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    The message that I get when trying to open Battle.Net. Then I'm put into a queue with a waiting time of 100 minutes. Anyone else getting this today or know why this is happening today?

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    You made this? This is a pretty cool graphic really! I like the ideas you have here, especially about PvP and the GR's.

    I like that you realize balancing PvP in a game like this is incredibly difficult and banning certain skills is probably one of the more sure fire ways to go. If they had a PvP system similar to the one you have above, I'd honestly probably play it. I think it would be a cool thing to do. Incorporating it with seasons would keep it fresh too.

    For the competetive grifts, I think that's also a very cool idea, but it'll definetly need match making balancing. Honestly though, if that gets added that the game I would be super excited for it. It looks and sounds really awesome.

    For the trading, I don't know if I'd want tthe auction house to come back. I see what you're saying about player interaction, and trading at this point basically isn't used, even in groups. but I think it kills a part of the loot grind for players, and thus part of the soul of the game. Of course you wouldn't have to use it, UNLESS you're trying to compete in GR's. I'd have mixed feelings about it being brought back, but if it did come back I'd want it to be similar to the form in which you have. I think a good way to balance the AH would be (like i think you said) to not allow ancient items on there, and items that are traded aren't able to be upgraded to ancient, that way you've still got to work yourself for the highest tiered gear.

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