny. If I find an exit, then look over my map and see dark areas, I'll run back and clear everything, no matter how much back tracking is required. I could see a less thorough playthrough, with less time crafting, listening to lore and conversations, and enjoying the art in the areas, being twice as fast or more. 5 hours through ACT 2, I would believe.

    5 Hours through the entire normal difficulty would have to involve getting in groups with higher level players and just running through. Which, if that's the way you want to play, that's your business. But doing that then complaining about the game being short is laughable.

    There's no comparison between this and Diablo 2. Diablo 2 locations may have been larger on average, but there was no variety. They wanted every tile to be possible to connect randomly, so there was very little variety, and most locations made very little sense. You just waded through rooms and rooms of the same stuff. Even different dungeons in the same act reused a lot of the same tiles.

    In this game, it feels a lot less repetitive because most indoor locations have their own art style, and the level of detail is amazing.

    Act ILocation Examples: (possible minor spoilers)_
    Look at Act 1 of Diablo 2, then compare it to Act 1 of Diablo 3. All the outdoor areas look pretty much teh same in Diablo 2. In Diablo 3, the Fields of Misery, the Highlands, and the early level fields around town all have completely distinct feels. Look at the dungeons in Diablo 2 Act 1. Things were all very similar. In Diablo 3, The Manor, the caves with the spiders, the caves with the khazra, and teh cathedral all have completely dinstive styles, and mostly use thier own art assets. Instead of feeling like someone made a few tyles and then recycled them to stretch the game out to the length they needed, they actually offer a solid sense of progresssion, and lots of visual diversity.

    It's a hack and slash game. It can be beaten fast, or you can take your time and enjoy the acting, the art, and the story. Either way, once you are done, whether it takes 5 hours or 24, you have tons or replayability at higher difficulty levels. I am sure right now that 4 years from now, I will get in moods where I want to break out the crazy gear I've collected over the years and go blow up legions of enemies by myself or with my friends.
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    I walked into my favorite gas station once, and bought 5 scratch off lottery tickets. Then someone else came in behind me and bought a ticket. We were just chatting nicely while we scratch off the stuff on our tickets and joking about never winning. Then her face just suddenly lights up and she says "I can't believe it! I won 400$!"

    Then she went to the cashier, and the cashier says. "Cool! Here, let me go get your mug. We have special mugs for our lottery winners. Also, can I take your picture for the wall? We like to hang up photos of everyone who won over 100$ here." At that point he pointed at a pegboard full of wallet sized photos of smiling lottery winners holding their lucky tickets.

    At that point I tripped out COMPLETELY and was all like

    "I come here every #%^@ day, and fill up my &*^%ing car!!!!! I eat your *(&^ greasy &(^# chicken twice a $#@!ing week!!!! I collect your *(&^ callendars!!! I bought more tickets, and I've given you my business for years and this stupid *&^%ing little *&^%$ just comes in off the street, buys one *&^#%ing ticket and wins! And if that's not enough, you *&^$ing give her a mug instead of me!! She was already lucky enough to win the lottery, does she need a #$%^ mug too? A mug ... I CAN NEVER HAVE?!?! God it hurts like hell!!!! It's like...... *&^$ salt in my *&$%^ing wounds!!! I'm your biggest fan!!!!!! Why can't I have my picture on the wall!!?!?! I'll never be back here again!!"

    Now everyone thinks I'm crazy. :(
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    The super moon shot that Dad took. The original has more detail, but I reduced the size somewhat.
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    Quote from Bleu42

    Quote from theecheshirekat

    <---has no votes.

    There you go bud =) Your first even upvote is from me!


    Here's one from me too. It's late in the day. What am i saving these votes for? :P
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