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    posted a message on Gameplay is way too much like WoW
    What the hell are you talking about ?

    Have you even played WoW ? D3's gameplay is closer to D2 than to WoW by a million years.
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    posted a message on Are US Servers going to be rolled back?
    Quote from burninfate

    I hear because of the gold dupe that they might do this, any proof on this?

    "Proof" and "Might" don't go hand in hand ;)

    A rollback of like 12H/24H might happen. That or they better have a kickass way at detecting dupes (and ban) but what if people just transfer their money ?

    Best options is a rollback followed directly by a ban.
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    posted a message on Diablo Inferno killvideo (solo from 21.05)
    Want to see post nerf, kinda pointless before nerf.
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    posted a message on What will reviewers do?
    The thing about Blizzard is that its kinda above reviewers, 90% of buys will be without ever reading a review and just through hype/reputation.

    Then reviews will be read so that readers can either feel happy having the same opinion about the game or rage for having a different one.
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    posted a message on How Many People Will Die From Marathoning When Diablo 3 Goes Live?
    Quote from Xhawk

    Seems to be the perfect place to ask ... those who have put in extended gaming sessions, say 16+ hours... what did you eat or drink that kept you going?

    In other words, what would be a healthy approach if you wanted to do this? Lots of carbs and protein? No suger? Etc .. just curious as id like to do a 24hr session but really have no idea how to prepare.

    I need nothing out of the ordinary for 16+ Hours :)

    But for say 24H and more the biggest problem is just I'm getting very sleepy... so cofee would help for that.

    For food people that take prot bars and stuff do it because they don't want to do real lunch. The only reason is to not be too hungry, the problem being in these long sessions is that you have a tendency to forget to eat and be too lazy to make a proper dinner so supplements like these help.

    My advice for you would be to actually prepare food for the 15th. Make 6 real meals for 2 days and eat them every 4 hours during your 24hours session. Make sandwiches, cold meals and things that easily go into the microwave.
    For me its the best of both world, you keep a somewhat healthy diet and its still quick. You will probably have to force yourself to eat after 15H of gaming.
    Another advice: Avoid sodas or brush your teeth regularly, after 12H of sodas the acidity is over the top.
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    posted a message on D3 will probably suck, here's why.
    Seriously why do you keep looking into these threads ?

    Here is really why though
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    posted a message on Has D3 lost their true diablo fans?
    Diablo 2 is a 12 year old game. Of course the new players will be legion.
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    posted a message on Without Ladder Resets, D3 Replayability is Doomed.
    Oh no not this garbage "It was better in my time" again : /

    EQ is quite an extreme example though, it was too unforgiving.
    I thought it was good that dying had consequences, dying resulted in 1-1.5 hours set back in XP, wiping in a raid resulted sometimes in hours of corpse recovery, sure it was hardcore but it was a bit too hardcore ;)

    EQ certainly didn't created progamers, on the other hand it created very frustrated and angry people. Punitive is just a cheap tactic to make something difficult.
    You can make something difficult without making it punitive thats called good design.
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    posted a message on In this thread you help me pick a new mouse!
    Quote from Kamiftw

    Quote from Riesza

    Quote from Kamiftw

    Never tried a mechanical keyboard but i've been curious about it. Does it REALLY make a difference or is it mostly marketing?

    If you're talking about if it will make you play better; probably not. But the difference is more than tangible. Typing on a mechanical keyboard is much much more comfortable than on rubber dome. And quicker. If you type a lot or use the keyboard a lot, do yourself a favor and get one. Good mechanical keyboards you can get from Rosewill, Ducky and Leopold. Maybe Das or Filco if you feel like blowing money for no particular reason. Steelseries 6Gv2 is also pretty good for the money.

    edit: regarding the different switches: If you think of it like that: typing (blue) - hybrid (brown) - gaming (black) it should make the most sense. It's best if you go to a store and try them out or order different switches and see which ones you prefer the most.

    I do actually type a lot. I need to find a shop in my area where I could try out some mechanical keyboards. Hopefully they're not THAT noisy, that would seriously annoy me.

    Any thoughts regarding the official D3 mouse? marketing mostly, right?

    If you want to avoid noise, get brown or black switches. In other words dont get the razer blackwidow (which has blue switches). Steelseries keyboard is blackswitches but no backlight. Blue are okay only if you live alone, if you have a gf forget it most probably.
    I find blue also really weird for gaming but that is a personal taste i guess. Mechanicals will always be louder than rubber dome though !

    If you want black switches AND backlighting price will be in the 100-150$, it will also limit your choice to a handful of keyboard.

    As for the feeling of a mechanical keyboard. You won't notice a difference in gaming in Diablo 3. Diablo 3 doesn't rely on the keyboard enough to make a difference at all. Mechanical are good in games relying heavealy on a lot of precise key pressing at high speed. Games like starcraft 2, a mechanical is highly recommended for someone in the 100+ apm region. Of course, typing requiring a lot of keystroke is also more comfortable imo.

    For a mouse, get a high quality laser or optical mouse and get good surface for the mouse, either your desk is top quality no default and clean or you should get a pad. I have a preference for aluminium surfaces like the SX from steelseries but plastic is fine, whatever you take get something of quality... avoid shitty cloth pad at all cost.
    I know a lot less about mouse but all I can say is that my laser ikari from steelseries is good with a righthand design.
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    posted a message on Can someone tell me what is this new "unlock" thing?
    Quote from Indimix


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