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    posted a message on Gameplay is way too much like WoW
    What the hell are you talking about ?

    Have you even played WoW ? D3's gameplay is closer to D2 than to WoW by a million years.
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    posted a message on Are US Servers going to be rolled back?
    Quote from burninfate

    I hear because of the gold dupe that they might do this, any proof on this?

    "Proof" and "Might" don't go hand in hand ;)

    A rollback of like 12H/24H might happen. That or they better have a kickass way at detecting dupes (and ban) but what if people just transfer their money ?

    Best options is a rollback followed directly by a ban.
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    posted a message on Diablo Inferno killvideo (solo from 21.05)
    Want to see post nerf, kinda pointless before nerf.
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    posted a message on I beat Diablo (Inferno) Solo!
    Right now only wizard can do it because of force armor + hydra. Hydra do constant dps, cannot be killed and force armor avoids one shots reducing them to a 35% HP loss.

    I'll wait to see when another class will manage to do it.

    Also nobody knows if this is really the world first, a couple of wizard did it.

    To all people crying D3 is therefore too easy, wait for another class to do it and also please go there yourself first before crying, its really hard and thses people just skip rare/champions because they are way too hard and harder than bosses. Inferno will take a lot of time before it can be farmed and even more before hardcore can do it.
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    posted a message on Is the story of this game made for 12year olds?
    The story itself is just ok, it is what was expected and stays entertaining.

    The dialogues are pretty cheesy but hey at least they are decent VA.

    The way the story is delivered (number of events, progression, cutscenes etc), for this genre of game, is the best that was ever made. Diablo 2 storytelling was shit (only the cinematics were there to save the day), Dialbo 1 was even worse, Titan Quest is the same as D2.
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    posted a message on Is the story of this game made for 12year olds?
    It was fine. Dialogues are cheesy but it's entertaining overall. I'ts no planescape torment for sure, its a blizzard game their story NEVER were amazing.

    Well whatever I dont even care, always angry people after any release :)
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    posted a message on DarkerD3 and Sharpness Poll
    Quote from aldrek

    While it is Jay Wilson himself saying that, I too really want a post saying 100% "You will/will not get banned for using DarkD3." I don't want anything left to chance, especially since he said "no ban is likely." It's not uncommon for bans to be issued on subjects that are not a 100% hard rule, and are just left to interpretation.

    It'd help me sleep better at night, at least.

    Hear me out :)

    You will NEVER get a post saying a 3rd party file is 100% unbannable. NEVER (unless its a UI mod that is clearly permitted like WoW UI). Thats Blizzard policy. By saying EVERYTHING that is a file from a 3rd party and in any way shape or form does something is bannable, they avoid having to make distinction between every type of 3rd party.

    It's the easiest way for them to communicate that. Why ?
    -Less Customer Service issue. If you use a file that is said to be ok by Blizzard, their Customer Service may have issue dealing with it if a problem appears: either by a bug or the file was harmful but still validated by blizzard.
    -By making exceptions they create precedents which real hackers will try to exploit by working around those definitions. It quickly become a mess.

    With being said, Jay wilson 100% correlated what I was thinking in the other post earlier today. He exactly said that it SHOULD not give you a ban YET ("no ban is LIKELY").

    What does this mean ? It means that by using this file, you enter in a grey area where they won't ban you BUT they still are not making new definitions for it to not violate the ToS. You are still bannable since in their eyes it violate the ToS that is purposely vague, but they won't ban you (if they can even detect it). They CANNOT give you a 100% answer since they have no control over darkd3 and don't want to officialy make an exception.
    That way if a file/program that tries to act like darkd3 tries to be harmful they can instantly ban it WITHOUT having to justify why they ban this one.

    See what I mean ?

    If you want an analogy this is like a cop (a cool one) that wont arrest you for smoking a little weed. He would arrest you if you were doing cocain but in his eyes weed is fine. But he won't tell everyone that smoking weed has become legal.

    If you want 100% security just dont use it.
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    posted a message on What will reviewers do?
    The thing about Blizzard is that its kinda above reviewers, 90% of buys will be without ever reading a review and just through hype/reputation.

    Then reviews will be read so that readers can either feel happy having the same opinion about the game or rage for having a different one.
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    posted a message on How Many People Will Die From Marathoning When Diablo 3 Goes Live?
    Quote from Xhawk

    Seems to be the perfect place to ask ... those who have put in extended gaming sessions, say 16+ hours... what did you eat or drink that kept you going?

    In other words, what would be a healthy approach if you wanted to do this? Lots of carbs and protein? No suger? Etc .. just curious as id like to do a 24hr session but really have no idea how to prepare.

    I need nothing out of the ordinary for 16+ Hours :)

    But for say 24H and more the biggest problem is just I'm getting very sleepy... so cofee would help for that.

    For food people that take prot bars and stuff do it because they don't want to do real lunch. The only reason is to not be too hungry, the problem being in these long sessions is that you have a tendency to forget to eat and be too lazy to make a proper dinner so supplements like these help.

    My advice for you would be to actually prepare food for the 15th. Make 6 real meals for 2 days and eat them every 4 hours during your 24hours session. Make sandwiches, cold meals and things that easily go into the microwave.
    For me its the best of both world, you keep a somewhat healthy diet and its still quick. You will probably have to force yourself to eat after 15H of gaming.
    Another advice: Avoid sodas or brush your teeth regularly, after 12H of sodas the acidity is over the top.
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    posted a message on D3 will probably suck, here's why.
    Seriously why do you keep looking into these threads ?

    Here is really why though
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